Specialization: Power Systems

Among the different specialization in electrical engineering, Power system is one of the leading specialization. This deals with the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Broadly the activities of power system include load flow analysis, reactive power compensation, stability analysis; protection of equipment’s and regulated distribution. Since the inception of distributed generation and transmission, a spurred growth is observed in field of power system. The specialization is providing the platform for high quality research and producing quality outputs.

Major Research activities currently on-going in this thrust area are:
  • Planning and Design of FACTS Controllers in an Integrated Power Network
  • Distribution System Planning for EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Integrated Large power System Operation and Smart Control Architecture Design and Development, Intelligent Grid Control Architecture, VSC for Renewable Energy Grid Interface Connectivity, Electricity Policy and Planning, Distribution System Planning and Automation, Distributed Energy Resources & Management
  • Numerical Protection of Power Apparatus and Systems
  • HVDC Control Technology and High Voltage Engineering.
  • Load flow contingency analysis, state estimation and optimal operation.
  • Phase Re-phasing
  • Distribution Systems: Modelling, Operation, Control and Automation
  • Power Quality
  • Power System Protection
  • Applications of Computational Intelligence
  • Energy Management
  • Insulation Coordination and Pollution Studies.
  • Nano dielectrics: Synthesis, Characteristics and Applications
  • Solar Power Forecasting
  • Renewable Energy Sources




Dr. R. K. Pandey

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mishra

Prof. D. Singh

Prof. M. K. Verma

Dr. V. N. Lal

Dr. Jeewan Chandra Pandey

Dr. Avirup Maulik