Systems Engineering (Inter-disciplinary)

The Systems Engineering is a unique interdisciplinary program that offers post graduate education in the broad area of systems design and control engineering. In the systems engineering program, we cultivate the essential skill required to demonstrably explore everything-- concrete and abstract in nature and society as a system and to design innovative systems of value based on this knowledge. This program offers courses include topics such as operational research, computer modeling and simulation, control systems design and analysis, system reliability and decision theory. In addition to course work, there are "hands on" laboratory courses as well as computer- based laboratory experience. In these courses, student gain scholastic abilities in optimization, control, and design and system science.

Major Research activities currently on-going in this thrust area are:
  • Evolutionary computation
  • Data analytics
  • Feature Selection
  • Extraction and Reduction
  • Soft computing
  • System Modeling
  • Analysis and Simulation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Energy management system
  • Distribution management system
  • Systems Reliability




Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mishra

Dr. Devender Singh

Dr. R. K. Saket

Ms. Sobhita Mehar