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Dr. Swasti Sundar Mandal
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT (BHU)
Area of Interest: 
Thermal Engg.

Name:                  Dr. Swasti Sundar Mondal
Department:         Mechanical Engineering
Date & Place of Birth:    31.01.1976 (Vill:Mandalkuli, Dist: Bankura, West Bengal)

Examination Board/University Year of Passing % Obtained
PhD IIT Kharagpur 2005 N.A
M.Tech IIT Kharagpur 2000 8.45(CGPA)
B.Engg. Jadavpur University 1998 77.25
Intermediate W.B.C.H.S.E 1994 82.70
High School W.B.B.S.E 1992 76.33

Teaching Experience:
Assistant Professor: 20th Dec., 2004 - Till Now (13 years), IT BHU (currently IIT BHU, Varanasi)
Courses taught:
            UG Level: Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics
            PG Level: Advanced Thermodynamics, Advanced Heat & Mass Transfer, Combustion
M.Tech Thesis Guidance:

Name Title of Thesis
1 V.Agrawal, S.S.Mondal Heat Transfer performance of Different Heat Sinks,   2016
2 A. A. Shetty, S.S.Mondal Numerical Investigation for flow boiling of a Nanofluid,  2015
3 Samanyu, S.S.Mondal Numerical modelling of oxy fuel combustion of pulverized coal,  2013
4 P.Srivastav, S.S.Mondal Performance study of power plant condenser,  2012
5 N. Kumar, S.S.Mondal CFD modelling of laminar diffusion flames and study of gravity mod.,  2010
6 M.Goyal, S.S.Mondal Numerical modelling of mild combustion of pulverized coal,  2009
7 V.Verma, S.S.Mondal Flow analysis in a convergent divergent nozzle,  2008
8 S.Pandey, S.S.Mondal Thermodynamic analysis of complex combined cycle for power gen.,  2007
9 C.Loha, S.S.Mondal Study of heat transfer from a flame impinging on a solid surface,  2006

Research Publications:
A). Papers in Refereed Journals

S.No Author(s) Year Title Complete Reference of Journal
1. Mondal S.S. 2008 Modelling of transport processes ……of a pulverized coal particle Int. Jr. of Thermal Sciences, (47) 1442-1453.
2. Mondal S.S., Som S.K. and Dash, S.K. 2006 Influences of inlet air …… pulverized coal particles in a tubular combustor Int. Jr. of Thermal Sciences, (45) 190-202
3. Mondal S.S., Som S.K. and Dash, S.K. 2005 Numerical predictions on …. shape and size of raceway zone in a blast furnace J. Phys D: Appl. Phys.(38) 1301-1307
4. Som S.K.,Mondal S.S., and Dash, S.K. 2005 Energy and Exergy Balance …… Coal Combustion in a Tubular Combustor Jr. of Heat Transfer, ASME, (127), 1322-1333.
5. Dash S.K, Mondal S.S and Ajmani S.K. 2005 Effect of drain cover on the entrapment of air while draining a cylindrical vessel Int. Jr. of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow, 15,( 4), 394-414
6. Dash S.K, Mondal S.S and Ajmani S.K. 2004 Mathematical simulation of surface wave ….. mould due to submerged entry nozzle Int. Jr. of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow, 14, (5), 606-632.
7. Jha P.K., Ranjan R, Mondal S.S. and Dash S.K. 2003 Mixing in a tundish and a choice of turbulence model for its prediction Int. Jr. of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow 13, (8) 964-996.

B). Papers published in Conference Proceedings:

S..No Author(s) Year Title Name and Place of Conference
1. A.Tiwari, S.S.Mondal et al 2011 Analysis Of Design Parameters Of …. From The Overflow FusionProcess Proc. of Int. Conf. on Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2011
2. P Ghosh, A. Sarkar,S.S.Mondal 2010 ANALYTICAL SOLUTION .. … UNDER SINUSOIDAL G- Jitter 20th National and 9th International ISHMT-ASME Heat and Mass Transfer Conference,2010
3 S.Pandey, S.S.Mondal 2010 Energy and Exergy analysis of a Typical Steam Injected Gas Turbine National Conference on Renewal Energy Resources,2010
4 C.Lohar, S.S.Mondal 2006 Numerical study of heat ….diffusion flame impinging on a flat surface On Advances in Heat Transfer & Fluid Dynamics,2006
5 A.Sarkar, S.S.Mondal 2006 Drag and Cooling of a building due to wind 18th& 7th ISHMT ASME Heat and Mass Transfer Conference,2006
6 D.Chakrabory, S.S.Mondal 2004 Mathematical model of NOx… flame in a gas turbine combustor 31st National Conf. on Fluid. Mech. & Fluid Power,2004
7. M. Sen, S.S.Mondal et al 2003 Comparison of Experimental and ….Hydraulics and water Resources HYDRO 2003
8. P.CRoy, B.B.Ghosh, S.S.Mondal et al. 2002 Control of NO and CO in S.I. Engine ….. of platinum and palladium 2nd Int. SAEINDIA MOBILITY CONFERENCE, 2002
9. P.CRoy, B.B.Ghosh, S.S.Mondal et al. 2002 Control of S.I. Engine exhaust …… Zsm-5 supported bimetals as a catalyst Int. Conf. On Thermal Engg., BSME-ASME, 2002

Consultancy / Project work:

Sl. No. Period Organisation Nature of Work
1 April 2013  to Feb 2014(Completed) Hindalco industries limited Co-firing of agro fuels in pulverized fuel boiler with coal.
2 Sprouting Grant,  2015 IIT BHU Facilities to measure  Liquid Thermo-physical Properties

Conference/Workshop Participation:
·        Workshop on “ Modeliing Diagnostics & Control of pollutant formation and emission in combustion” , Jadavpur University, Jan 11-12, 2007.
·        8th  National Conference on “Air Breathing Engines and Aerospace Propulsion” , DIAT,12-14 Dec.,2006, Pune.
·        Indo-US workshop on  “Microfluids  and Fabronics” , IIT KGP, 2009.
·        National Conference on “Renewal Energy Resources” , Mech. Engg, IT BHU, 2008.
·        Editorial Member for the Proceedings in a Workshop cum Short Term Course “CTFSEA-2009”, Mech. Engg, IT BHU.
Administrative Service:
       Institute Level
·        Staff Sports Incharge, Inter IIT in IIT Kanpur, 2016
·        Gymkhana Counsellor (Film and Media Council), IIT Gymkhana, Session 2012-13, 2013-14.
·        Chairman–Games & Sports Wing, IT Gymkhana, Session 2008-09.
·        Chairman-Football (M), BHU, University Sports Board, Session 2007-08.
·        Vice Chairman–Football, IT Gymkhana, Session 2006-07.
Department Level
·        Lab In charge of Heat-Mass Transfer & Ref. Lab, Mech.Engg, IIT BHU, from12.10.2009 to till now.
·        Member of Training and Placement Cell in Mech.Engg. Deptt., IIT BHU, for session 2014-2016.
·        Member of examination cell in Mech. Engg. Deptt., IT BHU, for session 2008-2011.
·        Member of the organising committee of “ Sanskriti Shatakotsav”, Inter University National Youth
Festival, BHU, 2005.
Extra Curricular Activities:
·        In charge of Football Team for Inter IIT Staff Meet in IIT Guwahati (2014) and IIT Powai (2015).
·        Actively involved in different games & cultural activities among staff members and young children.
·        Imparting knowledge for environment/ health/ sports/ peace to my own villagers (Mandalkuli, Bankura, W.B) during vacation.
To serve my institute, my country and my environment/nature through my scientific knowledge and build a peaceful and sustainable environment for all natural beings.