Dr. Om Prakash Singh

Associate Professor
Department/School/Unit Name
Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
Phone No(s): 9816661166
Email: opsingh.mec@iitbhu.ac.in
Area of Interest: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Design and Innovation, Double-diffusive convection, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar thermal energy storage systems, Solar air/water heating system, Green buildings, Intellectural Property Rights (IPR)

Brief Profile

Dr. Om Prakash Singh currently holds the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, U.P., India, where he has been serving since 2016. Prior to his current position, Dr. Singh served as an Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi, H.P, India, for  about 5 years. He also possesses significant industry experience, having worked in an automotive industry as a Senior Manager (R&D) at TVS Motor Company Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, for six years after completing his Ph.D.

Dr. Singh's academic journey began in 2001 at the renowned Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, where he obtained his M.S and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. His doctoral research, focused on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), made significant contributions to the field. Throughout his career, he has secured research project funding from prestigious organizations such as the SERB core grant, CARS (Center for Aerospace Research and Design Organization) project, DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization), and BRNS (Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences) under the Department of Atomic Energy. In addition, Dr. Singh has been granted several patents and has published numerous research articles in high-impact journals.

Career Path

  • 2016 – till date: Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, U.P., India
  • 2012 – 2016: 5 years at IIT Mandi: Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi, H.P, India.
  • 2006 – 2011: 6 years post-PhD in industry: Senior Manager (R&D), TVS Motor Company Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
  • 2001 – 2006: Masters and PhD at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India.
  • 2000 – 2001:  Faculty at DRIEMS Engg. college, Orissa, India.
  • 1996 – 2000: BTech, Mechanical Engineering, JIET, Utkal University, India.

Lab Development / Research Fund

  • SERB core research grant, 55 lakhs
  • CARS, DRDO, 30 lakhs
  • Seed grant project, 10 lakh
  • BRNS, Dept of Atomic Energy, 22 lakhs (Co-PI)
  • CFD lab, cost: 20 lakhs
  • Rapid prototyping lab, 35 lakhs
  • Aakash tablet development lab, MHRD, Rs 50 lakhs (Co-PI)
  • Design innovation lab, MHRD, Rs. 1.3 crore (PI)
  • IC Engine lab, 3.5 crore

Research Guidance

  • PhD students: 7 (5 completed, 2 ongoing)
  • MS/MTech : 15

Research Interest

  • Solar Energy, ​Renewable Energy
  • Double-diffusive convection
  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Internal combustion engine
  • Design and Innovation
  • Intellectual property rights 
  • Photovoltaic-thermal System
  • Phase change materials/energy storage

Courses Offered

  • Applied computational fluid dynamics (CFD) 
  • Applied finite element method (FEM) 
  • Reverse engineering 
  • Energy conversion devices
  • Fluid Mechanics 
  • Transport phenomena
  • Convective heat and mass transfer
  • Advanced fluid mechanics
  • Engineering thermodynamics
  • Universal human values
  • Internal Combustion Engine
  • IPR and patent procedures
  • Research Methodology
  • BioDesign Innovation (coordinator)


  • Awarded for Consistent Quality Teaching, IIT Mandi, 2014.
  • Young Scientist Award at Portugal, Aveiro, 2005.
  • MHRD fellowship for Master and Doctoral degrees, IISc Bangalore, 2001-2006.
  • Three times best research paper award: year 2003, 2005 and 2007.
  • College topper, 1st sem, BTech, 1996 (120 students).
  • Second topper with distinction, BTech degree, 2000.
  • Qualified Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), 2001.
  • Consecutively 3-time topper in Numerical Analysis among 200 students, IISc 2001.
  • Class topper, Council of Higher Secondary Exam (CHSE), 12th board exam, 1995.
  • 2nd position, district-level debate competition, All India Cooperative Week, 1994.
  • Qualified National Mathematics Olympiad contest, 1992.
  • Zonal topper in mathematics (CBSE), 1992.
  • Class topper in CBSE, 10th board exam, 1992.
  • Qualified All-India Junior Talent Search Contest, 1991.
  • Awarded MCL scholarship, Odisha, 1991-1993.
  • Runner-up, inter-departmental Chess Championship, 1998.
  • Cricket captain, 7th –10th class, 1988-1993.
  • Cricket captain, Inter-IIT sports meet 2018, reached the final, IIT BHU.
  • Won many Man-of-the-Match awards in cricket.
  • As a lawyer, represented and won a case against a bank from district court to supreme court, 2008-13.

        Recent 10 Publications

        1. Vertical limit reduction of chimney in solar power plant, Ajeet Pratap Singh, Jaydeep, Amit Kumar, O. P. Singh, Renewable Energy (Elsevier, Impact factor: 8.7), 2023.
        2. On the evolution of layer dynamics and critical power laws in double-diffusive finger convection at neutral bouyancy, Deepak K. Singh, O. P. Singh, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer (Elsevier, IF: 7) 2023.
        3. Performance characteristics of a new curved double-pass counter flow solar air heater, Amit Kumar, Akshayveer, Ajeet Pratap Singh, O. P. Singh, Energy (Elsevier, impact factor: 8.857),vol. 239, 2022.
        4. Investigations for efficient design of a new counter flow double-pass curved solar air heater, Renewable Energy (Elsevier, IF 8.7), vol. 185, 2022.
        5. Effect of new overhead phase change material enclosure designs on thermo-electric performance of a photovoltaic panel, Journal of Energy Storage (Elsevier, IF 9.4), vol. 46, 2022.
        6. Effect of channel designs and its optimization for enhanced thermo-hydraulic performance of solar air heater, Amit Kumar, Akshayveer, Ajeet Pratap Singh, O. P. Singh, Journal Solar Energy Engineering (ASME), vol. 144 (5), 2022.
        7. Thermal Energy Storage Design of a New Bifacial PV/PCM System for Enhanced Thermo - electric Performance, Akshayveer, Amit Kumar, Ajeet Pratap Singh, O. P. Singh, Energy Conversion and Management,  (Elsevier, impact factor: 10.4), vol. 250, 2021.
        8. Effect of Integrating High Flow Naturally Driven Dual Solar Air Heaters with Trombe, Ajeet Singh, Amit Kumar, Akshayveer, O. P. Singh, Energy Conversion and Management (Elsevier, impact factor: 10.4), vol. 249, 2021.
        9. A novel concept of integrating bell-mouth inlet in converging-diverging solar chimney power plant, Ajeet Pratap Singh, Amit Kumar, Akshayveer, O.P. Singh, Renewable Energy (Elsevier, impact factor: 8.7), pp. 318-334 vol. 169,  2021.
        10. Performance enhancement strategies of a hybrid solar chimney power plant integrated with photovoltaic panel, Ajeet Pratap Singh, Amit Kumar, Akshayveer, O.P. Singh, Energy Conversion and Management (Elsevier, impact factor: 10.4), vol. 218, 2020.

           More publications on my personal website.

        Recent 10 Granted Patents (17 granted, 11 under review)

        1. Solar air heater, Patent Number: 429893, date of grant: 25.04.2023.
        2. Cooling apparatus mounting for fan-cooled internal combustion engine, Patent Number: 365262, date of grant: 25.04.2021.
        3. A two-stroke internal combustion engine with provision for enhanced cooling, Patent Number: 350090, d.o.g: 26.10.2020.
        4. An automotive drum brake system with provision for enhanced cooling, Patent Number: 342541, d.o.g: 27.07.2020.
        5. Axial fan for an internal combustion engine, Patent Number: 329768, date of grant: 21.01.2020.
        6. Cylinder head for internal combustion engine, Patent Number: 337778, date of grant: 02.06.2020.
        7. Exhaust pipe for a vehicle, Patent Number: 329693, date of grant: 20.01.2020.
        8. Cooling system for automobiles, Patent Number: 345816, date of grant: 01.09.2020.
        9. Drum brake arms, Patent Number: 340133, date of grant: 01.07.2020.
        10. Wheel assembly for drum brake, Patent Number: 322680, date of grant: 14.10.2019.

           More patents on my personal website.

              Recent 10 Talks

              1. IPR and its importance for economical development of country in FDP on  Entrepreneurship at Rajarshi School of Management & Technology, Varanasi.
              2. One day training session for faculty on Intellectual Property Rights, Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna.
              3. 3 days traning program on Design and Topology Optimization using Finite Element Method, IIT (BHU).
              4. Two-day workshop on Product design and Innovation, IIT Mandi.
              5. Intellectual property rights, how to draft patent claims and reverse engineering, Workshop on product design and innovation, IIT Mandi.
              6. Product design, Innovation, Reverse engineering and Leadership, JN Gov. Engg. college, Sundernagar, H.P.
              7. Teacher's role in students development: How What and Why?Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalay, Pandoh, Mandi.
              8. Rheology: the mystery of non-Newtonian fluids, Training course on snow-avalanches, RDC SASE, DRDO, Chandigarh.
              9. How to teach mathematics to school children, Orientation course for trained graduate teachers, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalay, Pandoh, H.P. Mandi.
              10. How to develop scientific temper among students, Orientation course for trained graduate teachers, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalay, Pandoh, Mandi.

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