Dr. Jeevan Vachan Tirkey

Associate Professor
Department/School/Unit Name
Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT (BHU)
Phone No(s): 9415450968, 9648126644
Email: jvtirkey.mec@iitbhu.ac.in
Area of Interest: Renewable Energy: Waste to Energy through Gasification; Hydrogen production through gasification; Life cycle assessment (LCA); Internal combustion engine (SI and CI):Experiment and Simulation; Alternate fuel for an Engine , Miller Cycle based-Over expanded Engine


Dr. Jeewan V Tirkey is presently working as Associate Professor, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Govt. Engineering College (GGU) Bilaspur in 1998. He did his Ph.D. at Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi (Formerly IT-BHU) in 2008 under the supervision of Prof. H.N.Gupta, in the research area of Internal-combustion Engine.
Dr. Tirkey bears a very good academic record and he has published more than 70 article in peer reviewed International & National journal  and  conference papers. Dr. Tirkey has guided more than 30 UG projects and 35 Master’s theses. He has 2 patents in his research area. In his supervision, 4 Ph.D. scholar has completed their thesis and 2 are working now. He has developed an IC Engine Lab and has developed courses related to Alternate fuel for transportation and energy management. He has conducted several national and international conferences and short-term courses for teachers and students at National Level. Dr. Tirkey is also Technical Chairman of Vehicle condemnation Cell, (BHU). He is a life time member of the Institution of Engineers, INDIA. He was the Member of Energy Management Sectional Committee, MED-39, Bureau of Indian Standard (New Delhi), and Member of Executive Council,  Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya RGPV, Bhopal (MP). He has worked as a Team Averera of IIT (BHU), participating in Eco-Shell Marathon Asia, in Singapore, from 19 March 2017,  Achieved-energy efficiency of prototype battery Electric vehicle: 131.8 km/kWh. Recently, he has obtained DST project of 40 Lacs  on Gasifier-IC Engine.

He has also worked as a consultant to many industries for industrial problems. He is working on the project of the center for energy resource and development (CERD) and CST-UP incubation center for grass root innovators. He is the mentor and Co-PI of the development of Battery-operated geared e-Bike, high-speed cycle, and Garbage collection Rickshaw, under the CST-UP Project. He has very extensive Administrative experience at the Institute level and at the national level.

Total: 72 –(49 in Journals, 23 in Conference proceedings)    
   (i) JOURNAL: Research Papers published/accepted in national and International Journals
  1. Reetu Raj, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey, Priyaranjan Jena, Lawalesh Prajapati (2024). Comparative analysis of Gasifier-CI engine performance and emissions characteristics using diesel with producer gas derived from coal– briquette-coconut shell-mahua feedstock and its blends. The International Journal-Energy  293 (2024) 130708, (ELSEVIERSCI-IF: 9.0). 

  2. Priyaranjan Jena, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey, Reetu Raj, Lawalesh Prajapati (2024). Effect of Propane blending with Grape wood Producer gas on SI Engine performance and optimization. Applied Thermal Engineering  242 (2024) 122480,  (ELSEVIERSCI-IF: 6.4)


  1. Priyaranjan Jena, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey (2023). Power and efficiency improvement of SI engine fueled with boosted producer gas-methane blends and LIVC-miller cycle strategy: Thermodynamic and optimization studiesThe International Journal-Energy 289 (2024) 130068, (ELSEVIERSCI-IF: 9.0).

  2. Priyaranjan Jena, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey (2023). Efficiency improvement investigation through Miller cycle strategy for SI engine operating on stoichiometric producer gas and methane blends. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress 47 (2024) 102309,   (ELSEVIERSCI-IF: 4.56)  

  3. Reetu Raj, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey (2023). Techno-economic assessment of sugarcane bagasse pith-based briquette production and performance analysis of briquette feed gasifier-engine system. Journal of Environmental Management, 345 (2023)118828, (ELSEVIERSCI-IF: 8.7).

  4. Reetu Raj, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey, Deepak Kumar Singh (2023). Parametric optimization and performance evaluation of gasifier-CI engine on dual fuel and dual feed material gasification. International Journal of Ambient Energy, page 1-28 (Taylor and Francis-Publication SCI-IF: 2.539).https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/01430750.2023.2268114

  5. Deepak Kumar Singh, Reetu Raj, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey (2023), Priyaranjan Jena, Prakash Parthasarathy, Gordon Mckay, Tareq Al-Ansari (2023).Progress and utilization of biomass gasification for decentralized energy generation: An Outlook & Critical review. Environmental Technology Reviews,  12 (1): 1–36.(Taylor& Francis, SCI-IF: 3.475), https://doi.org/10.1080/21622515.2023.2242014

  6. Priyaranjan Jena, Reetu Raj, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey, Ajeet Kumar (2023). Experimental analysis and optimization of CI engine Performance using Waste Plastic Oil and Diesel fuel blends. Journal of the Energy Institute 109 (2023) 101286(ELSEVIERSCI-IF: 6.47) 

  7. Reetu Raj, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey, Deepak Kumar Singh,Priyaranjan Jena (2023). Co-gasification of waste triple feed-material blends using downdraft gasifier integrated with dual fuel diesel engine: An RSM-based comparative parametric optimization. Journal of the Energy Institute 109 (2023) 101271 (ELSEVIERSCI-IF: 6.47)

  8. Reetu Raj, Deepak Kumar Singh, Jeevan Vachan Tirkey (2023). Gasifier-Engine performance analysis using Co-gasification of Mahua wood waste and Saw-dust briquette blend: An experimental and optimization approach. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, (Springer, SCI-IF-4.1, Q1) ACCEPTED on 26-04-2023.

  9. Reetu Raj, Jeevan Vachan Tirkey, Priyaranjan Jena (2023). Gasification of Briquette, Mahua wood, and Coconut shell and application to CI engines: Comparative Performance and Optimisation Analysis. Industrial Crops & Products, 199(1)-2023, 116758 (ELSEVIERSCI-IF: 6.449)

  10. Priyaranjan Jena, Reetu Raj, Jeevan Vachan Tirkey (2023). Thermodynamic performance study and RSM based optimization of SI engine using sewage sludge producer gas blend with methane. The International Journal-Energy 273 (2023) 127179, (ELSEVIERSCI-IF: 8.857). 

  11. Reetu Raj, Deepak Kumar Singh, Jeevan Vachan Tirkey (2023).Performance Simulation and Optimization of SI engine fueled with Peach biomass-based producer gas and propane blend. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress,  41 (2023) 101816  (ELSEVIERSCI-IF: 4.56).

  1. Reetu Raj, Deepak Kumar Singh, Jeevan Vachan Tirkey (2022). Co-gasification of Plastic waste blended with coal and biomass: A Comprehensive Review, Environmental Technology Reviews , just accepted on 4 Dec 2022, (Taylor and Francis-Publication SCI-IF:7.67).  https://doi.org/10.1080/21622515.2023.2283095. 

  2. Deepak Kumar Singh,Reetu Raj, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey (2022). Performance and Emission Analysis of triple fuelled CI engine utilizing producer gas, biodiesel and diesel: An optimization study using response surface methodology. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress,36 (2022) 101486 (ELSEVIER ,SCI-IF: 4.56).

  3. Prakash Parthasarathy, Anabel Fernandez, Deepak Kumar Singh, Tareq Al-Ansari, Hamish R. Mackey, Rosa Rodriguez, Germán Mazza, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey, Gordon McKay (2022). Thermogravimetric analysis of camel dung, date stone, and their blend for pyrolytic, kinetic, and thermodynamic studies. Cleaner Chemical Engineering, 4 (2022), 100072 (ELSEVIER )

  4. Reetu Raj, Deepak Kumar Singh, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey (2022). Co-gasification of Low-grade Coal with Madhuca longifolia (Mahua) Biomass and dual-fuelled mode engine performance: Effect of biomass blend and engine operating condition. An International Journal- Energy Conversion and Management 269 (2022) 116150 (ELSEVIER ,SCI-IF: 11.553). 

  5. Deepak Kumar Singh, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey (2022). Optimization of performance and emission characteristics of CI engine fuelled with waste Safflower oil biodieseland its blends. Petroleum Science and Technology. (Taylor & Francis, SCIE-IF-1.268, Q1ACCEPTED on 11-06-2022.

  6. Jeewan Vachan Tirkey, Ajeet Kumar, Deepak Kumar Singh (2022). Energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and economic feasibility studies of biodiesel production from Mahua (Madhuca longifolia) in India. The International Journal-Energy 249 (2022) 123690 (ELSEVIER ,SCI: 7.147). 

  7. Deepak Kumar Singh, J.V. Tirkey. (2022). Process modelling and thermodynamic performance optimization of biomass air gasification fuelled with waste poultry litter pellet by integrating Aspen plus with RSM. Biomass and Bioenergy 158 (2022) 106370. (ELSEVIERSCI-IF 5.061).

  8. Jeewan Vachan Tirkey. (2022). Thermodynamic investigation of performance and emission based on miller cycle-type engine using novel eccentric drive mechanism.  Automotive and Engine Technology, 7, pages137–152 (2022), (Springer,  IF-awaited). 

  9. Deepak Kumar Singh, Jeewan Vachan Tirkey, (2022). Performance optimization through response surface methodology of an integrated coal gasification and CI Engine fuelled with diesel and low-grade coal-based producer gas. The International Journal, Energy 238 (2022): 121982. (ELSEVIER ,SCI: 7.147).

  1. Jeewan Vachan Tirkey, Deepak Kumar Singh. (2021)Thermodynamic performance and emission prediction of CI engine fuelled with diesel and Vachellia nilotica (Babul) biomass-based producer gas and optimization using RSM. Petroleum Science and Technology. (Taylor & Francis, SCIE-IF-.268). https://doi.org/10.1080/10916466.2021.2010756

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  3. Deepak Kumar Singh & Jeewan V Tirkey (2021). Valorization of Hazardous Medical Waste using Steam injected Plasma Gasifier: A Parametric Study on the Modeling and Multi-Objective Optimization by integrating Aspen Plus with RSM, Environmental Technology, DOI: 10.1080/09593330.2021.1946599 (Taylor & Francis,SCI-IF: 3.2)

  4. Deepak Kumar Singh, and Jeewan V. Tirkey(2021). Modeling and multi-objective optimization of variable air gasification performance parameters using Syzygium cumini biomass by integrating ASPEN Plus with Response surface methodology (RSM). International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 46.36 (2021): 18816-18831.(ELSEVIER, SCI-IF: 5.8).

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       Upto 2020
  1. Jeewan V. Tirkey, Ajeet Kumar, S.K.Shukla, (2020). Comparative analysis of engine performance and emission characteristics of different biodiesels. Biofuel, Taylor and Francis. 11(8) 893-901.  SCI-IF: 0.75     

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 (ii)  CONFERENCE: Research Papers published in International & national conferences
  1. Priyaranjan jena,Jeewan Vachan Tirkey, Reetu Raj, Lawalesh Prajapati. Quasi-dimensional thermodynamic performance and emission modelling for dual-fuel SI engine operation using waste-based producer gas and methane.  International Conference on Mechanical Engineering & Technology (ICMET-2024) March 1-3, 2024, at Mechanical Engineering Deptt, NIT, Kurukshetra, Haryana.
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PhD Supervision:   

S.N. Name Roll.No. Title Date of Reg./joining Date of Final Exam/Viva voice Supervision
1 Ajeet Kumar 13131501 Some Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Performance Characteristics of CI Engine Using Different Biodiesel Blending 2013 09-July-2020 Supervisor
2 Arun Kumar 13131502 Some Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Parabolic Dish and Trough Type Solar Collector Systems 2013 09-July-2019 Co-Supervisor
3 Pushpendra Kumar Singh Rathore 18131502 Building integrated solar thermal energy storage 2018 12-Aug-2021 Co-Supervisor
4 Deepak  Kumar Singh 19131004 Some advancement in gasification for the improvement in the properties of producer- gas and application to IC Engine 29-07-2019 20-July-2023 Sole-Supervisor
5 Reetu Raj 20131515 Biomass gasification for IC engine applications: An experimental, economic, and optimization study 29-12-2020 26-Feb-2024 Sole Supervisor
1 Priyaranjan Jena 21131012 Performance analysis of Gasifier-IC Engine 22-07-2021 Ongoing Sole Supervisor
2 Lawalesh Prajapati 23131007 Simulation and Experimental Performance Study of  
 IC Engine fueled with Producer gas blend
20-07- 2023 Ongoing Sole Supervisor


MTech Supervision: 35+1 ( 35 completed, 1 ongoing)

  S.N. Name (Roll No.) Year of Completion Title of Thesis Guide/


Hemant Kumar



Co-gasification of low-grade coal and madhuca longifolia (mahua-wood) biomass: performance and emissions analysis in dual fuel diesel engine



Ritesh Sonkar



Experimental Performance and Emission analysis of a Dual fuelled VCR Diesel Engine using Producer gas from Madhuca longifolia (Mahua wood) Biomass Gasification



Deepak Mittal 

( 20132028)


Analysis and Simulation of Cooling Plates for Power Electronics



Prashant Kumar



Performance and Emission Analysis of Safflower Biodiesel



Ambesh Pandey



Study of Producer Gas through Downdraft Gasification system



Dasari Venkata Chinna Naidu

IDD (16134006)


Predictive modeling of biomass Gasifier using artificial neural networks



Tarun Singh

IDD (15134020)


Parametric Analysis of an Organic Rankine Cycle for Waste heat recovery



 Prateek Chopra 



Design and Simulation performance of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)



Deependra Singh



Performance investigation of CI engine using dual fuel mode of producer gas-biodiesel-diesel mixture.



Mahesh Vikram Srivastava



Biodiesel Production and effect of its storage time on the properties of Biodiesel for edible/ non-edible oil.



Tara Chand Kumar Maurya



Performance of CI engine and Modeling of Injection System.



Saurabh Prakash Singh



Thermodynamic study of the performance of spark ignition engine using Hythane as a fuel.



Abhisek Yadav



Biodiesel production and effect of its storage time on the performance of VCR engine for edible and non-edible oil



Rishi Ram



Production of Neem biodiesel and experimental study of its blend with diesel fuel in CI Engine



Amit Kumar Maurya



Experimental analysis of compression ignition engine fuelled with Mahua biodiesel and Diesel blends



Lal gee Singh



Production of Karanja Biodiesel and experimental study of its blend with diesel fuel in CI engine



Amar Kumar Singh



Combustion , performance and emission characteristics of compressed ignition engine fuelled with waste cooking oil methyl ester diesel blends



Bijendra Kumar Singh



Production of ethanol and performance investigation of SI engine fuelled with gasoline and ethanol blends



Amit Kumar



Experimental performance investigation of CI engine operation with diesel and producer gas from gasifier system



Deepak Kumar Yadav



Effect of Soybean biodiesel on direct injection diesel engine performance emission and combustion characteristics



Pulkit Bagri



Theoretical and experimental analysis of waste heat utilization using thermoelectric generators in Kirloskar type-AV1 engine



Shyamsher Saroj



Optimal performance analysis of SI engine using ethanol as a fuel



Narendra Singh Yadav



Simulation analysis of variable compression ratio engine using variable crank length mechanism



Apoorv Sagar



A computational analysis of self-controlled VCR system using variable crank length mechanism



Vibhor Jajoo



Study of flame in microgravity fire safety in space



Pawan Kumar



Performance evaluation of Over-expanded CI engine



Shyam Sher Saroj



Optimal performance analysis of SI engine using Ethanol as fuel



Ayush Gupta



Thermodynamic Simulation of Performance of CI Engine



Ronnie Gerard Soreg



Thermodynamic simulation of the performance of twin spark plug SI engine using CNG as fuel



Subhas Chandra



A study on the combustion of hydrogen fuel in a spark-ignition engine



Jai Prakash



An investigation of ethanol from Madhuca ( Mahua flower) as an internal combustion fuel



Rahul Tarodiya

(10306 EN 021)


Performance evaluation of automotive radiator using Nano-fluid



Hari Om Saran Singh



Experimental investigation of emulsion indirect injection diesel engine



Anand Solanki 



Analytical study of flame front geometry for gasoline-powered engine



Suhel Yadav
(05020605-IDD )


Study of flame front geometry for single and twin spark plug



  1. Institute sprouting grant projectTransesterification Unit for Biodiesel and Gasifier Unit–2006-2007, Total Grant: 25 Lakhs, Co-PI
  2. MHRD (New Delhi) sponsored Project- Center for Training and Research in “Energy and Resources Development” under FAST, Total Grant: 4.0 crore , Co-PI/Member.
  3. Mentor of Team Averera of IIT (BHU), participation in Eco Shell Marathon Asia, at Manila, Philippines, 2015, February 26 to March 1, 2015.
  4. Mentor of Team Averera of IIT (BHU), participation in Eco Shell Marathon Asia, at Manila, Philippines, from 3-6 March 2016. (Qualified-Technical inspection)
  5. Mentor of Team Averera of IIT (BHU), participation in Eco Shell Marathon Asia, at Singapore, from 19 March 2017. (Achieved-energy efficiency of prototype battery Electric vehicle: 131.8 km/kWh)
  6. CST-UP (Lucknow) funded Project-Design and Development of Combined cooling and Power Generation System, Co-PI. Total Grant: 9.6 lakh (2018-2020)
  7. Tata Motors Project (Under Institute MoU)-Solar equipped vehicle (ongoing).
  8. CST-UP Project under  Incubation Centre for grass root innovators (2018-2020), Grant-Rs.11,14,800.00 for (1) Garbage collection Cycle, (2) Battery powered e-Bike (3) Lightweight and fastest Cycle. Coordinator: Prof. S.K.Shukla, PI/Mentor: Jeewan V. Tirkey. 
  9. DST fundeded project work, i.e., DST/TDT/TDP-25/2022 (79527): -Development of catalytic integrated air-steam gasifierfor the gasification of agriculture waste and valorization of gasified fly ash on concrete work, Project sanctioned on 20 Oct 2023, Funding amount 40,85,889 Rs. PI: Dr. Jeewan Vachan Tirkey

PATENTS (Applied/Granted)


  1. Variable crank length for variable compression ratio (VCR) engine, Inventor: Jeewan Vachan Tirkey, Patent Application No. 286/DEL/2012 Ref. No:  CBR NO: 972 Dated 02/02/2012,


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  2. A THERMALLY EFFICIENT OVER-EXPANSION STROKE BASED ENGINE, Application No.: 201911050006, filing on December 04, 2019, Inventor: Jeewan Vachan Tirkey, Shailendra Kumar Shukla. Granted on 28-11-2023, Patent No. 473845.

Conference/ Workshop Organized:

  1. Co-Convener- International Conference on Issues and Challenges in Energy Conversion and Management (ICEM-2009), Deptt of Mechanical Engg. IT-BHU.
  2. Convener-Brainstorming workshop on Renewable Energy(RE):Carbon capture and storage(CCS), December 18-19,2014 at DAV Institute of Engineering & Technology, NP University, Daltonganj, Palamau (JH) by CERD.
  3. Convener-International workshop on Energy and Resources Development IWERD -2015, May 16-17, 2015, at IIT (BHU), by CERD.
  4. General secretary-Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development, by CERD, Jan 18-22,2016, IIT (BHU).
  5. Organizing Member, A Three Days Workshop on Making of Solar Cookers, during July 03 - 05, 2016, At ABLT, IIT (BHU).
  6. Coordinator, e-Content Development & Three-day workshop on making of Appropriate Cooking device for Rural India IIT (BHU), Varanasi, December 12-14, 2017.
  7. Convener, One day workshop on Centre of Excellence on Nuclear Energy for Food Security and Rural Development, Department of Mechanical engineering, Resource & Alumni, IIT(BHU), Feb. 17, 2018.
  8. Organizing Secretary cum Treasurer, National Workshop on Technology Development for Grass root Innovators (Sponsored by CST UP) September 30- October 01, 2018.
  9. Organizing Secretary cum Treasurer, IPR Awareness Workshop for Grass root Innovators March 06, 2020. at Department of Mechanical Engg., IIT(BHU)
  10. Convener, Indo –UK Workshop On “Valorisation of agri-waste for energy and nutrient recovery ” , Sponsor: CST-UP, 15-Jan-2020 - 17- Jan-2020.
  11. Co-PI and Secretory Skill Program, Title: Machine learning, Online Interactive Course Under CST UP at Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT (BHU) Varanasi with the collaboration of Skill Age Foundation, from 13 July, 2020 (Duration- 40 hour)
  12. Course coordinator-Energy and Environment management for sustainable development (EEMSD-2020), from the head of IDF-QIP (STC), during 7-12 December 2020

  1. Administrative Experience:   
  2. Administrative warden, Morvi Hostel, IIT(BHU) 3 Year (Oct 2012 to Oct 2015)
  3. Warden, Dhanrajgiri Hostel, IIT (BHU), 2 Year (21Oct 2011 to 12 Sept 2013)
  4. Program officer, National Service Scheme (NSS) IIT(BHU), 3 Year (From 05/11/2013 to 05 /11/2016)
  5. Member of advisory committee, Departmental Training and Placement Cell.
  6. Member of UGD/IDD/IMD programs Pt-1 Monitoring Committee/ examination Centre in charge (2015-2016)
  7. Member, DPGC, Dept. of Mechanical Engg., IIT (BHU) (Oct 2012 –March 2014)
  8. Member, Examination Cell, Mechanical Engg) IIT (BHU) July 2013-Jan 2016.
  9. Member, Anti-ragging squad, IIT(BHU) (2015)
  10. Captain-Badminton, Inter IIT Staff Sports Meet 2015, IIT Madras.
  11. Member of vehicle condemnation committee, BHU,2018-19
  12. Member of Library user committee, IIT(BHU),2018-19
  13. Member of BHU -Estates office for Vehicle maintenance and condemnation, 2020
  14.  Member, DUGC, Dept. of Mechanical Engg., IIT (BHU) (19 August 2021 –continue)


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  2. e-content Development on Appropriate Cooking Devices for Rural India, Publisher: Teaching –Learning Cell, J.V.Tirkey and S.K.Shukla, 2017

Chapter in Reference Book: 

  1.  Book: Encyclopedia of Renewable and Sustainable Materials, Publisher: ELSEVIER, Chapter- Sustainable Biofuels for Automotive Application. Abhishek Yadav, Shailendra Kumar Shukla, Jeevan Vachan Tirkey, Saurabh Pathak (2018).

Invited Talk:

  1. Seminar on “Recent trends in Alternative Automotive Fuels” October 04 - 05, 2013 at Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal (MP).
  2.  National Workshop-Energy in Agriculture, Dec. 02, 2015 at Barkacha (BHU)
  3.  National Energy Conservation Day, Dec. 14, 2015, as a guest of honor, The Institution of Engineers, UP State center, Lucknow.
  4. A Three Days Workshop on Making of Solar Cookers, during July 03 - 05, 2016, At ABLT, IIT (BHU).
  5. e-Content Development & Three-day workshop on making of Appropriate Cooking device for Rural India IIT (BHU), Varanasi, December 12-14, 2017.
  6.  Zero emission vehicle/ Hybrid vehicle in the AICTE Sponsored QIP Short Term Course on “Efficient Energy Conversion in Harmony with Environment” at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi during 29 October – 03 November, 2018
  7. The 3rd National Conference on Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage (MECS-2018) " on 18th -20th October 2018 in the collaboration of Energy Science Society of India (ESSI).
  8. ATAL-FDP on ALTERNATE FUELS: BIOFUELS, Topic: GASIFICATION, Date: 22.09.2020, Time: 02:30 pm – 04:00 pm, online Meeting at: Cisco Webex, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engg. & Tech. Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar.
  9. Topic: Internal combustion Engine, Online AICTE Approved Quality Improvement Program-Short Term Course on Energy & Environment Management for Sustainable Development, at IIT(BHU) Varanasi, 9-12-2020.

  10. Topic: Internal Combustion Engine analysis (on 23-12-2020). TWQIP-3, Flow Energy and Combustion (21-25 Dec, 2020), at Department of Mechanical Engineering, S.V. National Institute of Technology, Surat.

  11. Topic: Internal Combustion Engine with Exhaust gas Energy Utilization (18-01-2021). Online AICTE-Short term Course, Waste Heat Recovery & Utilization, Jan 1-23, 2021, at Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT(BHU) Varanasi.

  12. Topic: Renewable Energy and Gasification (on 28-05-2021). International Conference on Sustainable Innovation in Mechanical Engineering (ICSIME-2K21), 28-29 May 2021.

  13. Topic: Valorisation of waste to energy through gasification, (on 22-6-2022). Recent development in Renewable Energy (22-24 June 2022), Amity School of Engineering and Technolgy, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Noida.

  14. Topic: Gasification of waste biomass and application to IC engine (on 18-12-2022). VII  International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Challenges (VII SEEC) December 16-18, 2022. Organized by Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India.

  15. Topic: Valorisation of agriculture waste biomass to  engine application (20-9-2023). 21-days ( Sept.1-21,2023) National workshop on Recent advance in Agricultural Engineering & Technology for Doubling Farmers Income (RAAETDFI-23) (on line mode), organised by BHU-Varanasi and National agriculture Development cooperative Ltd. (NADCL) Baramulla, J&K.     


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Member of:

  • Member of Institution of Engineers, INDIA
  • Member of Energy Management Sectional Committee, MED-39, Bureau of Indian Standard (New Delhi)
  • Member of American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Member of Executive Council, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya RGPV, Bhopal (MP)


  1. Workshop on – Modeling diagnostics and control of pollutant formation and     emission in combustion, Jadavpur University. Kolkata, Jan 11-12, 2007
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  6.  Workshop attended on Biogas, Center for Rural Development and Technology IIT Delhi,04-Mar-2020 - 04- Jul-2020