Book Bank

Text Book Section:-
A separate Text Book section has been created in the  Library. This section has 24,763 books (until 31st March 2024). New books are added according to the demand of students and new courses are launched by the institute. The textbook bank is arranged in a column. The left side column is arranged according to the Colon Classification and the right side column is arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification.

Special collection for SC/ST Category:-
The books were purchased/donated from the special grant of the Social Welfare Department, UP. Govt. is kept in this section. Generally, books are not issued to General category Students. If there is, no demand from ST/SC students only when the books are issued to general category students as a special case from the permission of the competent authority. This section has 8,740 books (until 31/03/2014).

General Books Section:-
General Books are kept in three halls, Books classified according to Colon Classification are kept in General Book Section-1 ( z to Z excluding D) and D (Engineering books) are kept in General Book Section-2. Books classified according to Dewey Decimal classification are kept in General Books Section-3.

Collaborative Learning/Discussion Space

The Library of IIT (BHU), Varanasi, has made Collaborative Learning Spaces on the ground floor. In this space, faculty/Research Scholars/Students can use innovative teaching and learning strategies that promote higher-order thinking that leads to better understanding and improved ability to transfer knowledge to other applications. The collaborative learning space has been created with the purpose to facilitate space to the user,s who wants to learn/discuss together/in a group to solve problems, work on a project, or have a meaningful discussion. In this space, we provided comfortable furniture and other facilities for the users.



Monday to Friday: 9:30 am to 07:30 pm
Saturday and Govt. Holiday: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.


Document Delivery Service

The Library facilitate the provision of requested articles/e-books-chapters/ standards/ Patents available with the holdings of other IITs, Members of e-shodshindhu or any Library. One can send a request to the following emails: with bibliography details including DOI.

Email Alerts/Notification

The Library provides an email alerts facility to the users related to the library activity. Details are given below - Drop an email to given below email IDs related to queries.

Email ID Query Any type of query Circulation related issues, Lost Books, Replacement of Books, Registration, Over dues charges, No Dues, Renewal of Registration, etc. Periodical related issues, Request for any Article, etc. Acquisition of book, Lost of Books, Replacement of Books, etc.

Circulation and Membership

Category of Membership and Loan Period - All students, faculty members and employees of the Institute are entitled for the membership of the library. Their entitlements, in terms of number of books that they can borrow and the permissible loan period:-

Borrowing Facility

Category Number of Books Loan Period Fine (Beyond the Loan Period)
(Faculty and Staff)
Faculty,Scientists,Librarian, Finance Officer, Registrar , Equivalent Officers etc. 20 180 Days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Non-Faculty and Grade A Staff 12 180 days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Group B staff 07 90 days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Group C and D staff 04 90 days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Alumni Staff 02 30 days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Retired Faculty/Officers and Staff 02 30 days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Students (UG/PG/PhD)
General Section=03
Competitive Book=2
60 Days
Re. 1 (per day)
Text Book Bank=04
One Semester
General Section=06
Competitive Book=2
60 Days
Re. 1 (per day)
Text Book Bank=02
One Semester
General Section=03
Competitive Book=2
60 Days
Re. 1 (per day)
ST/SC Book Bank=04
One Semester
Text Book Bank=04
One Semester
General Section=06
Competitive Book=2
60 Days
Re. 1 (per day)
ST/SC Book Bank=04
One Semester
Text Book Bank=02
One Semester
Research Scholar
General Section=05
Competitive Book=2
60 Days
Re. 1 (per day)
ST/SC Book Bank=03
One Semester
Text Book Bank=03
One Semester
Circulation Guideline & Rules


  1. Members of the Institute staff desirous of loan privilege shall enroll himself/herself as a member of the Library by filling up the enrollment form obtainable from the Library. 
  2. Photocopy of appointment letter/ Confirmation letter and two recent passport size colored photograph required for library passbook.
  3. Passbook shall have to be produced by the staff/faculty while borrowing or returning the books. In case books are required through another person, an authorisation letter mentioning the person's name and the title of the books should be sent along with the passbook.
  4. If a book is not returned to the Library when due, no further books shall be issued to him until the overdue books are returned.
  5. The borrower shall be responsible for the safe return of all the books issued on his/her passbook.
  6. Reference books, bound volumes of the journals, standards, etc, are issued only to faculty members.
  7. For the No-Dues certificate, Staff/Faculty member must submit their Library passbook to the circulation section.


  1. The students shall have to be produced their Institute identity card while borrowing books from the library. 
  2. The students are requested to return the books issued to them from the library within a stipulated time, failing which overdue volume will be charged @ Rs.1 per volume per day.
  3. Thesis, dissertations, CDS, Video Cassettes are not lent out of the library. Only after the permission from the competent authority, as a special case, it can be issued for overnight.
  4. The reader should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapter’s pictures, etc. while borrowing the book. If a book is found to be damaged or certain pages are missing, the borrower should get this statement recorded on the book, otherwise, he/she shall be held responsible for the damage, discovered at the time of returning the books. No book in damaged condition will be accepted from the reader/borrower. Mutilated or spoiled books will have to be replaced by the borrower.
  5. The borrowing facility can be withdrawn or restricted in case of misbehavior or misuse of the library.
  6. The students are requested to make sure that the email ID and contact number mentioned in the Library database is correct. The Library will not responsible if users are not getting reminder and issue/return confirmation through email due to incorrect email ID.


  1. Loss of book must be reported immediately to the Circulation counter.
  2. By requesting the circulation staff one can get the full details of the lost book (Acc No. Call No. author and title of book etc.)
  3. Show the lost book record to the acquisition section to know the full bibliographical details of the lost book and price of the book.
  4. One can replace the same book issued to them by the new copy of the same + due fine. However, the same edition or latest edition will be accepted. In no case, old edition or damaged/mutilated books will be accepted.
  5. If the book is out of print or not available in the market, the following charges will be applicable. [Price mentioned in the Accession Register (In case of foreign currency, the Reserve Bank conversion rate of the day) + Total no of pages @ Rs.1 per page]+due fine.

Photo Copying and Computer Printout Facility

The Reprography Section of the library is equipped with one photocopying machine with printing and scanning facility. Photocopies of periodical articles and parts of books are made available to the reader’s who are charged a nominal rate of 50 paise per exposure. The section also provides computer print- out and scanning facility. However, the scanning facility is available for the only limited page. 

  1. Photocopying: 50 paise per exposure
  2. Printout: @ Re 1 per page
  3. Scanning: @ Re 1 per page

Timing: 09:45 am to 5:45 pm (Monday to Saturday)
Note: Photocopying facility is available in Photocopy and Printout section on the ground floor.
Contact:- Library Office
Contact No:- Ext - 5803

Reading Hall Facility

Students Reading Hall: To provide a comfortable reading space, the Library has created four big Reading Halls having Wi-Fi, Laptop charging point, and fully air-conditioned environment. Students can use this space for the reading of personal books also after proper entry and putting the stamp (personal books) on entry point by the security guard. 


 Faculty Reading Hall: A separate reading hall specially dedicated to faculty members has been created where faculty can sit, read, and discuss.​ This hall having Wi-Fi, Laptop charging point, and fully air-conditioned environment.


New Arrivals/ Recent books

Click here to access new arrival books 

Reference and Consultation

Reference Services:-
The library maintains a separate reference collection consisting of encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, technical data, almanacs, atlases, bibliographies, and CD-Rom, etc. The section renders short and long-range reference service. Reference books are marked by RR and are not issued to anyone. RR books can be issued only after the permission of the librarian for overnight. Readers may approach the Reference Desk/Circulation section for information or any assistance in the use of the library collections and services. Users may also contact the Reference Division for any type of help related to library services.

Reference Section is divided into two parts.
Reference Section-1 is dedicated to the general type of reference materials, and Reference Section-2 has a copy of books, which is in limited number.

Note: The library provides reference facility through the staff working with circulation section. For any type of inquiry please drop an email on:  
Feel free to Ask the Librarian for any types of queries.

Remote Access Facility

The Library is providing Remote access facility to the Research Scholar and Faculty members. Users can use Remote-Login facility for accessing online and digital resources from the outside campus. Users can access online resources as per the library e-resource access policy and remote access policy.

How to get Remote Access facility?

Click here to download the Remote Access User Guide and Account activation process.
Click here to login to Remote Access
If you find/face any problem to accessing remote facility/service, mail us to

Research Support

Grammarly Premium: Unlimited access to all users (Faculty, Research Scholars, students, and staff members) for registration send request email to 

Turnitin: Have access for Faculty,  Research Scholars, and Students to get account email to the Library also provides a facility to get similarity reports on request to the email ID

Turnitin Instructor Guide: Registration process and settings parameters.

Turnitin Quick Submit process - the user manual

DrillBit:  Access to faculty and Research Scholars on the recommendation of the concerned Head of Department. The Library also provides a facility to get similarity reports on request to the email ID Click here for the user manual.

EndNote-21 Desktop Version Installation Manual;  Click here for Quick Reference Guide

EndNote Web Version: Register and Login through an Institute email ID.

Researcher Academy Navigate your research journey with Researcher Academy. Free e-learning modules developed by global experts. Career guidance and advice.

Library Connect Academy Resources for Library and Information Science professionals looking to enhance their skills utilizing content developed by their peers.