Frequently Asked Questions ?

All students, faculty members and staff working with the Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University) are authorized to use the library. Student alumni, retired staff members and visiting faculties also have the privilege to use the the Library. However, to avail the borrowing facilities, users need to enrol themselves with Shreenivas Deshpande Library IIT (BHU) on fulfilling the requisite procedures.

Individuals affiliated to corporate bodies or any institution can use the library after producing the letter from their organization and obtaining permission from the librarian. The Library will charge for their services as per the rules of the library.

An authorized user can recommend a book for purchase by filling- in a “Book recommendation form” that can be obtained from the Book Acquisition Division or Circulation counter or may be downloaded from the library website. The form should be routed through your Departmental Library Committee with the signature of the Head of the Department.

As a general practice, the library administration avoids to issue bound volumes of periodicals. However, in exceptional cases, bound volume of journals can be issued to the faculty member for over- night from the circulation counter by detaining their passbook.

No, current (loose) issue of journals is not issued to any category of library member. After taking permission from the librarian, loose issues may be issue to faculty members after detaining their passbook for overnight. Latest issue of journals will not issue in any case.

Reference books have been mark by RR on Top of the Call Number. Reference books may issue to faculty members only for overnight from the circulation counter by detaining their passbook.

Reference Collection mainly contains, Encyclopedias, Handbook, Dictionaries, Directories, Atlases, Audio, Video and some rare collection.

Every category of members are required to pay late fee, as per the late fee structure, if he/she fails to return the books within the prescribed period of time @ Rs 1 per day per volume.

Monday to Friday, 09:45 AM to 7:15 PM.  However, on the availability of circulation counter staff, books may be issue/return on Saturday and Govt. holidays 9:45 AM to 5:45 PM.

Immediately consult the circulation counter to know the book details and then consult to Acquisition Section for the replacement of book or deposit the price of the book.

First contact concerned person responsible for shelving of books in that area. You may also contact professionals in counter or In-Charge Circulation Section.

No, you are not allowed to bring the personal book / books issued from the library in the stack part of the library.
However personal books and library-issued books may be allowed in the reading halls only. 

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  • R Raman:I received prompt help and support for creating the Turnitin instructor account. Thank you. I received prompt help and support for creating the Turnitin instructor account. Thank you.
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