Ongoing Sponsored Projects


  • Dr. Puneet Kumar Bindlish (PI) - “Integrative Corporate Social Responsibility Impact Assessment for Northern Coal Limited (NCL)”, India
  • Dr. Puneet Kumar Bindlish (PI) - “Integrative Environment View (IEV) for Sustainable HyperLocal Environmental Pollution Monitoring” (Sponsored by Google)
  • Dr.Puneet Kumar Bindlish (Co-PI) - “MOOC Development Project on Essential Life Skills” (Sponsored by Commonwealth of Learning)
  • Dr. Puneet Kumar Bindlish (Co-PI) - “Forewarning System for Landslide Prediction leveraging IoT, AI, ML” (Sponsored by Department of Science & Technology)
  • Dr. Puneet Kumar Bindlish (Co-PI) - “Field Inspection System” (Sponsored by Central Pollution Control Board)
  • Dr. Manhar Charan (PI) - “Cultural Imagination of the People and the Rejuvenation of The Ganga: A Study of Varanasi, Allahabad and Vindhyachal”, (Project Varanasi)
  • Magtrol Dynamometer with hysteresis braking load.
  • Dr. Ajit Kumar Mishra (PI) - “MOOC Development Project on Essential Life Skills” (Sponsored by Commonwealth of Learning)

Completed Sponsored Projects

  • Dr. Swasti Mishra (PI) - “Cognitive Linguistic Study of Perception Verbs in Hindi and English: In the Context of Machine Translation”, (Sponsored by Department of Science & Technology(DST(CSRI))
  • Dr. Amrita Dwivedi (Co-PI): Improving solid waste management at IIT (BHU) and adopting the Bio-digestion System of Bhagwanpur Sewage Treatment Plant for biogas production(Sponsored by MHRD).
  • Dr. Amrita Dwivedi (Co-PI): Adopting River Assi Catchment for Improved Environment Management in Varanasi (Sponsored by MHRD- Project Varanasi).
  • Dr. Amrita Dwivedi (Co-PI): Mohan Se Mahatma: Puppet Show & Documentation (Sponsored by MHRD).
  • Dr. Amrita Dwivedi (Co-PI): Activation Workshop & augmentation of NODE 1, Urban Ecosystem Innovation, Varanasi- Case of Adi Kesava/ Raj Ghat trail (Sponsored by MHRD).
  • Dr. Amrita Dwivedi (Co-PI): Urban Creative Cluster augmentation in Varanasi-case: 500 streches in Adampur/Nagwa/Chetganj(Sponsored by MHRD).
  • Dr. Amrita Dwivedi (Co-PI): Meditation App Development using Feedback from Various Meditation Traditions (Inclusive of an APP sector covering Harmony Centers and End-of-Life Philanthropy patrons who are supportive of these traditions) (Sponsored by MHRD).
  • Dr. Amrita Dwivedi (Co-PI): Old Age Homes in Varanasi: Exploring the holistic wellbeing of the elderly and Financing towards Developing a Sustainable and integrated Model(Sponsored by MHRD).
  • Dr. Amrita Dwivedi (Co-PI): To Improve End-of-Life Care by Reconfiguring Old Age Homes (OAHs) in Varanasi(Sponsored by MHRD).


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