Digital Techniques & Instrumentation

Digital Techniques and Instrumentation (DTI) specialization of the Department was started in the academic year 1974 with the aim to train the manpower and conduct the R&D activities in the erstwhile emerging areas of Microprocessors and Microcomputer based Digital System Design, Intelligent Instrumentation, High Speed Computing Circuits and Automated Control Systems. Since its inception this has been a preferred area for PG and PhD students interested in Microprocessor based systems, fault detection and fault tolerant design, virtual and intelligent instrumentation systems and intelligent controllers. Over the past more than four decades of its teaching and research activities DTI specialization has completed large number of sponsored projects funded by Ministry of HRD and AICTE and produced nearly 20 Ph.D. theses. The faculty members of DTI specialization have so far published over 200 research papers in the reputed international/national journals and conferences. Published book entitled ‘Medical Image Marking: Techniques and Applications,’ Springer 2017.

Sub Areas
  • Digital waveform synthesis
  • High speed digital design
  • Microprocessor and microcontroller based systems
  • Fault detection and tolerant systems design
  • Intelligent instrumentation
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Big data analytics
  • Image Processing, Watermarking, Steganography
  • Analog Integrated Circuits, Embedded Systems,
  • Interconnects & Sensors on flex-substrates, 
  • Wearable Devices