Dr. Oppili Prasad L

Assistant Professor
Department/School/Unit Name
Department of Electronics Engineering IIT(BHU)
Phone No(s): +91-9442416407
Email: oppiliprasad.ece@iitbhu.ac.in
Area of Interest: Microelectronics, Analog Integrated Circuits, Embedded Systems, CIRCUITS & SYSTEMS for FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS, Interconnects & Sensors on flex-substrates, WEARABLE ELECTRONICS, Novel WEARABLE HEALTHCARE devices

Dr Oppili Prasad hails from Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu. 

He works in the broad areas of Microelectronics, Embedded Systems, Electronic System Design. His research interests include design and development of circuits and systems for Flexible and Wearable Electronics. Specifically, he works in the R & D of circuits, interconnects, sensors and actuators on wearable substrates, intended towards applications in Flexible Electronics, Wearable Biomedical devices, Artificical Skin for Robotics, etc.

Dr Oppili Prasad completed his UG degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from the College of Engineering Guindy Campus, Anna University, Chennai, in May 2013.  Subsequently, he joined the research program at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in 2013, at the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE). He graduated from IISc Bangalore with a Masters and Ph.D. degree in 2020. His research thesis was jointly supervised by Dr. Sanjiv Sambandan and Dr. Bharadwaj Amrutur at IISc Bangalore. His Ph.D. thesis is titled "Conformal Electronics on Elastomers: Packaging Methods and Design Rules".  For his doctoral research, he worked on design & development of interconnects, sensors/actuators for realizing high-speed electronic circuits and systems on wearable elastomeric substrates.  

Following Ph.D., he worked as a Research-Engineer at Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems centered at IISc Bangalore, where his research focussed on development of novel sensor arrays for applications in artificial-skin for robotics. He was also part of the technical team responsible for the development of haptic-technologies for tele-robotic applications. 

Following this, Dr Prasad joined as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics Engineering, IIT (BHU), Varanasi, in December 2022.  

(Reverse chronological order)


Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy

University: Indian Institute of Science Bangalore 
Thesis  : Conformal Electronics on Elastomers: Packaging Methods and Design Rules 
Thesis Advisors:  Dr. Sanjiv Sambandan & Dr. Bharadwaj Amrutur 
Timeline: 2013 to 2020 (jointly with Masters degree);   
Submitted Ph.D. thesis in July-2019  


M.Sc. (Engg.) - Masters of Science in Engineering

University: Indian Institute of Science Bangalore 
Timeline: 2013 to 2020 (jointly with Ph.D. degree)
CGPA:  6.2 / 8.0 
Timeline: 2013 to 2020 (jointly with Masters degree);
Finished Course-work in Aug-2014; Completed Research Comprehensive Exam in Aug-2015.  


B.E. ECE - Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication

University:  Anna University Chennai - College of Engineering Guindy Campus
CGPA:  9.81 / 10
Timeline: 2009 to 2013
UG thesis title: Design of Intelligent Track Circuit for Fail-safe Operation of Railway Control Systems
Received Gold-coin Merit-Awards from the University 3 times, for securing full 10-GPA score in 3 individual semesters of UG-curriculum;  UG project was shortlisted among top-10 projects (2013) of IEEE Madras section, and received funding and award-certificate from IEEE.  




Higher Secondary Schooling (11th & 12th):

Timeline: 2007 - 2009
Percentage: 98.08 % 
School & Board: TN State Board - Maharishi Vidya Mandir Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu
Graduated with District-First Rank in 12th Std Public Examinations of March-2009, and also with a STATE-RANK in individual subject;  District-Topper in 11th Std Public Examinations of March-2008. 

Secondary Schooling (10th):

Timeline: April-2007
Percentage: 95.73 % 
School & Board: TN Matric Board - Maharishi Vidya Mandir Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 
Graduated with District-Third Rank in Tamil Nadu Public Examinations of April-2007

Broad Technical Areas of Expertise:

Microelectronics, Circuits & Systems, Electronic System Design, Embedded Systems 



Broad Areas of Research Interest:

- Robotics & Artificial Skin
- Electronics Packaging 



Research-Threads of Interest:

- Design of Novel wearable bio-medical devices intended for applications in clinical diagnostics and treatment

- Research and Development of Wearable/Implantable/Ingestible electronic devices for applications in healthcare setups

- Development of a Robust theoretical platform for next generation flexible/wearable electronics: Development of circuit-design techniques and interconnect-design methodologies by integrating electrical/mechanical properties together. 

- Fabrication and Characterization techniques to package conventional silicon based electronic circuits on flexible, wearable substrates, so as to achieve high-speed and high-performance flexible electronics. 

- R & D on packaging techniques to develop electronics on wearable skin-like substrates 

- Design and Development of Sensors/Actuators on flexible substrates for various applications in Robotics, Large Area electronics, etc. 





Journal Publications

    Oppili Prasad, Prateek Jha, Sreelal Pillai, Mandya Prasad, Bharadwaj Amrutur and Sanjiv Sambandan, “Interconnects on Elastomers: Optimizing for Stretchability, Speed and Layout Area”, IOP Flexible and Printed Electronics, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 045007, Dec. 2017. 
Journal metrics:  Impact factor = 3.588 ;  SJR = 0.832 ;  h-index = 18 ;
ISSN: 2058-8585
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/2058-8585/aa91ba

    Virendra Parab, Oppili Prasad, Sreelel Pillai and Sanjiv Sambandan, “Electric-Field Assisted Self-Healing (eFASH) of Interconnects using Dispersions of Conductive Particles in Insulating Fluids: Optimizing Dispersion Concentration for Efficient Healing”, NATURE Scientific Reports, vol. 9, pp. 19700, Dec. 2019.
Journal metrics:  Impact factor = 4.379 ;  SJR = 1.240 ;  h-index = 213 ;
ISSN: 2045-2322
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-019-55801-8

    M Nair, Oppili Prasad, S S Pillai, Piyush R, Parab V and Sanjiv Sambandan, “Electric Field Assisted Self Healing Circuits for Space Technology”, AIP Applied Physics Letters, vol. 119, pp. 054101, Aug. 2021.  
Journal metrics:  Impact factor = 3.791 ;  SJR = 1.182 ;  h-index = 442 ;
ISSN: 0003-6951
DOI: doi: 10.1063/5.0056545 

International Conferences

    Oppili Prasad, Prateek Jha, Sanjiv Sambandan and Bharadwaj Amrutur, “Towards low cost stretchable electronics systems based on toner transfer of copper interconnect patterns onto elastomeric susbtrates”, 2nd IEEE International Conference on Emerging Electronics (IEEE-ICEE), Bangalore, December 2014. 

    Oppili Prasad, Sreelal Pillai and Sanjiv Sambandan, “Micro strain and temperature sensors for space applications based on optimized Graphite-PDMS composite”, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Flexible, Printable Sensors and Systems (IEEE-FLEPS), Glasgow, UK, July 2019. (Received an award-certificate for being shortlisted among top-10 best research papers of the conference).
DOI:  10.1109/FLEPS.2019.8792312
Conference Presentation Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YA29Wx4MAo

    Co-author in “Self-Healing Interconnects for Flexible Electronics”, 4th IEEE EDTM (Electronic Devices, Materials and Technology Conference), Malaysia, March 2020.

Student Invited-talks delivered at International Workshops 

•    “Towards reliable high-speed electronic circuits and systems on wearable elastomeric sheets”, UK-India Education Research Initiative (DST-British Council) Workshop, Dept. of Engg., UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE, Cambridge, UK,  March 2016.  

•    “Towards Conformal Active Sheets”, IISc-Cambridge Workshop on Healthcare Devices: Technologies and Translation,  26th March 2015, CeNSE, IISc, Bangalore. 

Courses Taught @ IIT (BHU) Varanasi:



Details of the course: 

Course code -  EO 202

Term -  Even Semester 2022-23, Dept of Electronics Engg 

Level -  Department Core course for 2nd year ECE students + Open elective course for other departments 

Credits - 9  ( 3 theory lecture hours per week )

Syllabus Outline -  Analog Circuit Fundamentals, Concepts on Circuit Design and Analysis, Diode Circuits, Transistor Circuits, Oscillators, OP-AMP Circuits, Power Supplies, IC fundamentals, MOSFET circuits, etc. 



Details of the course: 

Course code -  EO 272

Term -  Even Semester 2022-23, Dept of Electronics Engg 

Level -  Department Core Lab course for 2nd year ECE students & 2nd year IDD Engg Physics students 

Credits - 2  ( 2 practical hours per week )

Syllabus Outline -  Laboratory Experiments on Diode circuits, BJT Characteristics, BJT biasing, BJT circuits, Zener Regulators, OP-AMP circuits, Oscillators, MOSFET circuits, etc. 



Details of the course: 

Course code -  EC 323

Term -  Even Semester 2022-23, Dept of Electronics Engg 

Level -  Departmental Elective course for 3rd year ECE students  

Credits - 9  ( 3 theory lecture hours per week )

Syllabus -  Concepts on Electronic System Design, Definition and Classification of Embedded Systems, Hardware and Software perspectives for design of Embedded Systems,  Real-Time Systems, RTOS fundamentals, System-on-Chip Design fundamentals, Example Projects for design of embedded and real-time systems for practical applications



Served as Teaching-Assistant as part of Ph.D. academics for the following courses at IISc Bangalore, between 2015 & 2020: 

1)  Basic Electronics UG lab component at IISc Bangalore - 2015

2)  Basic Electronics UE-102 course at IISc Bangalore - 2016

3)  NPTEL course - Semiconductor Devices and Circuits (Prof Sanjiv Sambandan) - 2018 

4)  Fundamentals of MOS Analog Integrated Circuits - 2020 





1.    Anna University - Gold Coin Merit Award - August 2011
2.    Anna University – Intra College Technical Conference – FIRST PRIZE in Paper Presentation,  2011.   
3.    College of Engineering Guindy - Merit Award - April 2012
4.    Anna University - Gold Coin Merit Award - August 2012
6.    IEEE Madras Section Funding Award - for best student projects – 2013.
7.    MHRD Recognition-certificate for NPTEL course teaching - 2018
8.    IEEE-Sensors council Award certificate for being shortlisted among top 10 best research papers at IEEE-FLEPS conference, Glasgow – July 2019
9.    Maharishi Vidya Mandir School – Best Student Award for Overall Academic Excellence - January 2007
10.    Tamil Nadu Matriculation Board Public Exams 2007 - District Third Honour 
11.    Tamil Nadu State Board - 11th std Examinations 2008 - District First-RANK Award 
12.    Tamil Nadu State Board - 12th std Public Examinations 2009 – District-First RANK Award 


Candidates interested to pursue Ph.D. degree in the areas of my research interest are welcome.  You shall apply through the official online Ph.D. admission process at IIT (BHU).  

I would also like to support Student-Internships during Winter & Summer for the academic year 2023-24.

Any open positions relating to JRF in research-projects will be updated here.

You may visit this page for updates.

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Office Address:

Dr. L. Oppili Prasad 

Room No.: F7,

Near Microprocessor Lab, First Floor,

Department of Electronics Engineering,


Varanasi - 221005,  U.P.  


Working Hours:

9.30 AM to 6.00 PM 



Please drop me an email if you wish to interact regarding any matters pertaining to research, academics or related general enquiries.