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Prof. Shyam Bihari Dwivedi
Department of Civil Engineering, IIT (BHU)
542 -2307016(33)
Area of Interest: 
Engineering Geosciences.

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 Full Papers in Conference Proceedings and Edited Volume
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Paper published in Seminar/Symposium

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Edited Volume
Editor.  International Jouurnal of advances in Earth Science
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Computer program developed
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78.Dwivedi,S.B. and Lal,R.K. (1998): GEOTHERMOCALC: Geothermobarometry for    high grade Mg-Al rich rocks in the MAS system


1.River-Aquifer Exchanges & Hydrogeological Study for Watershed Management of Betwa River Basin, NRDMS,DST (30lakhs) started 2019

2. “P-T path and geodynamic evolution of amphibolite to granulite facies rocks of the Meghalaya Plateau,Meghalaya” DST,Govt of India Rs 30 Lakh Completed

3. Crop –signature studies by Microwave Remote Sensing with soft computing Techniques” Sprouting grants for faculty, IIT (BHU) Rs.25 lakh        Completed  

4. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of metamorphites hosted base metal / transition metal ( Pb, Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Ag and Co) mineralization and its impact on groundwater and its chemistry in the area around Wikro, Negash and Hawzen, Tigrai province, Northern Ethiopia. As Co-Pi  (World Bank) Completed

5. Hydrochemistry of the Volcanic rocks aquifers in Maichew area,Tigray region,Northern Ethiopia. As Co-Pi   (World Bank)    Completed

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Member School Board, Institute of  Earth Sciences, Bundelkhand University (2017-2020)
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