Specialization: Solar and Space Physics

  • Frontier activities in Multi-wavelength observations and modeling of the transient events like spicules, various jets; eruptive phenomena like solar flares and associated plasma processes; and Magneto-HydroDynamics waves and Seismology in the Sun’s atmosphere, physical properties, structure and dynamics of InterStellar Medium and star formation therein, radio interferometric techniques and its application to EoR studies, using gravitational lensing to study ISM of first galaxies.
  • Study of large-scale active region dynamics to understand the role of instabilities and flux-rope evolution in flare and CME eruptions, observations of various kinds of MHD waves in a variety of small/large-scale magnetic structures to diagnose local plasma conditions and study the MHD mode coupling in the solar atmosphere have been performed.
  • Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) and its application in Sun and other stars; Origin of the magnetic field in Sun and other astrophysics objects and Dynamo theory; Astrophysical Fluids, Turbulence, and Convection; Sunspot and Solar Cycle, Chaotic behaviours of Astrophysical Objects.
  • Novel techniques of estimating statistics of sky brightness from radio interferometric data, first observation of large-scale turbulence in galaxies.
  • Active participation in observation and instrumentation techniques for telescopes: Aditya/SUIT, VELC, GMRT, VLA, SKA.