Dr. Dinesh Kumar

Assistant Professor
Department/School/Unit Name
Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering IIT (BHU)
Phone No(s): 8816089092
Email: dinesh.phe@iitbhu.ac.in
Area of Interest: Crystal engineering of APIs, Solid state pharmaceutical research, Understanding of pharmaceutical APIs, formulations and their processing

Google scholar       https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ft5f02MAAAAJ&hl=en&authuser=2 
Linkedin                  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dinesh-kumar-a2855319/

Work experience
Jan 2021 to present        Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutics, Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering & Technology, IIT BHU
May 2017 to Dec 2020    API specialist & material scientist, Bristol Myer Squibb (BMS) and SK Biotek, Dublin, Ireland
May 2015 to May 2017    Postdoctoral researcher, School of Pharmacy, Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Ireland

Aug 2011- May 2015        Ph.D., Pharmaceutics, NIPER Hyderabad, India​
July 2009- June 2011      M. S. Pharm. (Pharmaceutics), NIPER Mohali, India​
July 2005- June 2009       B. Pharm., Maharishi Dayanand University (MDU), Rohtak​, Haryana, India 

Broad Areas of Specialization:

  • Crystal engineering of APIs (crystal habit modifications, polymorphism, hydrates, solvates, and amorphous state)
  • Solid-state characterization (molecular, particle, and bulk level properties) to improve the performance of APIs
  • Understanding of pharmaceutical APIs, formulations, and their processing
  • Microneedles based drug delivery

Application of molecular modeling tools in the prediction of crystal habits, polymorphs, hydrates, solvates, and amorphous structures         

PH502  Drug Regulatory Affairs
PH511 Advanced Biopharmaceutics
PH512 Novel drug delivery systems
PH 513 Pharmacokinetics
PH411 Biopharmaceutics
PH413 Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery Systems                                                                                                                                                           
PH312  Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
BO301 Microbiology and biotechnology
BL101 Biology                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PH311 Pharmaceutical Technology

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  2. Novel Polyelectrolyte coated multilayered Liposomal compositions (Layerosomes) for oral delivery of anti-cancer drugs, Indian patent no. 307621.

Book chapters
1. Swami, R., Kumar, D., Khan, W., Shastri, N. Polymer drug conjugate in focal drug delivery, In Book series “Advances in Delivery Science and Technology- Focal Controlled Drug Delivery”, (2013), CRS- Springer Publications, ISBN 9781461494348.
2. Kumar, D., Thipparaboina, R., Shastri, N. Nanotechnology in Food Production and Packaging, in book “Application of nanotechnology in animal health and production”, (2014), Astral International Pvt. Ltd., ISBN 9789351302872.
3. Kumar, D., Thipparaboina, R., Shastri, N., 2015. “Nanocapsules as drug delivery agent”, in book “Nano-Carrier Systems Theories, methods and applications”, (2018), PharmaMed Press, ISBN 9789383635603
4. Kumar, D., Thipparaboina, R., Shastri, N., 2015. “Nanosuspensions in drug delivery”, in book “Nano-Carrier Systems Theories, methods and applications”, (2018), PharmaMed Press, ISBN 9789383635603

Magazine article

  1. Kumar, D., Thipparaboina, R., Shastri, N. Application & opportunities for Nanotech in food packaging. Nanodigest Magazine, Vol. 4, Issue 8, May 10, 2013.

1. Kumar, D., Worku, Z., Healy, AM. Oral presentation in 7th Annual ICPE (International conference on pharmaceutical engineering) (2016) at Technical University of Graz, Austria with title “Comparison of Wet Milling and Dry Milling Technologies for Pharmaceutical Crystals”.
2. Kumar, D., Thipparaboina, R., Shastri, N. Poster presented in 45th Annual BACG conference (2014) at University of Leeds, UK with title “Molecular Simulation Study of Impact of HPMC Concentration on Crystal Habit Modification of Nifedipine”.
3. Kumar, D., Thipparaboina, R., Shastri, N. Research work presented In 2nd Virtual Conference on Computational Chemistry (VCCC) organized by University of Mauritius with title “Structural Insight into Impact of Polymorphism on Vacuum Morphologies and Solubility Prediction of Felodipine Form IV”.
1. Kumar, D., Jain, S., Swarnakar, N. K., Oral presentation of project work delivered at 4th winter school on Nanotechnology in Advanced drug delivery (2011), organized by Department of Pharmaceutics, NIPER, Mohali with title “Polyelectrolyte Coated Multilayered Liposomes: For Improving Oral Bioavailability of Paclitaxel”.
2. Kumar, D., Thipparaboina, R., Shastri, N. Poster presented in Recent Advances in Computer Added Drug Designing (RACADD)”, at IISC, Bangalore (2013) organized by Schrodinger with title “Designed Isomorphism: A Combined Experimental and Molecular Simulation Study”.
3. Kumar, D., Thipparaboina, R., Shastri, N. Poster presented in RSC Road Show at Central University, Hyderabad (2014) with title “Impact of Tween 80 concentration on crystal habit modification of Nifedipine”.
4. Thipparaboina, R., Kumar, D., Shastri, N. Poster presented in RSC Road Show at Central University, Hyderabad (2014) with title “Exploration of crystal engineering strategies for the development of novel solid forms with improved pharmaceutical attributes”.
5. Attended Indian Pharma Summit organized by FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) on 20th march 2014 at World Trade Centre, Mumbai.
6. Participated in Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) Symposium-2010 at NIPER, Mohali.
7. Attended workshop on “X-ray diffraction in pharmaceuticals” organized by PAnalytical & Sipra Labs at Hyderabad.
8. Participated in workshop on Common Technical Documents (CTD), Pharmaceuticals at NIPER, Mohali
9. Cleared the basic course on Intellectual Property Rights conducted by WIPO, Geneva
10. Actively participated in the debate organized by Promed Research Centre 

  • SUPEX award at SK Biotek, Ireland for increasing efficiency and bold breakthrough in R&D
  • Awarded with 3rd best poster prize at 45th Annual British Association of Crystal Growth (BACG) conference at University of Leeds, UK. This conference was organized to celebrate the year 2014 as International year of Crystallography declared by United Nations.
  • Awarded with best e-presentation at 2nd Virtual Conference on Computational Chemistry (VCCC) organized by University of Mauritius. This conference was also organized to celebrate the year 2014 as International year of Crystallography declared by United Nations.
  • Awarded with the best poster at Drug Discovery & Development Global-Indian Perspective 2015 organized by Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizers, Government of India.
  • Awarded with International Travel grant from Department of Science & Technology, Indian Government to attend 45th BACG conference at University of Leeds, UK, 2014
  • NIPER fellowship for Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics (2011-15)
  • NIPER fellowship for M. S. Pharm in Pharmaceutics (2009-11)
  • GATE scholarship by IIT Roorkee (2009)
  • Winner of 81 mg Pharma quiz competition at NIPER, Mohali, 2009
  • Winner of state/province level Pharmacy quiz competition organized at MDU, Rohtak,2009
  • NIPER Entrance for “Ph.D.” 2011: Qualified (All India rank- 7th, Pharmaceutics Stream)
  • NIPER Entrance for “M.S. 2009 (Pharm)”: Qualified (All India rank- 7th)
  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE-2009) by IIT Roorkee: Qualified with 99.2 percentile
  • Maharishi Dayanand University (MDU) B Pharmacy CET 2005 (State rank 5th)


From 13/01/2021 to 10/04/2024



Title of Project

Sponsoring Organization

Amount of Grant

PI or Co-PI

Date of Award

Date of Receipt of fund

Date of completion/


Nature of Project (Consultancy  /Sponsored Research Project)


Crystal Engineering of Dapagliflozin to improve its pharmaceutical properties


31.40 Lacs


08 Dec 2021

20 Dec 2021

19 Dec 2023 (completed)

Sponsored Research Project


Exploring the utility of co-processing techniques to produce DPI formulations

DDL, Austria

4.93 Lacs


28 Sep 2023

03 Oct 2023


Sponsored Research Project


Crystal Engineering of Aprepitant to improve its pharmaceutical processability

IIT(BHU) seed fund

9.20 Lacs


20 July 2021

19 July 2022


Seed fund


Folic acid-functionalized drug cocktail loaded lipid Nano-constructs for ameliorating the triple-negative breast cancer therapy


21.87 Lacs


14 Aug 2023

12 Feb 2024


Sponsored Research Project

Maan Singh (Ph.D. student)

Madhu Kiran (Ph.D. student)

Aditi Tripathi (M. Pharm)

Karnika Tiwari (M. Pharm) 

Mayuri S. (M. Pharm)

Durgesh (IDD)

Biswas Anuj (IDD)  (co-PI)

Interested candidates with secured fellowships are encouraged to contact PI and apply for positions.