Dr. Ashish Kumar Mishra

Associate Professor
Department/School/Unit Name
School of Materials Science and Technology,IIT BHU
Phone No(s): -, +91-5427165516
Email: akmishra.mst@iitbhu.ac.in
Area of Interest: Carbon and other 2D nanomaerials (TMDCs, MXene), Electron microscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Optoelectronic devices, Energy devices, Design of sensors, gas capture units and water filters.

Dr. Ashish Kumar Mishra is an Associate Professor in School of Materials Science and Technology, IIT(BHU), Varanasi (January 2024 - Present). He did his M. Sc. (Physics) from V.B.S. Purvanchal University, India (June 2005) and Ph.D. (with Best Thesis Award) from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India (July 2011). He has worked as an Assistant Professor in School of Materials Science and Technology, IIT(BHU), Varanasi, India (October 2016 - January 2024),  INSPIRE Faculty at IISER Bhopal, India (February 2015 - September 2016),   Post Doctoral Fellow at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Troy (NY), USA (January 2012 - December 2014), and Visiting Faculty at Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) Bhopal, India (July 2011 - January 2012).  He has published more than 54 papers in peer reviewed high impact international journals, 8 books chapters and has filed 10 national/international patents, out of which 4 are granted. He has edited two books.  He has been awarded membership of Indian National Young Academy of Science (INYAS-2022), Early Career Research Award (2017) and INSPIRE Faculty Award (2014).

Homepage: https://sites.google.com/view/akmishrasmstiitbhu

Group Leader: Dr. Ashish Kumar Mishra

Ph.D. Students


 Ms. Ankita Singh (M.Sc. Physics, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi - GATE Qualified )

 Enrolment Year: July 2018 (Institute Fellow)
 Roll No.18111002

 Mr. Prince Kumar Maurya (Integrated BS-MS, Physics, Indian Institute of Science Education and ResearchBhopal)                   

 Enrolment Year:  July 2018 (INSPIRE Fellow)
 Roll No. 18111014

 Mr. Jay Deep Gupta (M.Sc. Physics, Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati -GATE and NET Qualified)

 Enrolment Year: December 2020 (UGC- JRF)
 Roll No.20111506

 Mr. Rohit Kumar Gupta​ (M.Sc. Physics, Udai Pratap Autonomous College, Varanasi -GATE Qualified)

 Enrolment Year: July 2021 (Project JRF)
 Roll No.21111010

 Ms. Priyanka​ (M.Sc. Physics, Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak Haryana -GATE and NET Qualified)

 Enrolment Year: July 2021 (UGC-JRF)
 Roll No.21111007

 Ms. Antima Pandey (M.Sc. Physics, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth University -NET Qualified )

 Enrolment Year: July 2021 (UGC-JRF)
 Roll No.21111003


Mr. Ankit Raj ( M.Sc. physics, M.A.H Garhwal University Uttrakhand- Gate qualified)

Enrolment year: December 2022(Institute Fellow)

Roll No. 22111501

PG Students

1 - Mr. Abhay Kumar Singh (IDD 5th Year)
     Roll No- 19114001

2- Ms. Sanghamitra Das (M.Tech 2nd Year )
     Roll No- 22112013

3- Mr. Swatendra Kumar Gupta (M.Tech 2nd Year)
     Roll No- 22112018

Ph.D. students

 Dr. Shanu Mishra (Currently Research Scientist at Nordische Technologies, Bangalore, India)

Thesis title: "Reduced Graphite Oxide and MoS2 Based Electrodes for Hydrogen Generation and Supercapacitor Applications"

Passing Year: 2022

 Dr. Bishnu Pada Majee (Currently Post Doctoral Research Associate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, USA)

 Thesis title: "CVD grown thermal conducting 2D- MoS2 nanostructures for photodetector and SERS applications"

 Passing Year: 2021

Master (M.Tech./IDD) Thesis


1- Ms. Sakshi Vijay (IDD-2023)

2- Mr. Pankaj Yadav (IDD-2023)

3- Mr. Kundan Kumar Mishra (M.Tech-2023)

4- Mr. Vikash Yadvendu (M.Tech-2023)

5- Mr. Shubham Kumar (IDD-2022)

6- Mr. Soumya Ranjan Pradhan (IDD-2022)

7 -  Ms. Shiksha Tiwari (M.Tech-2022)

8 -  Mr. Amit Verma (IDD-2021)

9 -  Mr. Himanshu Soni (M.Tech-2021)

10 -  Mr. Yogesh Gutta (IDD-2020) 

11 -  Mr. Somesh Sunil Jaiswal (IDD-2020) 

12 -  Ms. Sweta Kumari (M.Tech-2020)

13 -  Mr. Vishal Chowdhary (IDD-2019)

14 -  Mr. Nilesh Kumar (M.Tech-2019)

15 -  Mr. Mahendra Pratap Pingoliya (IDD-2018)

  • Interested candidates (holding JRF/INSPIRE award) can contact for Ph.D. positions. 

Design of Nanostructures

  • Design of pristine and metals encapsulated carbon nanostructures (nanotubes, nanocoils, graphene) using CVD, hydrothermal & exfoliation methods.
  • Design of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) nanostructures using CVD, hydrothermal & exfoliation methods.
  • Design of MXenes using CVD and hydrothermal methods.
  • Design of different heterostructures of above nanomaterials.

Properties of Designed Nanostructures

  • Structural analysis using XRD, SEM & TEM.
  • Charge storage and transport properties using Electrochemical measurement systems.
  • Phonon confinement and thermal transport properties using Raman spectroscopy.
  • Optical properties using UV-visible absorption & Photo-luminescence spectroscopy.

Device Fabrications

  • Design & development of nanomaterials based supercapacitors, batteries and hydrogen production.
  • Design & development of nanomaterials based optoelectronic devices (Photodetectors, SERS).
  • Design & development of nanomaterials based water filters and gas sensors.
  • Design & development of high pressure Sieverts apparatus for CO2 capture and hydrogen storage​

1 STR 300 Spectrometer for confocal Raman mapping and Photoluminescence Study with 532 nm and 633 nm source.
2 Polarizer/Analayzer set up for Angle Resolved Raman Study
3 Low/High Temperature Linkam Thermal Stage with Electrical Contacts
4 a. Corrtest Electrochemical Workstation with integrated Impedance Analyzer
b. Autolab Electrochemical Workstation

8 Channel Battery Tester


Designed Battery Cell


Hydrogen Producing Cell

8. Two Zone and Single Zone Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) units for synthesis of CNT, Graphene, MoS2, WS2 etc.
9. Probe Sonicator and Bath Sonicator
10. Fumehood Facility and Hydrothermal Reactor Cell
11. Indigenous Designed Photoreactor Unit and Hydrogen Producing Electrochemical Cell
12. Mettler Weighing System, Spin Coater unit
 and Centrifuge unit
13. Vacuum Oven and hot air oven (~ 150 degree centigrade)
14. Multiple Digital Hot Plates with stirring (~ up to 500 degree centigrade)  
15. Digital pH meter, Submicron Filtration Unit and Liquid Nitrogen Container
16. Two Rotary Vacuum Pumps
17. Mass flow controllers


Major characterization tools like HRTEM, FESEM, AFM, XRD, FTIR Spectroscopy, UV-Visible Absorption Spectroscopy, DLS, TGA, DSC etc. are available in department and Institute's central facility.


  1. Investigation of two dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides nanostructures as effective SERS substrates (December 2020-December 2023 under Core Research Grant Scheme) Funding Agency- SERB, India, Funding Amount ~ Rs. 44 Lakh.
  2. Design and investigation of thermal conducting two dimensional heterostructures (July 2017-July 2020 under Early Career Research Award) Funding Agency- SERB, India, Funding Amount ~ Rs. 55 Lakh.
  3. Carbon based nanocomposites and their applications(February 2015- August 2020) Funding Agency- DST, India, Funding Amount ~ Rs. 35 Lakh.
  4. Eco friendly large scale synthesis of layered nanomaterials and study of their properties (January 2017- Seed Money Grant) Funding Agency- IIT (BHU), Varanasi, India, Funding Amount- Rs. 10 Lakh.


  1. A.K. Mishra and P.K. Maurya, An electrolyzer for electrochemical water splitting, Indian Patent Application 202411005013, Date- 24-01-2024.

  2. A.K. Mishra and A. Singh, A biosensor for detection of a biochemical analyte and a method thereof, Indian Patent Application 202311076099, Date- 07-11-2023.

  3. A.K. Mishra and R.K. Gupta, A non invasive analytical device for detection of a biomolecule, Indian Patent Application  202311003683, Date- 18-01-2023.

  4. A.K. Mishra and P.K. Maurya, A molybdenum diselenide nanostructured cathode based rechargeable zinc air battery, Indian Patent Application 202211020589, Date- 05-04-2022.

  5. A.K. Mishra, S. Mishra and S.S. Jaiswal, Electrochemical device for hydrogen production, Indian Patent Application 202011018312, Date- 29-04-2020.

  6. A.K. Mishra, S. Mishra and S.S. Jaiswal, A method of preparing multiwalled carbon nanotubes, Indian Patent Application 202011017647, Date- 24-04-2020.

  7. A.K. Mishra and S. Ramaprabhu, Polyaniline-graphite nanoplatelets material, US Patent 8623784 B2, Published Date: 07-01-2014. GRANTED

  8. A.K. Mishra and S. Ramaprabhu, Electrode and/or capacitor formation, US Patent 9224537 B2, Published Date: 29-12-2015. GRANTED

  9. A.K. Mishra and S. Ramaprabhu, Methods and systems for removal of ions from fluids, US Patent Application 20120186980 A1, Published Date: 26-07-2012.

  10. A.K. Mishra and S. Ramaprabhu, Iron oxide-graphene nanocomposite for the manufacture of electrodes therefrom for water purification, Indian Patent No. 294218, Published Date: 14-03-2014. GRANTED

Edited Books: 

  1. A. K. Mishra, Carbon and TMDs Nanomaterials for Energy Applications, Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, ISBN: 978-981-12-8339-0, Pages: 312, 2024, https://doi.org/10.1142/13596 .

  2. D. K. Singh, A. K. Mishra and A. Materny, Raman Spectroscopy: Advances and Applications, Publisher: Springer Nature, ISBN: 978-981-97-1702-6, Pages: 375, 2024, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-97-1703-3.

Book chapters:

  1. J. D. Gupta, P. Jangra, and A. K. Mishra*, Chapter 4: Optothermal Raman Spectroscopy for Thermal Transport Study, Book: Raman Spectroscopy: Advances and Applications, Publisher: Springer Nature, ISBN: 978-981-97-1702-6, Pages: 75-99, 2024.
  2. B. P. Majee, A. Singh and A. K. Mishra*, Chapter 1: An Overview of Carbon and Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Nanostructures, Book: Carbon and TMDs Nanomaterials for Energy Applications, Publisher: World Scientific, ISBN: 978-981-12-8339-0, Pages: 1-28, 2024.
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  6. P. K. Maurya and A. K. Mishra*, Chapter 8: Carbon-Based and TMDs -Based nanostructured Anode Materials for Improved Lithium - Ion and Sodium-Ion Battery Performances, Book: Carbon and TMDs Nanomaterials for Energy Applications Publisher: World Scientific, ISBN: 978-981-12-8339-0, Pages: 227-258, 2024.
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Papers Published


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  • May 2024- Congratulations to Mr. Prince and Mr. Kundan for for their recent article in International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Elsevier).

  • April 2024- Congratulations to Mr. Prince for granted Indian patent on Zn air battery.

  • March 2024- Congratulations to Dr. Shanu for granted Indian patent on hydrogen generation.

  • March 2024- Congratulations to Dr. Bishnu and Ms. Priyanka for their recent article in Materials Letters X (Elsevier).

  • January 2024- Congratulations to Mr. Prince for his recent article in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (ACS).

  • January 2024- Congratulations to Mrs. Ankita for her recent article in Applied Physics Letters (AIP).

  • December 2023- Congratulations to Mr. Prince for his recent article in ACS Applied Energy Materials (ACS).

  • December 2023- Congratulations to Ms. Shanu and Mr. Rohit for their recent article in Materials Science and Engineering B (Elsevier).


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