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Dr. Om Prakash Sinha
Department of Metallurgical Engineering Indian Institute of Technolog
Area of Interest: 
DRI Technologies, Plasma Melting, Nitrogen Stainless Steels, Solid waste Utilization

Dr. Om Prakash Sinha is graduated ( Met. Engg.) in 1983; post graduated ( Ext. Met.) in 1985 from RIT (Now NIT) Jamshedpur and obtained doctoral degree ( Met. Engg.) in 1992 from Department of Metallurgical Engineering, IT (Now IIT-BHU) BHU, Varanasi. He had worked as Research associate in the same Department for two years. After wards, He joined Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd. (MIDHANI) in 1994 as an engineer in the Division of Research and Development and rose up to Manager Level. Dr. Sinha specialises in Ferrous Process Metallurgy   by virtue of his Doctorate Thesis on ‘Nitrogen bearing stainless Steel‘ and Industrial experience(~14 years) at MIDHANI-Hyderabad which is known for Production of  various Alloy Steels for Defence Applications.
Dr. Om Prakash Sinha, joined Metallurgical Engineering Department (IIT-BHU) as Associate Professor wef.  4th July 2007 and promoted to Professorship in February 2018. His work of experiences is as follows:
1. Teaching: He has been teaching Ferrous Extractive Metallurgy subjects to UG & PG students through lectures, conducting practical classes and supervising their project work and dissertations.
2. Research Supervision: He has supervised  Ph.D. students as follows:,
1. Mohd Talha,  Nickel free nitrogen bearing stainless steels for biomedical application , received his degree in 2015
2. Arup Kumar Mandal , Utilization of  Steel plant solid wastes, received his degree in 2017
3. Raj Kumar Dishwar, Utilization of fluxed DRI in impurities removal from Pig iron melt, received his degree in 2020.
4. Manish KK Singh, Oxidation & hot corrosion behaviour of 904L super austenitic stainless steel, received his degree in 2020.
another two PhD are in progress on different topics. In addition he has supervised several M. Tech./IDD students for their Dissertation, broadly in ferrous metallurgy subjects, of which 31 are awarded and 3 are in progress.
3. Research Publications: He has published 8 papers in the area of Nitrogen bearing stainless steels for Biomedical Use in very good journals like Royal Society of Chemistry, Advance(IF 3.84), Materials Science and Engineering C(IF 3.09), Bulletin of Materials Science(IF 0.87),Journal of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research, CODEN, USA (IF 0.68). His one review paper on Technological Changes in Blast Furnace in Iron Making in International Journal of Science and Research ( IF 4.44) is creditable.  His work on the 'Utilization of Steel Plant Solid Wastes' and 'Highly fluxed weather-resistant DRI pellets', having commercial importance is significant. On this work, several papers have been published in Metallurgical & Materials Transaction B (IF 1.46) and others of high impact values..
     In altogether 40 international publications in good journals ( SCI, Scopus), 9 more papers in national journals and 17 papers in conference proceedings, adding a total of 66 publications in his credits. He has presented about 32 technical papers in English and 4 technical papers in Hindi in different Seminar, conferences, symposium etc. but not published.
4. Research Projects: He completed two projects, one as PI(2008) and another as Co-PI (2014-15).  His another two projects as Co-PI (2015) and (2017) are in progress. He has also a team member (as PI) of a major Project (~30 crores Rs.) from Ministry of Steel, in the Department for setting up Advance Research centre for Iron & Steel.
5.  Consultancy Project: He is working on Short listing of vendors (within India) Under Make in India for import
      substitution for HEMM spares supply, Work order No. Ex./SGR/EOI/WO 1453A / 2017/47/1912, dated 14.03.2017
      amounting, (Rs.20.4 lakhs) for Northern Coal Ltd. (NCL), Singrauli.

( I )  International Journals 

Year Name of the
                      Title Vol,
1. 1992 Metallurgical
Trans. A
Plasma Melted Nitrogen Bearing Cast stainless steel -Microstructure and Tensile Properties 23. Dec.
O P  Sinha,
AK Singh,     C.
RC Gupta
2. 1993
Fe-Cr Melt Nitrogenation When Exposed
to Nitrogen Plasma
O P  Sinha &
RC Gupta
Acoustic Emission During Plasma Arc Melting. 33,(8),
O P  Sinha  &
RC Gupta
4. 1994 ISIJ
Nitrogen Absorption Rate Under Plasma Arc Compared to Resistance & Induction Melting. 34,(3),
OP Sinha   &
RC Gupta
5. 2002 Trans. IIM, Special
 Issue on High
 Nitrogen Steel, Part-A
Indigenous development of high nitrogen containing stainless Steels for critical application.(HNS-2001) 55, (4),
O P  Sinha
6. 2005 Bulletin of
Material Science.
Effect of residual Elements on High performance Nickel Based Super Alloys for Gas Turbine & Strategies for Manufacture. 28,(4),
O P  Sinha
M. Chatterjee
VVRS Sarma,
S N  Jha
Journal of Chemical &  Pharmaceutical    Res, CODEN(USA) Potentiodynamic polarization study of type316L and 316LVM  stainless steels for surgical implants in simulated body fluid 04 , (1)
C.K.Behra  &
O.P. Sinha
Science and Engineering C
A review on Nickel Free Nitrogen
Containing Austenitic Stainless Steels for Biomedical Application
P. 3563
C.K.Behra   &
O.P. Sinha
International Journal of Sc. and Engineering Pelletisation  Behavior of Fluxed Iron Ore Pellets of varying Basicity made with
waste fines.
05, (2),
P. 9
Alok Sarkar,
Arup Mandal
& O.P. Sinha
Journal of
Sc.& Res.(IJSR)
Technological Changes in Blast Furnace Iron Making in India since Last Few Decades. 02, (12),
A K Mandal  &
O.P. Sinha
11. 2014
Science and Engineering C
Effect of Cold working on Biocompatibility of Ni-free high nitrogen austenitic stainless steels using Dalton’s Lymphoma cell line 35,
Sanjay Kumar, C.K.Behra, 
O.P. Sinha
Royal Society of chemistry, Advance. Long term & Electrochemical Corrosion Investigation of cold worked AISI- 316L and 316LVM in Simulated Body Fluid 04, (26)
C.K.Behra, et al., O.P. Sinha
Material Science and Engineering C In-vitro long term and electrochemical corrosion resistance of cold deformed N2 containing Stainless Steels in SB fluid. 40,
C.K. Behra, &
O.P. Sinha
Bulletin of Materials Science Promising in-Vitro performances of Ni- free nitrogen containing stainless steels for Orthopaedics applications. 13, (6)
P. 01.
Mohd. Talha, C.K.Behra  &
O.P. Sinha
Jl. of Institution  of Engineers, (India),Series-A; (BySpringer) Review on Current Research Status on Bottom ash: An Indian Prospective. 95,(4),
P. 277
A K Mandal  &
O.P. Sinha
Materials Science and Engineering C
Effect of nitrogen and cold working on structural and mechanical behavior of Ni-free nitrogen containing austenitic stainless steels for biomedical applications 47,
Mohd. Talha, C.K.Behra   &
O.P. Sinha
Jl.of Progressive Res. in Chemistry(JPRC) Characterization of fluxed Iron Ore Pellets as compared to feed Material for Blast furnace 02,(01),
AK Mandal  &
OP Sinha
Jl. of Institution of Engineers, (India); Series-D, (By Springer) Utilization of Lime fines as an Effective Binder as well as Fluxing agent for Making Fluxed Iron ore Pellets. 97(1),
A K Mandal,    Alok Sarkar  &
O.P. Sinha,
19. Metl. & Matls. Trans. B Recovery of Metallic component from Bottom ash by Smelting reduction Under Plasma Environment 47B , Pp19-22 A K Mandal  &
O.P. Sinha
20. In Book of “Advances in Molten Slags, Fluxes and Salts’’. Smelting Reduction of bottom ash in Presence of Liquid Steel Bath for recovery of Aluminium Chapter-93, Pp.873-877 A K Mandal  &
O.P. Sinha
21. Intn. Jl. Of Sc.& Research Long Term Corrosion Investigation of Cold Rolled High Nitrogen Steels in Simulated Body Fluid 05(8),  Pp 1034-1039 Mohd. Talha,  &
O.P. Sinha
22. 2017
Mineral Processing & Ext. Metallurgy Effective Utilisation of waste fines in preparation of high-basicity double-layer DRI pellets for minimization of sticking 126(3) Pp.182-190 A K Mandal  &
O.P. Sinha
23. Jl. of Materials in Civil  Engg. Preparation and Characterization of Fired Bricks Made From Bottom Ash and Iron slime ( page-04016245-1 to 8) 29(4);
Pp 01-08
A K Mandal  &
O.P. Sinha
24. Jl. of Solid Waste Tech. & Management Effect of Bottom ash fineness on properties of red mud geopolymer 43(1),Pp26-35 A K Mandal  &
O.P. Sinha
25. Waste Management &  Research Production of Thermal Insulation Blocks from Bottom
 Ash of Fluidized  Bed Combustion System
Vol. 35 (8) , Pp. 810-819 A K Mandal  &
O.P. Sinha
26. Jl. Sustainable Metallurgy Smelting of Industrial Solid waste  for Recovery of Aluminium :  Effect  of charge material 3(4), pp
A K Mandal  &
O.P. Sinha
27. Jl. of Cleaner Production Utilization of Aluminum Plant’s  Waste for Production
of Insulation Bricks.
Vol.162, Pp. 949-957 A K Mandal,  HR Verma , OP  Sinha
28. 2018 Jl. of Solid Waste
Technology & Management
Comparison in the Physicochemical and Micro
structural characterization of waste Coal Combustion Residues generated  from FBC and FBC boiler
using the same origin of coal
Pp 62-68
A K Mandal  &
O.P. Sinha
29. 2018 JOM, ISSN: 1047-4838
Effect of reduced flux iron ore pellets on removal of impurities from pig iron during induction melting: a new phenomenon V.70(6), Pp.977-981 Raj K Dishwar Shavi Agrawal,
A K Mandal ,
O P Sinha
2018 Plasma Science & Technology
Behavior of an indigenously fabricated transferred arc plasma furnace for smelting studies V.20,
A K Mandal 
Raj K Dishwar
OP  Sinha
31. 2018 JOM New Generation aluminium composite from industrial waste bottom ash. V.70(6) Pp.811-816 A K Mandal &
OP Sinha
32. 2018 IEEE Trans. Of Plasma Sc.& Tech. Design, fabrication and characterization of a an indigenously fabricated prototype transferred arc plasma furnace for smelting reduction study of industrial solid waste V.46(5),
A. K. Mandal, Raj Kr Dishwar,
O.P. Sinha
33. 2018 Waste
and Research
Fluidized bed combustion bottom ash: a
better and alternative geo-material resource
for construction
A. K.Mandal,
O.P. Sinha
34. 2019 Metallurgical&Material
Transaction B
Studies on highly fluxed iron ore pellets hardened at 1100-1200◦C.
   50(2)   Pp617- 621
Raj K Dishwar,
AK Mandal  andOP Sinha
35. 2019 Corrosion Review
Corrosion performance of cold deformed austenitic stainless steels for biomedical applications
Pp: 283-306   
Mohd Talha, Yucong Ma, Yuanhua Lin*, Yong Pan, Xiangwei Kong, O.P. Sinha and C.K. Behera
36. 2019 Materials Research Express
Effect of Synthetic biomass ash on high temperature Corrosion behavior of Super Austenitic Stainless Steel 904L; 6,(0965d3)
pp1-16 (SCI)
Manish K K Singh,
Girija Shankar Mahobia, 
Om Prakash Sinha,  Vakilsingh
37.. 2020 Trans Indian Inst Metals, Springer.
Smelting Process of Chromite Ore Fines to Produce Crude Fe–Cr–Ni–N Alloy.
Vol 73(3),
pp 537-542
Raj Kumar Dishwar
Shavi Agrawal,
A K  Mandal,
O. P. Sinha
38. 2020 Jl. of Mining & Metallurgy, Section B: Metallurgy
Feasibility of Ni extraction from Indian Chromite Overburden by solid state reduction and smelting route
V.56 (2) B, pp229-235.
Ganesh Pilla, RK Dishwar, Shavi Agrawal, AK Mandal, N Sahu, OP Sinha
39. 2020 Trans Indian Inst Metals, Springer.
Cyclic oxidation behavior of the super austenitic stainless steel 904L in air at 500-650 °C" (DOI: 10.1007/s12666-020-01949-1)
4(73) pp1101-1108 (SCI)
Manish K K Singh, Sravan Kumar,   Om Prakash Sinha,  Vakilsingh, G S Mahobia, 
40. 2020 Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces
Corrosion performance of various deformed surfaces of implant steel for coronary stent applications : Effect of protein concentration
Online 13 Oct 2020, 111407
Mohd Talha, Yucong Ma, Yuanhua Lin, A.K. Mandal, O.P. Sinha,   Xiangwei Kong

 ( I I )  National Journals 

Year Name of
the Journal
                      Title Vol, (No),
41 1989 Tool & Alloy Steels. Properties of Stainless Containing Nitrogen as Substitute to Nickel. 23,(9),
RC Gupta  &
OP Sinha
42 1990
Tool & Alloy Steels. Control of  Nitrogen Melting
Stainless Steel Various Units.          
OP Sinha  &
RC Gupta
43 Tool & Alloy Steels. Steel  Melting  in  Plasma Arc
OP Sinha   &
RC Gupta
44 1991 Trans.IIM. Dissolution of Nitrogen in Steel
During Melting Plasma Arc
OP Sinha  &
RC Gupta
45 2005 Trans.IIM Retaining Rings – An Indigenous Development. 8,(5),
K Basu, HKS.
OP Sinha, et al
46 2011 The Banaras Metallurgist,
Dept. Met.Engg., IIT (BHU), Varanasi.
Synthesis & Characterization of  Al- Cu–Pb alloys 16,
B.Abhijit, H Biyala,
JK Singh,OP Sinha
47 2012 SGAT Bulletin
Conversion of solid waste fines of comminution  process    into feeding material of the blast furnace grade iron ore pellets 13, (02),
P. 95.
AK Mandal
Alok Sarkar
OP Sinha
48 2014 Journal of Sustainable Planet
Challenges to the growth of Indian Steel Industries in view of land, water and human resource limitations in addition to energy and environment. 04, (04),
RC Gupta &
OP Sinha
49 2015 Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science


Reduction behavior of iron ore pellets with addition of plastics along with conventional reducing agents 57(3),
Ankit,  S.  sethi,  G.S.Mahobia,O. P. Sinha

Conference Proceedings 

Year Name and Place of
Conference / Page No.
                 Title Authors
1. 1990 International Conference on “Management of Pollution
 in Foundries, April 8-10,(1990),Agra, Pp. 205-222.
Plasma Furnaces   an Alternative Method of
Melting to Control Pollution in Foundries.
RC Gupta
OP Sinha
2. 2000 International Conference On “Environmental Managnt in Metallurgical Industries”, At BHU,14-16th.December,
Varanasi,( India) Pp.353-359;
Laboratory Plasma Arc Melting System –
Fabrication and Characterization a Less Noise  Generating System,             
OP Sinha
S Mohan
RC Gupta
3. 2009
International Conference on Advances in Theory of Iron making and Steelmaking, I.I.Sc., Bangalore (Edited by G.S. Gupta  &      M.R. Lolichand,  Published by Allied Publisher ;Pp.296-303 Nitrogen Addition in Steel Melt Under Nitrogen Plasma
OP Sinha
RC Gupta
4. 2011 International Conference on Corrosion & Expo-2011, CORCON-2011,  Mumbai (India).Pp.01-09 Electrochemical study of corrosion behavior of biomedical alloy 316L VM  stainless steels for surgical implants in Ringer’s solution Mohd.Talha
OP Sinha
5. 2014 International Conference on ICMMPPA-2014, , Jan.8-10,2014, at OPJIT, Raigarh (CG); Pp-1-10;  Characterization of Composite Coated Iron Ore Fluxed Pellets’ SK Singh,
AK Mandal,
GS Mahobia,
OP Sinha
6. 2014 International Conference on Multifunctional Materials, structure & application (ICMMSA-2014); Allahabad, India.(TSBN:978-93-392-2019-8);Pp.16-20. Synthesis and characterization of Low cost Aluminium -Mullite composite of Coal Bottom Ash (CBA) by stir casting. AK Mandal
7 2018 International conference on recent advances in metallurgy for sustainable Development, (IC-RAMSD-2018); ISBN:978-93-88879-64-4; 1-3rd Feb.2018, MS University of Baroda, India;pp79-81.
Removal of impurities from pig iron under plasma arc melting using fluxed iron ore pellets
Raj Kumar Dishwar
Shavi Agrawal,  A K  Mandal, O. P. Sinha
8 2018       -do-; Pp82-84
Study on the Characterization of Indian  Multi Metallic Magnetite Ore
Ramji Omer,   
AK Mandal ,   GS Mahobia,
OP Sinha
9 2018 International Conference on Asia Steel (Asia Steel 2018), Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India, 6-9 February, 2018
Carbothermic reduction of industrial solid waste in presence of metal solvent bath for recovery of metals
AK Mandal
10 2020 International conference on Management and recycling of Metallurgical waste (Met Waste2020); 22-23 Feb.2020; Department of Met. Engg. IIT(BHU), Varanasi (India)
New approaches for utilization of iron ore slim and bottom ash ( Best paper award under  Fly ash)
R Kumar,
AK Mandal,
OP Sinha
11 2020 -do- ( Best paper award under Process waste)
Studies on reduction behavior of highly fluxed iron ore pellets for application in steel making
RK Dishwar, AK Mandal, OP Sinha
12 1989 National Seminar on ‘High Quality Low Cost Stainless
Steel’, December 16, Ranchi,  Pp.1 –28.
Nitrogen Addition While Melting Steel                                                RC Gupta &
OP Sinha
13 1992 National Seminar on `Alloy and Special Steels  through 
Hot  Metal Route’, January 10-11;Bhadravati, Pp.32-1 to 32-15.       
Techniques of Nitrogen Addition in Molten Steel, OP Sinha
RC Gupta
14 1995
National conference forgings             –Materials, Technology and Export opportunities,  `Forge India- 1995’,  25-26th April;
New Delhi,  Pp. A 3/1-A3/3.
Hot Upset ability of High Nitrogen Austenitic Stainless Steel for Engine Valve Applications – Experience at Midhani. OP Sinha,
TVL Narshimha
M Chatterji
15 Ref. Sl.No.9,  Pp.A2/1-A2/4. Forging behavior of High Nitrogen austenitic stainless steel – Experience at Midhani. OP Sinha, A Ranganathan
M Chatterji
16 1997 National Seminar on Steels for Automotive industries (Sai’1997),  May 2 ( 1997 ), at IIT Mumbai,  Pp.84-88. Development         of Advances Alloys for Automobiles Sector                                                                               VS Mayadev
OP Sinha
M Chatterji
17 2012 National Seminar on “Design & Development of Materials for Advanced Technologies” DMAT-2012, Dept.of  Met. Engg. BHU. Varanasi, Pp. Electrochemical characterization of 316L and 316LVM   stainless steels for corrosion resistance under simulated body fluid condition Mohd.Talha
CK Behra
OP Sinha

 Presented in Conference But not Published   
   (A) National Conference / Seminar ~ 34 Nos.

Sl. No. Year Author(s) Title Seminar/Conference
1. 1988 O P Sinha,  K N Gupta,
SN Asthana &  SN Sinha
Utilization of Agricultural wastes for DRI-Production; 26th NMD and 42nd ATM,  Nov., 14-16 ; New-Delhi
2. 1989 R C Gupta & O P Sinha, Faster Nitrogen dissolution in molten steel under Nitrogen Plasma’, Conference on processing of Materials – Critical issues, July 27-28. I.I.Sc. Bangalore,
3. 1991 R C Gupta &  O P Sinha Bharat mein Nickel rahit evam nitrogen prayupt jangrodhi isapat ka uatpadan: atmanirbharta ki disa mein ek kadam Smarika, Akhil Bharthi Sangosthi, 7-8 Feb, BHU, Varanasi.,
O.P. Sinha & R C Gupta Role of surface active elements in Nitrogen absorption and desorption process by steel metals exposed to Nitrogen plasma’,  
National seminar on ‘Interfacial and surface phenomena in Metallurgy’, September 30th and 1st October ; BHU, Varanasi
5. O.P. Sinha & R C Gupta Role of plasma arc on Nitrogen absorption by liquid Steel
6. O.P. Sinha & R C Gupta Preparation of Fe- Cr alloys directly from Chromite Ore using plasma arc system’,
7. 1993 O.P. Sinha & R C Gupta Influence of SAE on Nitrogen pickup by Fe – Cr melt while melting under Nitrogen plasma 31st  NMD and 47th ATM, November 17-19, Hyd.
8. 1994 A. Ranganathan
O P Sinha, M. Chatterjee
Development of High Nitrogen Austenitic Stainless Steel, 32nd  NMD and 48th  ATM of IIM, November, 14-17th Nov;  Vizak .
9. 1995 O P Sinha &
M. Chatterjee
Development of high Nitrogen austenitic stainless steel for Engine Valve applications, 33 rd NMD & 49 th ATM of IIM, November 14-16, Calcutta,
10. 1996 O P Sinha, M. Chatterjee
Indigenous Development of Duplex Stainless Steels 34 rd NMD & 50 th ATM of IIM, November 14-16, New Delhi,
11. 1997 O P Sinha;  M. Chatterjee
A. Ranganathan
Behavior of N 2 in austenitic Stainless Steel during ESR  
35th  NMD and 51st ATM of IIM, 14-17 Nov. Jamshedpur
12. 1997 O P Sinha & M. Chatterjee On line and delta-ferrite analysis during stainless steel  melting-A novel approach to process control.
13. 2005 O P Sinha  , M. Chatterjee
JP Singh
Jangarodhi Ispat ke uatpadan mein nitrogen ka proyog, ek nutan vikas ki disha mein sashkta kadam Sangosthi-Uchcha koti ke vishesh ispato mein navintam vikas, 3-4 Feb; DMRL, Hyd.
14. 2005 O.P. Sinha &  M. Chatterjee Effect of Minor additions on structure and properties of ferritic stainless steel 43rd NMD by IIM Chapter at Nov., Chennai,
15. 2005 M. Chatterjee & O.P. Sinha, Role of Nitrogen in Stainless Steels : Experience in Midhani Ref. Sl.No.13.
16. 2005 PM. Rao, OP. Sinha,   SN. Prasad,
U V Gururaja,  K N. Rao
Indigenous Development of Superfer286 Iron base Superalloy. Ref. Sl.No.13.
17. 2006 O.P. Sinha &  M. Chatterjee Jangarodhi  Ispato mein guno ko probhavit karne hetu uatpadan mein nitrogen ka prayog. Sangosthi-Raksha anuproypgo ke liye nabintam praudhyogik pranaliyan avam prodarth,19-20 Jan, DRDO, Hyd.
18. 2007 O.P. Sinha, A F Kishore,
M. Chatterjee,& 
G Balachandrar
Hawai Jahajo mein prayukt super cast 247A mishra dhatu ka gas turbine blade evam veins ke vikas evan nirman-pragati ki disha mein ek kadam Sangosthi-Yudh pranaliyo mein  nabintam praudhogikiyan,4-5 Jan, DRDL, Hyd.
19. 2011 O.P. Sinha Fusion Behavior of Freshly Reduced Iron Ore                                                          National conference-PLCMW-2011, held on 9-11th,  March; Bhubaneswar,
20. 2013 Mohd Talha, C K Behra  &
O.P. Sinha
In-Vitro Corrosion Biocompatibility evaluation nickel-free  nitrogen  containing austenitic stainless biomedical application 51st  NMD & 67th  ATM  of IIM, 12-15 Nov. at Varanasi.
21. 2014 AK  Mandal,     A Das,  &
O P Sinha
Recycling of Iron Slime as an additives for making Bottom Ash Bricks 52nd NMD & 68h ATM of IIM, 13-16 Nov. at College of Engineering, Pune.
22. 2016 O P Sinha Iron Ore Agglomeration
National Workshop on ‘ETEM-2016’, July8-10,  at Varanasi
23. 2017 AK Mandal  &  OP Sinha Double layered iron ore fluxed Pellets from waste fines for better strength and weather resistance  
RAPM-2017, Dept. of Met. & Matls., April-1st , MSU-Boroda, ,
24 2017 AK Mandal  &  OP Sinha Extraction of metals from Industrial Waste by Using Transferred Arc Plasma

(B)International Conference / Seminar  

Sl. No Year Author(s) Title Seminar / Conference
25. 1991 O.P. Sinha, &
R C Gupta
Design and Development of High temperature Plasma arc unit for melting/smelting’,  International Conference on high temperature materials properties, June 17-20; France,
26. 1995 R C Gupta &
O.P. Sinha
Preparation of Fe - Cr –N alloy with low Sulphur in rough surface magnesite crucible using Nitrogen plasma, Conference of HNS, September,  26th– 29th ;  Japan
27. 1998 O.P. Sinha,
M. Chatterjee
Commercial development of Nitrogen bearing stainless steel International conference on Metallurgical Technologies (ICMT-98), 9-12th Dec. Dept. of Met. Engineering, IT, BHU, India
28 2006 O.P. Sinha,
M. Chatterjee
Influences  of  Nitrogen  on  hot workability and properties of austenitic stainless : Experience at Midhani International Conference on  “Advance  in  Nuclear Materials Processing, performance & Phenomena”, ANM –06  and  satellite Conference on Materials behavior : far from  equilibrium, MBFE’06;  Dec 12-16,BARC, Mumbai
29. 2006 O.P. Sinha,
S N Prasad,
Production of modified 316 Ti for Nuclear power sector– A processing challenge”             .           Ref Sl.No.28.
30. 2007 O.P. Sinha,
M. Chatterjee,
M. N. Rao
Development of stainless steel (304L)   with enhanced corrosion resistance for Nuclear application International symposium on Advances in stainless steels,  (ISAS – 2007) April 9-11, Chennai, India.
31. 2014 R.C. Gupta &
O.P. Sinha
Challenges to the growth of Indian Steel industry in view of land, water and human resource limitations in addition to energy and environment (Key Note Lecture)  
International conference, on Metallurgical &  Materials Processes, Products and Applications’,8-10 January (2014),  at OP Jindal Institute of Technology, Raigarh.(CG)
32. 2014 SK Singh,
AK Mandal,
OP Sinha &
GS Mahobia
Characterization of composite coated Iron ore Fluxed Pellets.
33. 2018 RC. Gupta,    
A.K. Mandal
Value Addition by Agglomeration- Case Studies’.
ASIA Steel-2018; 6-10 Feb 2018. Bhubaneswar.  Odisha, India.
34. 2018 AK.Mandal &
OP Sinha
Carbothermic reduction of  Industrial solid waste in presence of metal-solvent bath  for recovery of
ASIA Steel-2018; 6-10 Feb 2018. Bhubaneswar.
Odisha, India.

    Publication Employer wise:- ( Total  ~ 100 )

SN Employer Duration Journals Proceedings Presented Total
1. IT-BHU 1986-’94 ( Ph. D.) 08 04 09 21
2. MIDHANI 1994-‘07 03 03 15 21
3. IIT(BHU) 2007- till’2020 38 10 10 58
Total  Nos.  ~ 100 ------ 49 17 34 100



Sl. No. Title of  Projects Period & Status Sponsoring organization Amount of Grant
( Lakhs Rs)
PI  or  Co-PI
Development of  Ni-free Nitrogen bearing Stainless Steels for Biomedical applications 2015
(Submitted for approval)
Ministry of Steel,
Gov. of India
Biocompatibility of indigenously developed high Nitrogen Stainless Steel  
(In Progress)
Design & Innovation; HUB-IIT(BHU)  
Setting up  Advance Research Centre for Iron & Steel  at IIT(BHU); Varanasi  
2014 ** (Sanctioned)
Ministry of Steel,
Gov. of India
Hot Deformation behaviour of indigenously developed Nitrogen Bearing stainless Steels for Critical application  
IIT(BHU) under Sprouting Grant for faculty(SGF)  
Viscosity & Surface tension measurement by liquid drop technique  
IT Dev.
(Special Fund)
as Seed Money

** Departmental Project 



Period Organisation Nature of Work Co-Investigators
(if any)
(205 days)
Northern Coal Ltd. (NCL), Singrauli Short listing of vendors (within India) Under Make in India for import
   substitution for HEMM spares supply,
Work order No. Ex./SGR/EOI/WO 1453A / 2017/47/1912, dated 14.03.2017 amounting, (Rs.20.4 lakhs)
Dr. JK Singh,
Asst. Prof.,
Dept. of Met. Engg. IIT(BHU)



A) Research Experience (excluding research done for M. Tech. / Ph.D. Degrees)

Duration Years Organisation Area (s) of  Research  Activity
till date (Continued)
~ 10 Dept. of. Metallurgical Engineering, IIT(BHU),
  • Nitrogen bearing stainless steel development for Medical Implants
  • Metallurgical Solid Waste Use
  • Fluxed DRI Preparation
  • Renewable reductant for DRI preparation
25-02-1994  to
~14 Research & Development
Division. MIDHANI,
Alloys development
  • Nitrogen bearing stainless steels
  • Super alloys
  • Super cast alloys
  • Ball bearing Steels

    ( Pl.  see in Annexure - K1 )

 01-1992 to
~ 2 Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering, IT, BHU,
Preparation and characterisation of nitrogen bearing stainless steel

B.( 1 ) Teaching Experience 

Duration Years Organisation Area(s)
till date (Continued)
~10 Dept. of. Metallurgical Engineering, IIT(BHU),
Ferrous Metallurgy Theory / Practical classes (UG, PG  and PhD Courses)
01-1992 to
~2 Dept. of. Metallurgical Engineering, IIT(BHU),
Ferrous Metallurgy Practical (UG  Classes )

  B (2) Courses Taught

Nature of
Course No. & Title Teaching Level (UG/PG) Number of Times Taught Developed by you?
Theory Environmental. Science(ES1201) UG Part I 8 No
Theory Principles of Extractive Metallurgy (MT202) UG Part II 3 No
Theory Fuels & Refractory (MT.2207) UG Part II 5 No
Theory Iron Making(MT3118) UG Part III 5 No
Theory Steel making( MT3226) UG Part III 4 No
Theory Alternate routes of Iron& Steel Making (MT4137) UG Part IV 4 No
Theory Alloy Steel Technology (MT 4136) UG Part IV 1 No
Practical EMC Lab(MT2414) UG Part II 4 No.
Practical Ferrous Metallurgy Lab. (MT3322) UG Part III 8 Yes
Practical Heat treatment Lab.(MT UG Part III 2  
Theory RMPIM( Met.E5121/5231 ); PG Part I 4 No
Theory AMIM (Met.E5122/5232); PG Part II 3 No
Theory PAS(Met.E5123/5233) PG Part II 2 No
Theory Human Values Ph.D. 1 No


Administrative Experience

Period Organization Nature of Responsibility Designation
04-07-2007 till date Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Division Administration
  # Staff Management,
  # Laboratory Equipment Purchase & 
Co-ordinator , Industrial Metallurgy Division (IMD)


Ph.D. Thesis Supervision

Name  of  Student Year of Award Title of Thesis Guide  and
1. Mohd. Talha
2015 Effect of Nitrogen on Corrosion Behavior of Austenitic stainless steels for Biomedical Application. OP Sinha &
2. A.K. Mandal 2017 Utilization of Iron Slime and Bottom Ash  Solid Waste From Indian Integrated Steel plants OP Sinha
3. Ramji Omer In-Progress (2015) Reduction characteristics of multi-metallic Magnetite iron ore OP Sinha &
GS Mahaobia
4. Raj Kumar Dishwar 2020 Preparation & Characterization of weather-resistant fluxed DRI for  Steelmaking Application OP Sinha
5. Manish Kr. K Singh 2020 Oxidation &Hot Corrosion Study of 904L Super Austenitic Stainless Steels Under Biomass ash  GS Mahobia & OP Sinha
6. Amit K Singh In progress (2018) Use of Biomass as energy for making green steel OPSinha & R Singh

M.Tech. / IDD Dissertation Supervision

Name  of  Students Year of
Title of Dissertation Guide    and
1. Rahul Srivastava (M.Tech) 2011 Environmental Evaluation of DRI Plants  in India OPSinha
2. Kundan Kumar (IDD) 2011 Effect of reduction on swelling behavior of iron ore pellets OPSinha
3. Ankur Meghwal (IDD) 2013 Effect of N2 on Mechanical Behavior of N2 Bearing Stainless Steels. OPSinha
4. AlokSarkar (M.Tech) 2013 Preparation of fluxed DRI and evaluation of its properties OPSinha
5. BholaChaurasia (M.Tech) 2013 Preparation of Fe-Cr-Mn-N alloys and their characterization. OPSinha
6. ShantanuAgrawal (M.Tech.) 2013 Study of reduction behavior of iron ore under microwave sintering furnace. NKPrasad
7. Neeraj Panday (M.Tech.) 2013 Effect of Cryogenic treatment on grinding media wear I.Chakrabarty
8. Rahul Kamal (M.Tech.) 2013 Comparative study of microstructure and wear behavior of Al- alloys prepared  by various processing routes JK Singh
 9. Anand Kumar (M.Tech.) 2013 Solidification of Al-alloys in wedge molds wear. JK Singh
10. Sanjay Yadav (M.Tech)  Mat.Sc. 2013 Preparation of Al-Si-Sn alloy and its Tribological Behavior JK Singh
Dipanjan Purkait (M.Tech.) 2014 Reduction Kinetics Behavior of  Low Grade Iron Ore Pellets with Non- Coking Coal OPSinha
12 Pranjul Sachan (M.Tech.) 2014 Recovery of Chromium in Hot metal  from its Chromite Ore OPSinha  &
RK Minz(NML )
13. Atanu  Das (M.Tech.) 2014 Preparation & Characterization of  Bricks made from Bottom ash and Iron slime OPSinha
14. Nazamul Hasan (M.Tech.) 2014 Characterization of Industrial wastes for their Effective Utilization. OP Sinha
15. Trishita Ray
2014 Reduction Behavior of Ilmenite  Pellets with Coal and Separation of Iron from reduced Pellets OP Sinha  &
Mrs. M Malathi (NML)
16. Ashwini Kr Singh (M.Tech) 2015 Preparation & Characterization of iron ore slime pellets made through Geopolymerisation OPSinha
17. Ram Ji Omar (M.Tech)
2015 Hot deformation behavior of indigenously developed nitrogen bearing stainless steels for critical applications Mrs.NCS Srinivas &
18. Raj Kumar Dishwar 2016
Study on characterization of reduced  fluxed pellets for melting OP Sinha
GS Mahobia
19. Mudit Kedia
2016 Characterization of N2 Bearing S Steel through Plasma melting route OP Sinha
GS Mahobia
20. Vaibhav Goyal (IDD) 2016
Characterization of N2 Bearing S Steel through Induction melting route OP Sinha
GS Mahobia
21. Sikhar Bansal           (IDD) 2017
Effect of porosity on reduction of iron ore pellets JK Singh
OP Sinha
22. Abhijeet  (IDD)   2017 Production of iron  tube by reducing  iron  ore GS Mahobia
OP Sinha
23. Pilla Ganesh(MTech) 2017
Extraction of Nickel pig From Laterite Ores OP Sinha
24. MVSreenivasulu(MTech) 2017
Reduction Behavior of Lean Iron Ore for DRI production OP Sinha
25. Nishant Kumar(IDD) 2017-18 Reduction Behavior of Manganese Ore OP Sinha
26. Amit Kumar Singh (MTech) 2017-18 Effect of Particle Size on the Reduction Behavior of Fluxed Iron Ore Pellets OP Sinha
27. Neha Gupta(MTech) 2017-18 Development of double-layered  iron ore Fluxed pellets OP Sinha
29. Suraj Kumar(IDD) 2018-19 Study of reduction behavior of double-layered composite pellets utilizing blast furnace dust-catcher dust
OP Sinha



Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Life Member of “The Indian Institute of Metals”, Kolkata.(No.53302)
  • Member, Indian Nuclear Society ,BARC, Bombay.(LM 8871)
  • Life Member, Mining, Geological & Metallurgical Institute of India, Kolkata (R. No. 5200)
  1.  An Important Citation of a Published Paper

 A Publication (Sl.No.1 in international publications-Annexure Q) has been cited in a book * Nitrogen-alloyed Steels-Fundamentals and Applications”, authored by Takeo Murata & Masatoshi Sakamoto; Published by Agne Gijutsu Centre, Tokyo-1997 ).
This book is considered most exhaustive compilation of studies on Nitrogen Steel conducted during 1945-1997 in the world

  1. Technical papers Reviewed for Publication                                             


Year Journal Impact
1. 2012 Material Science and Engineering C 3.09 MSEC-D-10-00434R1 Variation in surface morphology and microstructure of 316L biomedical alloys immersed in artificial saliva
2. 2012 Material Science and Engineering C 3.09 MSEC-D-12-00297 Effect of sintering atmosphere on properties of porous stainless steel for biomedical applications
3. 2013 Material Science and Engineering C 3.09 MSEC-D-12-00639 Reducing Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation on stainless steel 316L using functionalized self-assembled monolayers
4. 2013 RSC Advances 3.84 RA-ART-08-2013-044457 Improvement of Corrosion Resistance and Antibacterial Effect of Ni-Ti Orthopedic Materials by Chitosan and Gold Nanoparticles
5. 2013 Material Science and Engineering C 3.09 MSEC-D-12-00144R3 Effects of strain and strain-induced  α'-martensite on passive films in AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel
6. 2014 RSC Advances 3.84 RA-ART-02-2014-001029 Electrochemical and DFT study on the inhibition of stainless steel corrosion in acidic medium by newly synthesized 1-(4-nitrophenyl)-5-amino-1H-tetrazole
7. 2014 RSC Advances 3.84 RA-ART-03-2014-002395 Electrochemical corrosion behavior of carbon steel coated by polyaniline copolymers micro /nano structures
8. 2014 RSC Advances 3.84 RA-ART-06-2014-005537 A DFT study of pyrazine derivatives and their Fe complexes in corrosion inhibition process
9. 2014 RSC Advances 3.84 RA-COM-08-2014-008326 Corrosion and wear resistance of 32CrMoV13 steel nitrided by plasma
10. 2014 Material Science and Engineering C 3.09 MSEC-D-13-00661R1 Enhanced Corrosion Resistance of Mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acid solution by Bis(2-acetylpyridine) dithiosemicarbazone (DTSc): Electrochemical, Surface and Spectroscopic Studies
11. 2014 Corrosion Science ----- CORSCI-D-14-00322 Effects of Cold Working on Corrosion Resistance of Co-Modified Ni-16Cr-15Mo Alloy in Hydrofluoric Acid Solution

 ( c ) Active Participation In Seminar / Conferences / Workshop

Year Name of Seminar/ conference Responsibility
1. 1993 National Seminar on “Interfacial and surface phenomena
in Metallurgy”Sept.30th and 1st Oct. (1993);
Dept. of Met Engg.IIT(BHU);Varanasi.
2. 2008 Seminar on “Researches in Metallurgy-2008”, with
Metallurgy day celebration on 17th April 2008.
Dept. of Met Engg.IIT(BHU);Varanasi
Award& Citation
3. 2010 i)  National Seminar on “Environmental Management  in
    Metallurgical Industries”EMMI-2010,March15-16,
  Dept. of Met Engg.IIT(BHU);Varanasi.
4.  ii) 14thInternational conference on Nonferrous metals,
     9-10th  July, Hotel Clark, Varanasi.
5.  iii) National seminar on Recent trends in Iron & Steel
      Industry,11-12th Dec., Varanasi
6. 2011 i)  National symposia on Nano-materials in Engg. &
  Technology.19-20th  Feb., Handia-Allahabad
7.   ii) Conference on Indian Steel Sectors-Adopting new HR
    practices, R&D initiatives and Green Technology,
   Organized by  ASSOCHAM, India, 23rd Dec., Lucknow.
8. 2012 i)  25thNational Convention of Metallurgical & Materials
  Engineers (IEI) and National Seminar on “Design &
  Development of Materials for Advanced Technologies”
  DMAT- 2012,Jan.23-24, Dept. of Met. Engg. BHU
(Food & Snakes
9. ii)  International conference, on Demand of Iron & Steel,
     Organized by  Steel Guru, March2012, New Delhi
10. 2013 i)  International Seminar on “Technological Development
    in Iron & Steel:  Production to Final Processing” , on
    12th    Sept.  Kolkata.
11. ii)  51st NMD & 67th ATM of  IIM, 12-15 Nov., (2013) at
Co-Convener (Hospitality committee)
12. 2016 National workshop on “Experimental Techniques in Extractive Metallurgy-2016”, 8-10th July2016, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, IIT(BHU), Varanasi-221005 Chairman

      ( d ) Session Chaired  in Conferences:-

Conference Technical Session /
Theme of Session
1. International Conference on
Metallurgical Materials Processes, Products
and   Applications’8-10January (2014), in
OPJIT at  Raigarh.
I (C)
Welding & Metal
Joining Processes
2. III(B)
Special Techniques & Processing
3. IV (C)
4. ASIA Steel International Conference,2018 at Bhubaneswar. Odisha. Session-5
Processing of Coal

(e) Outside Examiner ship                                                                                               

IIT(ISM) Dhanbad NIT Warangal
PhD **
a) Paper Setting (No. of Times)
b)Thesis Evaluation (No. of Times)
c) Thesis Examiner (No. of Times)

 ** Ph.D. Thesis

Institute / University Thesis Title   Year
1. Indian Institue of Technology
(ISM),  Dhanbad,
Beneficiation and Pelletization of Goethetic Iron Ore Fines.     2015
2. National Institute of Technology, Warangal In-Vitro Corrosion Studies of Biopolymer  Coated Magnesium and Magnesium alloys.     2017
3 National Institute of Technology, Warangal Processing of Transparent Magnesium Aluminate
Spinel Using Different Techniques and Evaluation
of its Properties

(f) Departmental Duties & Responsibility Assigned by HOD

  • Workshop Administration  (2009-11)
  • Students Attendance Record Compilation, (2009-11)
  • Banaras Metallurgist (A Departmental Journal) Publication (2007-'08)
  • Maintenance of Labs under Industrial Metallurgy Division (2007-Contd)
  • Maintenance of Lecture Theatre No 3 (2007-Continued)                           
  • Building Maintenance (UWD Liaison), (2010- Continued)

 (g) Student Interaction
             Guided students for,

  1. Problem solving contest in student activities/Events (Technex & Anveshan) who won prizes.
  2. Short term (2-3 months) research oriented contest-2012 , organized by Tata Steel & NML Jamshedpur (2013) who were awarded 1st Prize. –To -Parsun Jindal & AmitTottla, Tata Steel; NMD-ATM-2012

-Ankit & Subham Sethi- NML Jamshedpur (2013)

  1. Guided Students as Co-Convener in their events- “ANVESHAN-2012”


Research group

Dr. Arup Kumar Mandal
Dr. Arup Kumar Mandal
Senior Technical Officer
Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology,(BHU), Varanasi
akmandal.ts@iitbhu.ac.in; arup9180@yahoo.co.in
9532023931/ 8787090113
At Present: Assistant Professor; NIT Durgapur (2018)
Area of Interest: 
Agglomeration, DRI, Smelting reduction, Plasma technology for metallurgical use, Metallurgical waste recycling.
Research Scholar
Raj Kumar Dishwar 

Research Scholar
Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology,(BHU), Varanasi
Working on the topic:
Studies on removal of impurities from the pig iron using fluxed iron ore pellets
Ramji Omar
Research Scholar
Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology,(BHU), Varanasi
Working on the topic:
Reduction characteristics of Multi-metallic Magnetite Iron Ore of Nagaland
Manish Kumar Kishor Singh
Research Scholar
Department of Metallurgical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology,(BHU), Varanasi

Working on the topic:
Hot corrosion behaviour of  Austenitic Stainless Steel
Neha Gupta
PG Student
Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology,(BHU), Varanasi
Working on the topic:
Development of Double Layer Iron Ore Flux Pellet for Better Strength and Weather Resistance
Amit Kumar Singh
PG Student
Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology,(BHU), Varanasi
Working on the topic:
Effect of Particle Size on the  Reduction Behaviour of Fluxed Iron Ore Pellets
Nishant Singh
PG Student
Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology,(BHU), Varanasi
Working on the topic:
Reduction Behaviour of Manganese Ore Pellets
Research Scholar
Dr. Md. Talha
  Worked on the topic: Effect of Nitrogen on Corrosion Behaviour of Austenitic Stainless Steels for Biomedical Applications.
Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology,(BHU), Varanasi
Email: mohd.talha.rs.met@itbhu.ac.in


Currently working on  (1) Effect of proteins on corrosion of metallic implants.   (2) Bio-compatible coatings for corrosion protection of metallic implants
Current Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow
Present Institute:
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, China
Mobile: (China)  +86-15184395194
Email: shamsi_qadri@yahoo.co.in