Synthesis Facilities

The department has several melting, PVD and chemical synthesis facilities for making a variety of alloys, inorganic materials, powder metallurgy components.

Equipment Make & Model

Vacuum arc melting

VEC solutions, Bangalore

Vacuum induction melting

VEC solutions, Bangalore

Arc melting/suction casting

VEC solutions, Bangalore


Custom made

DC Magnetron sputtering

Vacuum industries Pvt. Ltd.

Ball mill

Retsch MM500, Mixer Mill

Vacuum hot pressing

VB ceramics, Chennai

Plasma arc melter

Custom made, 2.5 Kg capacity

Hammer mill

Ikon Instruments


Heat Treatment/Sintering Facilities

Most metallurgical processes require various kinds of heat treatment for better properties. The following heat treatment facilities are currently present in the department.




Amar equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Vacuum microwave furnace

Omicron Scientific Equipment, Model: 160021

Vacuum heat treatment tubular furnace

Custom made

Electropulsing machine

Custom made


Characterization Facilities

Understanding the microstructural aspects of a material is key to analyzing the properties of any material. In this regard, characterization facilities ranging from optical to high end electron microscopes are present in the department.

Equipment Model


Panalytical Empyrean

Tabletop XRD

Rigaku Miniflex 600

Optical microscope

Leica DM 1750 M

Scanning electron microscope

Quanta 200F

Transmission electron microscope

Tecnai G2T20

Differential thermal analysis

Netzsch DSC 404 F3 Pegasus

Gas chromatography

Nucan 5700

Drop calorimeter

MHTC 96 Line EVO, Setaram Instrumentation India

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

ELICO – SL 168


Mechanical Testing Facilities

A diverse range of testing facilities are available in the department to measure mechanical properties like strength, ductility, fatigue life etc.

Equipment Make & Model

Universal Testing Machine

Instron 100 kN

Corrosion Fatigue Machine

MTSTM Landmark Servo hydraulic test system (Model 370.10), 100kN

Fatigue Machine

MTS 50 kN (model: 312.21)

Pin on Disc Wear

Magnum Engineers, Bangalore

Ultrasonic Shotpeening

Sonats – Stress Voyager

Instrumented Indentation


Rolling Mill

HILLE, Sheffield England, 50T capacity

Impression Creep Testing

Spranktronics, Bangalore, capacity – 1 kN

Izod Impact Testing

W & T Avery Ltd.


Other Major Facilities

Apart from the mechanical property measurement set-ups, the department also possesses facilities to perform cell culture as well as corrosion studies.

Equipment Make and Model

CO2 incubator

Thermo scientific

Hot corrosion set-up

Two zone tube furnace, 1200°C, M/s Anil Scientific

Wire EDM

Expresscut EX-2530