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Dr. Kamalesh Kumar Singh
Department of Metallurgical Engineering Indian Institute of Technolog
+91 9956949289
Area of Interest: 
Extractive Metallurgy, Recycling of e-waste, Aluminium dross etc.; Sp. interest in Entrepreneurship

Following subjects taught
1. Principles of Extractive Metallurgy
2. Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy
3. Electrometallurgy and Corrosion
4. Industrial Management
5. Alternative route of iron and steel making
1. Recycling and management of electronic waste.
2. Advance processes in nonferrous metals
3. Physical chemistry of iron and steel making
4. Hydrometallurgy

Sponsored Projects:

  1. Chemical Recycling of electronic waste for sustainable livelihoods and material consumption in India; for year 2020-22, in collaboration with The       University  of Edinburgh, The University of Dundee Scotland, United Kingdom and NID Ahmedabad through GCRF (EPSRC)
  2. Optimization of recovery of valuable metals from waste printed circuit boards through hydro-metallurgical route, for year 2018-20, in collaboration with The       University  of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, through UKIERI (UK India Education and Research Initiative) scheme, jointly sponsored by UGC and British Council, About Rs. 26 Lakhs, as Indian side PI     
  3.  Recycling of waste alkaline batteries under training of ISRF (India Science Research Fellow) from Myanmaar Rs 3.28 Lacs, as Supervisor, 2016-17
  4.  Development of e-content on ancient iron making and modern metallurgical processes under NMEICT  scheme of MHRD as PI, Rs. 12.00 Lacs; 2011-2014
  5.  Utilization of epoxy resin from printed circuit boards to develop composite material, sponsored by IIT(BHU), as Co-PI 25.00 Lacs (PI-Prof S. Mohan); 2014

PhD guidance:-

  • completed-2
  • ongoing-4

M.Tech guidance:-

  • completed-8;
  • ongoing-2


Publications (Last 5 years):

  1. Rohit Jha, Mudila Dhanunjaya Rao, Arunabh Meshram, Himanshu Ranjan Verma, Kamalesh K Singh; Potential of polymer inclusion membrane process for selective recovery of metal values from waste printed circuit boards: A review
    Journal Cleaner Production, Volume 265, 20 (2020), 121621
  2. Mudila Dhanunjaya Rao, Arunabh Meshram, Himanshu Ranjan Verma, Kamalesh K Singh, Tilak Raj Mankhand; Study to enhance cementation of impurities from zinc leach liquor by modifying the shape and size of zinc dust
    Hydrometallurgy; 195(2020) page 105352
  3. Rao, Dhanunjaya; Singh, Kamalesh; Morrison, Carole and Love, Jason; "Challenges and opportunities in the recovery of gold from electronic waste"; RSC Adv., 10 (2020), 4300-4309.
  4. Arunabh Meshram, Divyansh Gautam, Kamalesh Kumar SinghRecycling of white aluminum dross: Production of potash alum; 
    Transactions of Indian Institute of Metals, 73, 1239-1248,(2020)
  5. Arunabh Meshram and Kamalesh K Singh;” From industrial waste to valuable products: preparation of hydrogen gas and alumina from aluminium dross”; Material Cycles and Waste Management, 21 (2019) 984-993.
  6. Arunabh Meshram, Anant Jain, Divyansh Gautam, Devendra Mohan and Kamalesh Singh; “Employing organic solvent precipitation to produce tamarugite from white aluminium dross" Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier) (SCI) 231, 835-845, 2019
  7. Pritish Nayak, Sunil Kumar, Kamalesh K Singh and Indrajit Sinha; “ZnO/CuO nanocomposites from recycled printed circuit board e-waste: Preparation and Photocatalytic properties”; Environmental Science and Pollution Research (SCI)- 26(16)16279-16288, 2019
  8. Arunabh Meshram, Anant Jain, Divyansh Gautam and Kamalesh K Singh” Synthesis and characterization of Tamarugite from aluminum dross: Part-1”; Journal of Environmental Management, 232 (2019), 978-984 (Elsevier)
  9. Kamalesh K Singh, Bipin Kishore and T R Mankhand,” Reduction of Manavalakurichi ilmenite by activated charcoal in presence of catalyst”; Springer-Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals (2018) 71(12), 2993-3001
  10. Himanshu Ranjan Verma, Kamalesh K Singh and Shaik M Basha; “Effect of milling parameters on the concentration of copper content of hammer-milled waste printed circuit boards”;   Journal of sustainable Metallurgy (2018) 4(2), 187-193 (Springer)TMS
  11. Arunabh Meshram, Kamalesh K Singh; “Recovery of valuable products from hazardous aluminum dross: A review”; Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 130 (2018), 95-108.
  12. Himanshu R.Verma, Kamalesh K Singh and T R Mankhand; “Delamination mechanism study of large size waste printed circuit boards by using dimethylacetamide”; Waste management 65(2017), 139-146.
  13. Himanshu R.Verma, Kamalesh K Singh and T R Mankhand; “Liberation of metal clads of waste printed circuit boards by removal of halogenated epoxy resin substrate using dimethylacetamide”; Waste management 60(2017), 652-659
  14. Himanshu R.Verma, Kamalesh K Singh and T R Mankhand; “Comparative study of printed circuit boards recycling by cracking of internal layers using organic solvents- dimethyleformamide and dimethylacetamide”; Journal of cleaner production 142 (2017),  1721- 1726
  15. Himanshu R.Verma, Kamalesh K Singh and T R Mankhand;” Dissolution and separation of brominated epoxy resin of waste printed circuit boards by using di-methyl formamide”; Journal of Cleaner Production,2016 Vol-139, 586-596
  16. Kamalesh K Singh, Vinay Kumar Singh and T R Mankhand; “Utilization of Fly Ash and Red Mud to Make Foam Bricks by Addition of Polystyrene”; Journal of Solid Waste Technology & Management . Nov 2015,  41(4), 759-767. 

Papers presented in International Conferences:

  1. Hydrogen production using waste aluminium dross: from industrial waste to next-generation fuel Biosystems Engineering 2019; at Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu, Estonia 8-10 May 2019
  2. Separation of metallic components from waste printed circuit boards dissolving brominated epoxy resin in organic solvents, at IRCSEEME-2017, 26-28 July 2017 Newcastle, England UK.
  3. Recovery of zinc from EAF dust by hydrometallurgical route with sulphuric acid as leachant, 2nd World congress and Expo on Recycling, 25-27 July 2016, Berlin Germany.
  4. Utilization of fly ash and red mud to make foam bricks by addition of polystyrene, The 30th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management, March 15-18, 2015, Philadelphia, USA

Journals papers reviewed-

  • Journal-Resources, Conservation & Recycling (Elsevier)
  • Journal-Plos One
  • Journal of Materials Research and Technology(Elsevier)
  • Journal-Agronomy research
  • Coordinator, Extractive Metallurgy Division
  • Chairman, Kashiyatra, National level cultural event,  2017, 2018 and 2019.
  • Councillor Cultural Council, IIT BHU Gymkhana, 2016, 2016-17, 2018-19, 2019-20
  • Member, Selection committee for Scientist B in Bureau of Indian Standards. 2015
  • Chairman, Anveshan 2015, 2014, a national level technical fest of students of  metallurgical engineering.
  • Co-Chairman, Anveshan 2012, 2011,2010 a national level technical fest of students of  metallurgical engineering.
  • Chairman, MUN-2018, 2019, 2020. All India Literary Event-Model United Nations
  • Advisor, Cultural committee, Centenary Celebrations, IIT(BHU) 2019
  • Coordinator, Cultural programmes 9-10 Feb 2019, Centenary Celebrations, IIT(BHU)
  • Nominated Coordinator, MES scheme, Govt of India, through ISTD, 2008
  • Script writer and Anchor of a educational Video Film “Selection of Material for Engineering Application” Produced by T.T.T.I. Kolkata.
  • Script writer and Anchor of a educational Video Film “Ancient Iron Making” Produced by NMEICT scheme (MHRD).

Fellowship/Membership of Societies:

  • Fellow, Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata (F-1249475)
  • Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Metals, Kolkata
  • Indian Science congress Association
  • Indian Society for Training and Development
  • Got elected “Member for State Center Committee for Metallurgical Engineering” for 2018-20, The Institution of Engineers (INDIA), UP state Center.


  • National patent “Synthesis of Tamarugite from aluminium dross using organic solvent precipitation” Application Number-201911008950A: Publication Date : 11/09/2020

1. Bachelor's, Master's and PhD all in Metallurgical Engineering
2. PG diploma in Business Administration: Banaras Hindu University
3. PG diploma in Rural Development, IGNOU