Direct Manufacturing
For service booking requests click here
  1. The user must read the policy agreement carefully and give consent during service booking.
  2. After ticking the agreement box, the link for filling out the form to request the quotation will appear.
  3. Following details are required from the user
    • Name:
    • Designation:
    • Company Name:
    • Official Email Id:
    • Contact No.:
Details of equipment to be intended to be used.
  1. Once the user fills in all the details, the user will be asked to upload the CAD file in.STL format.
  2. The quotation will be sent to the registered mail ID.
  3. After the quotation is generated, the customer will be asked to send the transaction receipt of 100 % advance payment. Once the transaction receipt is verified from our end. A confirmation mail will be sent with the expected date of delivery.