Design & Development
In this category, the idea of the customer will be developed with the assistance of faculty member/s. Firstly, a 2D sketch based on the idea of the customers will be designed followed by the development of a 2D sketch into a 3D model for prototyping and product printing. The norms for this service are as follows:
  1.  A faculty will be associated to deliver the design and prototype as per the user requirements.
  2.  All the faculties of IIT (BHU) will be asked to register on a voluntary basis for PEH facility related work. Based on the expertise, a pool of faculty members will be prepared. The final decision on the distribution and allotment of work to the concerned faculty will be taken by the core committee.
  3. The cost of the service will be at an hourly rate. The rate of Service fee is @₹500 per hour which will be a maximum of up to 5000 per day.