Outreach Projects
Institute is organizing number of workshops, short term courses, seminar and conferences funded under the government schemes such as GIAN, IKS, SPARC, QIP, UBA. These outreach projects cover a wide range of areas including Science, Engineering, Humanistic studies, writing skills, patent, etc. Besides the Design and innovation centre (DIC) of the institute work very closely with the local community in developing innovative ideas and ensure maximum reach of design education and practice. The DIC is established with the support of the Ministry of Education. The institute is also an implementation agency to provide design expertise to micro, small and medium enterprises.
The Social Service Council of the institute contributes towards the positive relationship of IIT (BHU) students with our society. The Council conducts various events in and outside the campus throughout the year with a vision to generate a collective sense of responsibility amongst fellow mates towards the society. The mission is to help students organize social service activities, leading to awareness, sensitivity, and a spirit of volunteerism in the IIT (BHU) fraternity and the surrounding areas.
KASHI UTKARSH CLUB motivates people to rise, come up and build up a more prosperous and sustainable society with their own hands.
HEALTH AND HYGIENE CLUB generate and propagate awareness about the importance of salubrious living habits and developing a feeling of sanitation, health, hygiene and cleanliness among the fellow human beings. SOCIAL PROJECTS CLUB contribute to the human community through focused and rigorous approaches on finding different roots and causes for the run-down of society and thereby forecasting its impacts and remedial measures.
SAHYOG (Educational awareness club) extend helping hands to mutually share the knowledge and simultaneously make the light of education fathom the darkest parts of the society.