Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering is a multifaceted and dynamic discipline that encompasses various topics related to chemical reactions and catalytic processes. Its significance lies in driving industrial advancements by developing efficient and sustainable chemical processes. This field delves into the study of catalysts and their pivotal role in accelerating chemical reactions and the design and optimization of reactors to achieve enhanced performance.

The exploration of Catalysis and Reaction Engineering includes exploring emerging areas such as Electro and Photo-catalysis, which have garnered significant attention for their potential applications in energy solutions, environmental remediation, and the synthesis of value-added chemicals. Phase Transfer Catalysts play a crucial role in facilitating the transfer of reactants between immiscible phases, enabling efficient reactions and separations. Kinetic modeling forms an integral part of this discipline, involving the development of mathematical models to describe the rates of chemical reactions. These models aid in understanding reaction mechanisms, optimizing reaction conditions, and predicting the behavior of complex reaction systems.

Furthermore, reactor design is a critical aspect within Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, focusing on developing efficient and cost-effective reactors for various chemical processes. Novel reactor designs, including structured reactors, offer improved mass and heat transfer, enhancing reaction efficiency and selectivity. These innovative designs contribute to the development of sustainable and energy-efficient processes. Catalysis and Reaction Engineering play a significant role in various vital processes. Desulphurization and Denitrification processes are essential for reducing harmful emissions from fuels, while CO2 conversion involves transforming carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals or fuels. Hydrogen generation is crucial for clean energy production, and Biofuels provide renewable alternatives to conventional fuels. Fuel Conversion, Polymerization, and Biomass Conversion involve transforming raw materials into valuable products through catalytic reactions.


Group Leaders:

Dr. Bhawna Verma, Dr. Hiralal Pramanik, Dr. J. P. Chakraborty, Dr. Manoj K Mondal, Dr. Nitai C Maji, Dr. Pradeep Kumar. Dr. Rajesh K. Upadhyay, Dr. Rohit Kumar, Dr. Sanjay Katheria, Dr. Satya Veer Singh, Dr. Sweta, Dr. Vijay Laxmi Yadav, Dr. Vijay M. Shinde