Specialization : Glass and Glass Ceramics

Work is in progress for the development of special coloured glasses, infrared filter glasses suitable for night vision and high density radiation shield glasses. Stains for sheet glasses with copper and silver and heat resistant coating on glasses are being developed. Studies on different micronutrient glasses have been carried out for their suitable application in agriculture for different soil conditions. These micronutrient glasses may be helpful in increasing the yield and quality of major crops like wheat, paddy etc. Valency of redox ions plays an important role in coloration, decolorization, refining and quality of glasses. Spectrometric methods are being developed for determination of different ions in glasses. Glass ceramics also have a number of diverse applications for electronic devices and circuits, which include microelectronic substrate, packaging, multilayer and barrier layer capacitors etc. Perovskite titanates show many useful properties for various electronic applications. Investigations are being carried out for preparation of glass ceramics with perovskite phases e.g. strontium titanate, lead strontium titanate in pure as well as solid solution form. The dielectric characteristics of the glass ceramics doped with various rare earth and transition metal oxides are also being investigated. Some of the glass ceramic samples show relaxor like behavior with high value of dielectric constant while other show temperature stable dielectric behavior.