Key Objectives
  • Keeping the alumni updated, through:
    • Alumni Newsletters
    • Regular information on website
    • Social Media posts
  • Honoring the alumni, through:
    • Distinguished alumnus awards (DAA):
      Honoring the alumni through distinguished alumnus awards and facilitating them at various occasions. In 2021-22 09 alumnus were awarded the DAA in different domains like Public life, Research and Innovation, Academics, and Industry.
  • Engaging the alumni, through:
    • Regular reunions, meetings
    • Intellectual talks, seminars, workshops, online classes etc., for overall development of the Institute fraternity
  • Interacting with alumni groups for:
    • Creation of Scholarships, endowment funds, angel funds etc.
    • Creation of Alumni funded Institute Chair Positions in various Depts./Schools/Centers.
    • Exploring the possibility for minor/ major donations for infrastructural development, development of centers, schools, facility etc.