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    Prof. G.V.S. Sastry


    • Nanostructured Materials and Carbon nanotubes, Quasicrystals, Rapid Solidification, Electron Microscopy
    • UG: Structure of Materials, Phase Diagrams, Phase Transformations, Aerospace Materials, Heat Treatment


    Courses Offered:

    • PG: Materials Characterisation Techniques,
    • Alloy Design and Development,
    • Advanced X-ray & Electron Metallography,
    • Phase Diagrams and Phase Equilibria.


    Research Publications :

    1. Efect of composition on the streaking and diffuse intensity in decagonal phase in Al70-x Co15 Cux+y Ni15-y system A.K.Pramanick,  R.K.Mandal and G.V.S. Sastry, Mat. Sci. and Eng., 294-296(2000) 173-177.
    2. On the Dual Slope Coffin-Manson Relationship During Low Cycle Fatigue of SuperalloyIN718 at Room Temperature A. Bhattacharya, G.V.S.Sastry and V.V. Kutumbarao, Scripta Mater., 36(1997)411-415.
    3. Calculation of Phase Diagrams of Binary f.c.c. and Ideal h.c.p. Alloys Undergoing Ordering Transitions Ananya Ghosh Moulic,G.V.S.Sastry and S.Lele, Bull.Mater. Sci., 17(1994)439-451.
    4. A Novel Algorithm for Generating a Quasiperiodic Plane Lattice with Five-fold SymmetryP.Ramachandrarao, G.V.S.Sastry, L.Pandey and A.Sinha, Acta Crystallogr., A47(1991)206-210.
    5. Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of YBa2(Cu,M)3O7-d with M=Fe,Ni G.V.S.Sastry, R. Woerdenweber and H.C. Freyhardt, J.Appl.Phys., 65(1989)3975-3979.
    6. A Basis for the Synthesis of Quasicrystals P.Ramachandrarao and G.V.S.Sastry, Pramana-J.Phys., 25(1985)L225-L230.
    7. Electrical Conduction in Silicate Glasses Containing Antimony Oxide D.Chakravorty, D.Kumar and G.V.S.Sastry, J.Phys. D., 12(1979)2209-2215.
    8. A New Ordered Phase in the Al-Pd System G.V.S.Sastry, C.Suryanarayana, M.Van Sande andG. Van Tendeloo, Mat. Res. Bull., 13(1978)1065-1070.


    Conferences/Symposia/Seminars attended:

    • Advanced x-Ray Techniques in Research and Industry( XTRI-2003), DMRL ,Hyderabad, Dec. 4-5, 2003.
    • NMD-ATM 2003, Science City, Kolkata, Nov.15-17, 2003
    • NMD-ATM 2002, MS University, Vadodara, Nov.14-17, 2002.

    Membership of Societies:

    • Life Fellow, Indian Institute of Metals
    • Life Member, Materials Research Society of India
    • Life Member, Electron Microscope Society of India.


    1. First Prize for a working model and Second Prize for a still model in District level Science Exhibition during Higher Secondary School.
    2. Best Electron Micrograph Prize from Electron Microscope Scociety of India at its XIII Annual Conference, 1981 in Bangalore.
    3. Young Scientist Medal from Indian National Science Academy, 1984.
    4. Junior Academic Award from the Malaviya memorial Foundation, BHU, 1986.
    5. Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundationfor the period August 1986-July 1988.
    6. Second Prize for the Electron Micrograph exhibited at the 45th Annual Technical Meeting of IIM, Ranchi, Nov.14, 1991.

    Administrative posts held:

    1. Course Coordinator for organizing ISTE Summer School on "Science and Technology of Advanced materials", May 17-30, 1994.
    2. Convener, BRNS Sponsored Workshop on "Crystallographic Techniques in Electron Microscopy (CTEM-96)", Department of  Metallurgical Engineering, BHU, Feb.12-14, 1996.
    3. Visiting Scientist at the Department of Metallurgy, Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore for a period of one and half months from  June 6,- July 21, 1997.
    4. Course Director, Two-Day Workshop on Application of Electron Microscopy in Characterisation of Materials (AEMMC-97), Department  of Metallurgical Engineering, B.E. College, Howrah, Sept. 27-28, 1997 (Workshop held in memory of Late Professor A.K. Seal).
    5. Coordinator, Metallographic Studies Division of the Department .
    6. Coordinator, Metallographic Studies Division of the Department

    Any other achievements:

    • INSA Visiting Fellow for over two-month period at The National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur, Jan 1, 1998 to March 6, 1998.
    • MRSI Medal 1999 from Materials Research Society of India.
    • Dr. R.H. Kulkarni Memorial Visiting Fellowship, 2003 from Infosys Foundation.



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