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    Heritage At A Glance

    The Department of Metallurgical Engineering at IIT(BHU) established in the year 1923, has pioneered metallurgical education and research in this country owing to the noble thoughts and dreams of Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviyaji. The first-ever undergraduate and doctoral degrees in metallurgy in the country were awarded by this Department in the year 1927 and 1955 respectively. It is one of the first two departments to confer a postgraduate degree in metallurgy in the year 1959. The foundations of this educational edifice were laid by Professor N.P. Gandhi and nurtured by Professors Daya Swarup and T.R. Anantharaman who were the first three Heads of this Department. Subsequently eleven illustrious successive Heads of the Department have continued to do their utmost to keep the Department on the world map. The Department celebrated its Golden Jubilee in the year 1973, Diamond Jubilee in 1983 and Platinum Jubilee in the year 1998.

    The Department of Metallurgical Engineering has so far produced 2636 graduates, 524 postgraduates and 179 Ph.D.degree holders. The first and the last are a record for any Metallurgy Department in the country. The outstanding research contributions of the Department have resulted in its recognition as a Centre of Advanced Study in Metallurgy by the UGC in 1980, the first-ever Engineering Department to be so recognized in the country and the first one in our University. The Department has a unique distinction to receive special assistance under CAS for four consecutive phases the fourth phase in the year 2005. It is also recognized as a Centre for the QIP of MHRD/AICTE from the year 1981. The Department has received special assistance under the COSIST programmes of UGC and also as a National Electron Microscopy Facility (NELMIF) from DST in 1982. Members of the staff, research scholars and students have won a very large number of awards and distinctions in recognition of their outstanding contributions. These include Medals, Prizes, Awards and Fellowships from many prestigious national and international professional societies and other organizations. These include John Taylor Gold Medal, Henry C. Sorby Award, Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Al Kharazmi Award, S.S. Bhatnagar Medals and Prizes, G.D. Birla Award, National Metallugists Day Awards besides several best paper Awards. The faculty members have distinction of receiving Fellowships of various professional societies such as FNA, FASc, FNASc, FIIM, FNAE and FIE.



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