Chinese Slope Mass Rating System (CSMR)


Chinese slope mass rating system (CSMR system) is developed by Romana and Zuyu(). They introduced two coefficients ξ and λ and modified slope mass rating (SMR) formula as follows.

CSMR = ( ξ * RMR ) + [ λ * F1*F2*F3 + F4 ]

Where, ξ represents the slope height factor and λ represents the discontinuity factor. These factors are included in the system because there are several slope failures for which SMR indicates stable slopes. Therefore, these two factors are included to improve the classification system.

F1, F2, F3 and F4 are the adjustment factors from SMR.

The factor ξ is applicable only for heights greater than 40 m. However, this is an accepted system of classification in Chinese condition only, and needs a number of corrections and modifications before using at any other place.

ξ = 0.57+0.43*80/H

where, H is the height of slope in meters


                       λ = 1 for faults, long weak seams filled with clay

                          = 0.8 to 0.9 for bedding planes, large scale joints with gauge

                          = 0.7 for joints, tightly interlocked bedding planes