Ph.D. Research Guidance:

Sr. No Name of PhD student Year of joining for PhD Topic of research Guide(s) in the department. Status
1 Vikash Kr. Srivastava 2014 Development of an Integrated approach  for mapping of Uncontrolled Ungerground coal fires Prof. S.K. Shrama Awarded
2 Akhilesh Kumar Yadav 2013 Characterization of Particulate Matter in Coal Mine and its Management Prof A Jamal Awarded
3 Saba Shirin 2013 A study on impact of overburden and flyash mixed disposal in voids of coal mines Prof A Jamal submitted
4 Anand Kumar                       2014 A study of the effects of blasting vibrations on structures and ambient environment Prof. S. K. Sharma Pre-submission
5 Ashwani Kumar Sonakr              2014 Assessment of Impact of coal mining on Groundwater with
reference to singrauli coalfield
Prof.  Aarif Jamal submitted
6 Asit Shukla                       2014 Investigation of stress distribution and its analysis in dragline boom Prof. Piyush Rai submitted
7 Ram Pratap Singh                  2014 Abrsiveness of coal and associated rocks and it's impact on the
longevity of the teeth of excavating equipment
Prof.  Aarif Jamal On Going
8 Ramita Varshney                   2014 Water Pollution due to Coal Mines and its management
with special reference to Govind Ballabh Pant Reservoir
Prof.  Aarif Jamal submitted
9 Atma Ram Sahu                     2015 Fault detection and isolation of mining equipment Dr. S. K. Palei submitted
10 Bhaskara Behera 2015 Face Length Optimization for Longwall Workings in
Indian Geo-mining Conditions
Dr. G.S.P. Singh & Prof. S.K Sharma Pre-submission
11 Brijesh Kumar                     2015 Novel approaches for to enhance the prediction of
 pillar stability in underground mines
Prof. S. K. Sharma Pre-submission
12 Pawan Kumar Yadav                 2015 Performance Analysis of HEMM Prof. Suprakash Gupta submitted
13 Prabodh Kumar Kushwaha            2015 Reservoir characterization using seismic and well log data Prof. Piyush Rai &Dr. Suresh Kumar Sharma submitted
14 Punit Paurush                      2015 Investigations of the Blast design Parameters influencing
Blast-Induced Ground Vibrations in Opencast Mines
Prof. Piyush Rai submitted
15 Sandeep Kumar Sahoo 2015 Effect of softcover on the caving behaviour of strata and the
support design requirements in Bord and Pillar workings.
Dr. G.S.P. Singh & Prof. S.K Sharma Pre-submission
16 Shah Izhar Ahmed                  2015  Impact of Mining on Ground Water Quality in and
around Jampali Opencast Coal Mine
Dr.N.Kishore On Going
17 Shailendra Chawla                 2015 Design of depillaring panel for continuous miner operation Prof. B. K. Shrivastva and Dr Ashok Jaiswal submitted
18 Vivekanand kumar                  2015 Human vibration and its impact on mine equipment
operators - A cross-sectional study
Prof. N.C. Karmakar & Dr. S.K. Palei submitted
19 Ankur Dwivedi                     2015 Assessement of soil and water quality in Singrauli
coal mining and industrial region
A. Kumar On Going
20 Dharmendra Kumar Singh            2015 Ground Water Exploration using Geophysical Methods Dr.N.Kishore On Going
21 Vivek Kumar Kashi                 2015 Dust suppression on haul road of opencast coal mine using novel
polymeric materials – An experimental study
Prof. N.C. Karmakar submitted
22 Aishwarya Mishra                  2016 Development of expert system for coal price dynamics
using artificial intelligence
Dr. S. K. Palei On Going
23 Ajeet Yadav 2016 Design of barrier pillar for deep longwall working Dr. G. S. P. Singh On Going
24 Arunava Ray                       2016 Landslide stabiltiy analysing and developemnt of risk chart Dr Rajesh Rai On Going
25 Ashutosh Kumar Bharati            2016 Internal dump stability analysis Dr Rajesh Rai and Prof B K Shrivatva On Going
26 Deepak Kumar                      2016 Reliability analysis of dragline Prof. Suprakash Gupta On Going
27 Nilesh Pratap Singh               2016  Assessment of Production and Productivity of Surface Miner
in Indian Opencast Mines
Dr.N.Kishore & Dr.A.K.Verma On Going
28 Prashant Modi                     2016 Coal Characterisation Prof.  Aarif Jamal On Going
29 Ankush Galav 2017 Design of protective barrier pillar against large water head in underground coal mines Dr GSP Singh & Prof S.K. Sharma On Going
30 Mohd Maneeb Masood                2017 Slope stability monitoring and analysis Dr Tarun Verma On Going
31 Gunda Yuga Raju                   2017 Predicting human performance trend using consciousness level Prof. Suprakash Gupta On Going
32 Anurag Singh Chauhan              2017 Behavioral study of dumper operators in opencast mines Dr. S. K. Palei & Prof. N. C. Karmakar On Going
33 Ashish Agrawal                    2017 Assessment of Cost and economics of Final Mine Closure
in some Mega Opencast Coal Mines
Dr.N.Kishore On Going
34 Bibhu Ranjan Sahoo                2017 Reliability analysis of Heavy Earth Moving Machineries Dr. S. K. Palei On Going
35 Vikram Seervi                     2017 Dragline operations by Using 3D Balancing Diagram
in Opencast Mines
 Dr.N.Kishore and Dr.A K Verma On Going
36 Charchit Jain                      2018 Study on whole body vibration from various
types of machinery in mines
Dr. Tarun Verma & Prof. S. Gupta On Going
37 Vijay Singh                       2018 Environmental impact of mining Prof. N.C. Karmakar On Going
38 Varindra Saini                    2018 Economic evaluation of accidents in unground coal mines Prof. N.C. Karmakar & Dr. S.K. Patei On Going
39 Gagan Gupta 2018 Overburden Dump Slope Stability of Coal Mines Prof Sanjay Kumar Sharma & Dr G S P Singh On Going
40 Kamlesh Meena                     2018 Investigation of Rock Fragmentation vis-a-vis techno-economic
benefits in Surface Mines
Dr. Suresh Kumar Sharma On Going
41 Sandeep Kumar Prajapati           2018 Rockmechanics Dr. Amit Kumar Verma On Going
42 Sonu                              2018 Stability analysis of underground gallery in hard rock mining Dr. Ashok Jaiswal On Going
43 Anand Singh                       2019 Dump slope Stability analysis Dr A K Verma On Going
44 Arra Kumar                        2019 Human Safety Analysis in Mines Prof. Suprakash Gupta On Going
45 Bhukya Sudheer Kumar              2019 Quantification of Air and water pollution using remote sensing Dr A Kumar On Going
46 Gaurav Kumar Jha                  2019 Modeling of Air pollution using CFD Prof B K Shrivastva and Dr Rajesh Rai On Going
47 Prasant Kumar Singh               2019 Coal Characterisation Dr. Nawal Kishore On Going
48 Prudhvi Raju Gadepaka             2019 Design of depillaring panel Dr. Ashok Jaiswal On Going
49 Rudra Eeswara Sai Chaitanya Kumar 2019 Stability analysis of dump slope Dr Rajesh Rai and Dr Ashok Jaiswal On Going
50 Sonu Kumar                        2019 Heavy Metal Pollution problem in mines and its management Dr. A.K. Singh On Going
51 Ujjwal Kumar                      2019 application of artificial Intelligence in rock blasting Dr. Suresh Kumar Sharma & Prof. P. Rai On Going
52 Vijayendra Pratap dheeraj         2019 Assessment of Mine Water Quality Dr. C.S.Singh On Going
53 Vinay Kumar Singh                 2019 Slope stability analysis using remote sensing Dr. Tarun Verma On Going
54 Khane Jithendar Singh             2019 Whole body vibration exposure and its impact on human health
 with special refrence to HEMM operators in mines
Dr. S. K. Palei On Going
55 Satyendra Singh Yadav             2019 Impact of coal mining and ground water and its managements Prof. Aarif Jamal On Going