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Centre for Energy and Resources Development was established under Frontier Areas of Science & Technology (FAST) scheme of MHRD on August 14, 2014.

The broad aim of this centre is to undertake world-class research that integrates the scientific, technological, economic, policy and socio-technical aspects of energy to deliver key tools needed to enable, enhance and accelerate the transition toward sustainable energy systems. The prime objective is to evolve and promote cutting edge technologies in energy sector for rural, urban, SMEs and other industries of the region. Mass awareness programme for energy conservation, efficiency and substitution will also be undertaken. This project will function with direct industry and society participation. Besides its prime function of showcasing and promoting utilization of specific end-use technologies, its activities shall also include conducting awareness campaigns, facilitating technology information sourcing, demonstrating energy efficient technologies, promoting technology cooperation and transfer, and organizing audits etc.

Under this project, we will pursue multiple opportunities, including new bio-fuels, improved technologies to harness solar power, processes to reduce emissions from traditional fuels, innovations to increase energy efficiency, and workforce skill development in multiple energy related fields. Emphasis will be laid on the research and development in renewable and clean energy sources. The proposed project will undertake the following initiatives to develop suitable technologies for energy conservation and evaluation of the strategies for conservation and management. In sum, the activities of this project will relate to the following areas.

To carryout and promote research activities for the exploitation of solar based energy systems- active and passive collectors, PV Cells, solar dryers, biomass based devices (biogas, biomass combustors, biomass gasifiers), etc.

To promote the development and use of energy efficient equipment, construction of energy efficient and eco-friendly buildings.

Dissemination of the results of ongoing research activities at IIT (BHU) and BHU in the area of renewable energy.

To carry out an energy audit and run awareness programs for creating mass awareness about energy conservation, energy efficiency and energy substitution.

To carryout and promote research activities on future energy technologies-Fuel cells, Hydrogen, Energy from Agro and Urban
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