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Phd Guidance / Training / Research Publications
Ph.Ds Produced no:    6 (ongoing)
Registered since 2013= 3
Registered since 2014= 3
Technical Personnel Trained    -   03
Research Publication out of the present projects   -    05
List of Publications from this Project
A. Papers published only in cited Journals (SCI)
1.   Ali.A.F.Alhamadani and S.K.Shukla, (2014) Experimental Investigation and Thermodynamic Performance  Analysis of a Solar Distillation System with PCM Storage: Energy and Exergy Analysis, Distributed Generation and Alternative Energy, Vo.29(4), pp 07-24, (Taylor and Francis Publication)
2. A.K. Srivastava and S.K.Shukla, (2015) Thermal Modeling of Indirect Solar Drying System: An Experimental Validation, accepted for publication in DGAE, Taylor and Francis Publications.
3.  Sunil Kumar And S. K. Shukla, (2015) A Review on Recent Gasification Methods For Biomethane Gas Production. accepted for publication in IJEE, SAP Publications , USA.
4.  Arun Kumar and S.K.Shukla, (2015) A Review on Thermal Energy Storage Unit for Solar Thermal Power Plant Application, accepted for publication in Energy Procedia, Elsevier Publications.
5. A.K.Srivastava, S.K.Shukla and U.K.Singh,(2015) Modeling and Evaluation of Thermal Diffusivity and Activation Energy of Potato slices in Forced Convection Multi Tray Solar Dryer, American Journal of Food Science and Technology, 2015, Vol. 3(2)pp. 27-32
(B) Papers. Published in Conference Proceedings, Popular Journals etc.
1.  Arun Kumar and S.K.Shukla, A Review on Thermal Energy Storage Unit for Solar Thermal Power Plant Application, Energy Procedia, (Paper presented at International Conference on Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability, TMREES15, Beirut, Lebanon, April 17-20, 2015)
2.  Sunil Kumar and S.K.Shukla, Installation and Experiments on 14 kW Gasifier System, IEEE Explore, (Paper presented at IEEE -ICIC2015, International Conference on Industrial Instrumentation and Control, held on May 28-30, 2015 at COE Pune) pp.1-5.
     (Dr.J.V.Tirkey and other members are in process for publishing their research in reputed journals)
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