Laboratories in the Department
S.N. Old Laboratories
1 Mineralogy and Microscopy Laboratory
2 Fuel Laboratory
3 Ceramic Technical Analysis Laboratory
4 Electronic Ceramic Laboratory
5 Pottery Laboratory 
6 Refractory Laboratory 
7 Cement Laboratory
8 Glass Laboratory
9 Ceramic Coating Laboratory
10 Furnace Lab
11 Pilot Pottery Lab
New Laboratories 
12 Electro Ceramics Lab
13 Material Characterization / PG Lab.
14 Industrial Operation Laboratory
Centralized Major Research & Testing Facilities
S.N. Equipment Model/ Make
1 X-Ray Diffractrometer  ID3000 Rich Seifert, Germany 
2 Simultaneous DTA/TGA STA 409 Netzsch, Germany 
3 DTA/TGA/DSC Labsys SETARAM, France
4 Sputter Coating Unit  Hummer 6.2, LADD Research, USA
5 Surface Tension / Contact Angle Measurement  DSA-10, Kruss Gmbh, Germany 
6 FTIR Spectrometer  Varian 1000, USA
7 UV-visible Spectrophotometer SL-164, Elico, India
8 Reflection Microscope  MPS-30, Leica, Germany 
9 Reflection/ Polarizing Transmission Microscope Zeiss, Germany
10 Universal Testing Machine  AGS-D Series, Shimadzu, Japan
11 Micro Hardness Tester  HMV-2000, Shimadzu, Japan
12 Grinding & Polishing  Buehler, USA
13 Vibro Energy Mill Retsch, Germany
14 ISOMET Low Speed Saw Buehler, USA
15 Centrifugal Ball Mill Retsch, Germany 
Other Testing Facilities
S.N. Equipment / Instruments
1 “INDFUR” High Temp. Horizontal Electrical Furnace 
2 “Electro Heat TM” High Temp. Controlled atmosphere cum vacuum tubular furnace 
3 Hummer SC-6 Sputter Coater 
4 NETSZ Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (upto 1550°C)
5 Universal Testing Machine 
6 Transmission cum Reflecting optical  Microscopes
7 V-I Test Set Up
8 UV-visible Spectrophotometer
9 L.C.R. Meter
10 Environmental Chamber
11 Pilot Plant for Pottery and Glassware
12 Annealing-cum-decorating Lehr
13 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
14 Microwave Sintering Furnace
15 Pin on disk friction and testing
16 Millipore distillation Plant.
17 Rockwell & Brinal hardness tester