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First Year Courses

In addition to its own programmmes the Department of Physics also offers the following courses to all undergraduate first year students  at IIT (BHU):

Prior to 2014 :
Courses for B-Tech./IMD/IDD Part 1:

AP-1101/1201: Physics (Classical and Quantum Mechanics)
AP-1102/1202: Physics (Electromagnetism and Optics)
AP-1301/1401: Physics Lab (Mechanics Lab)
AP-1302/1402: Physics Lab (Electricity and Optics Lab)

Courses for B-Pharm/M-Pharm Part 1:

AP- 1103: Physics (Electromagnetism and Optics)
AP- 1303: Physics Lab

Courses for Preparatory Course Students:

AP-P-0101/0201: Physics (Theory)
AP-P-0301/0401: Physics (Lab)

From 2014 onwards :

Institute Science course for B-Tech./IMD/IDD Part 1:

PHY-101: Classical, Quantum, and Relativistic Mechanics
PHY-102: Introduction to Engineering Electromagnetics

Courses for Preparatory Students:

AP-P- 0101/0201: Physics (Theory)
AP-P- 0301/0401: Physics (Lab)