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Committee Members

Prof. B.N. Rai
E-mail: bnrai.che@iitbhu.ac.in

Associate Coordinator
Dr. R.K. Chaturvedi
E-mail: rkciit15@gmail.com

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Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

IIT(BHU), Varanasi

The parental organization (Banaras Hindu University) of our Institute is actively involved in various activity like education, health, crafts, agriculture, medicine (traditional), folk culture, handicrafts, rural cultural resources (ancient and traditional knowledge resource) and environment.

IIT(BHU) will involve in counselling and providing the necessary technical inputs to the villagers specially youngsters for

        For preservation and promotion of rural crafts
        Counselling for sanitation and hygiene
        Rain water harvesting
        Solar lights for community (schools, temples, etc.)
        Adult education
        To identify the need of villagers and take their inputs on the issues
        Drinking water quality
        Up gradation of ITI and Diploma holders
        Storage, package of local food(fruit, grains, vegetables, etc.) : value addition
        Decentralized gasifier
        Maintenance of electronic equipments
        To connect the local small industries and suggest methods for better efficiency

  Villages Selected:

       1. Sarai Dangri (KV Block)
       2. Tikari (KV)
       3. Rajpur (Arajiline Block)
       4. Adma Pur (Sewapuri)
       5. Nagepur (Arajiline)
       6. Kaneri (Arajiline)
       7. Hardattpur (Arajiline)
       8. Gopalpur (Adalhat, Mirzapur)
       9. Bhaipur (Jamalpur, Mirzapur)

  The following projects are in progress under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan above mentioned
   selected/adopted villages by teams of IIT(BHU) students :-

       1. To identify guilds and small scale industries and Nagepur and Kaneri and to explore
           the possible means for improvement efficiency.
       2. To study the potable water quality of Tikari (KV Block) and its impact on health.
       3. To study the potable water quality in and around Sarai Dangri.
       4. To study the quality of water of all the hostels of IIT(BHU) at entry point.
       5. To identify the possible areas for rain water harvesting in Tikari.
       6. Counselling for sanitation and hygiene in Gopal Pur (Adalahat).