PROFILE OF THE SCHOOL                                                                                                             


 The School of Materials Science and Technology was established in 1978 following the recommendations of visiting committee of UGC. It is internationally renowned centre of research in Materials Science and Technology. It serves as University’s nodal centre for fostering interdisciplinary teaching and research in the field of materials science and technology. School has got seven sanctioned core-faculty positions. In addition, a large number of faculty members from sister departments/ schools are actively involved in the teaching and research activities of the School.


School offers a two year M.Tech. degree programme with an annual intake of 16 students and has produced over 130 M.Techs. so far. These students are generally employed in premier R & D organisations, industry and teaching institutions. From the session 2005-06, the school has initiated a new 5 year Dual degree M.Tech. Programme. School runs a very successful Ph.D. degree programme also. Nearly twenty five Ph.D candidates have completed work under the supervision of the faculty members of the School


The School receives the usual Plan Grant from UGC and has got some funds under its establishment grant. In addition, the faculty members of the School have generated more than Rs 8.5 crores through sponsored projects funded by agencies like DST, DBT, MHRD, DRDO, AICTE and IUC- DAEF. Recently, DST has sanctioned Rs. 2.7 crore under its ‘Funds for Infrastructural Support in Engineering and Technology (FIST) programme-II’. The School is supported through SAP-DRS Programme from UGC for coming years.


School has got a modest building of about 8,800 sq. ft. floor area and several laboratories equipped with modern and sophisticated equipments for materials preparation, characterization and phase transformation studies.

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