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    Projects Undertaken (Last 5 years)


    Name of the Investigator Title of the project and duration


    Rs. (in lakhs)

    Funding Agency
    Prof. Vakil Singh

    Development of corrosion resistant coating on steel bars for use as reinforcement in concrete. (2002-2004)

    12.98 CSIR


    Prof. S. Lele, P.I.
    Dr. R.K. Mandal


    Studies of phase equilibria in Ti-alloys (2001-2003)

    12.00 AICTE (TAPTECK)
    Prof. D.S. Sarma


    Development of age hardening ternary alloys based on Cu-Ti system (2002-2004)

    16.39 DRDO


    Prof. J.P. Pathak


    Development of leaded aluminium bearing alloys (2000-2003)






    Prof. J.P. Pathak


    Centrifugal casting of leaded aluminium bearing alloys (2005 – 2006)







    To study the feasibility of recovery of Na2SiF6, Na3AlF6, Cu & Ni from the leach liquor generated in the refining of low-grade molybdenite concentrate( )

    4.458 CSIR




    Project on Quasicrystals(1999-2001)





    Dr. Sunil Mohan


    Optimization of Spray Forming Process used for the production of Near –Net-Shape rapidly Solidified Materials (2002 -2003)

    7.38 AICTE


    Prof R.K.Mandal, PI


    Effect of nano-/micro-crystalline phases on indentation characteristics of nano-composites (2003 – 2006)




    DST(Nanoscience & Technology initiative-I)


    Prof R.K.Mandal
    Dy. Programme
    Physics, Met. Engg. &
    IMS, BHU

    Nanoscience and technology : A transdisciplinary approach (2004-2007)

    165.00 DST(Nanoscience & Technology initiative -II)


    Prof R.K.Mandal
    Dy. Programme  
    Physics, Met. Engg. &
    IMS, BHU

    Unit on nanoscience and technology at BHU (2005-2010) 493.00 DST(Nanoscience & Technology initiative -III)
    Prof. G.V.S. Sastry
    Principal Collaborator
    (Indian Groups)
    Influence of the electronic structure on adhesion & friction of quasi-crystals  (2006-2009) 35.24 IFCPAR (Indo-French collaborative project)


    Prof N.K.  
    Mukhopadhyay, P.I.
    Prof R.K. Mandal


    Stability of Al-based complex metallic alloys and formation of nanophase materials through high energy ball milling (2007-09)

    25.95 DST

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