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Circulation and Membership


Category of Membership and Loan Period - All students, faculty members and employees of the Institute are entitled for the membership of the library. Their entitlements, in terms of number of books that they can borrow and the permissible loan period:-

Borrowing Facility
Category Number of Books Loan Period Fine (Beyond the Loan Period)
(Faculty and Staff)
Faculty,Scientists,Librarian, Finance Officer, Registrar , Equivalent Officers etc. 20 180 Days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Non-Faculty and Grade A Staff 12 180 days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Group B staff 07 90 days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Group C and D staff 04 90 days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Alumni Staff 02 30 days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Retired Faculty/Officers and Staff 02 30 days Re. 1.00 (per day)
Students (UG/PG/PhD)
UG General Section=03 60 Days Re. 1 (per day)
Text Book Bank=04 One Semester
PG General Section=06 60 Days Re. 1 (per day)
Text Book Bank=02 One Semester
UG(SC/ST) General Section=03 60 Days Re. 1 (per day)
ST/SC Book Bank=04 One Semester
Text Book Bank=04 One Semester
PG(SC/ST) General Section=06 60 Days Re. 1 (per day)
ST/SC Book Bank=04 One Semester
Text Book Bank=02 One Semester
Research Scholar 08 60 Days
Text Book Bank(One Semester)
Re. 1 (per day)
Physically Disabled Students 08 90 days Re. 1 (per day)

Circulation Guideline & Rules

  1. A member of the Institute staff desirous of loan privilege shall enroll himself/herself as a member of the Main Library IIT (BHU)
     by filling up the enrolment form obtainable from the Library.
      Documents required for library passbook:
      1. Photocopy of appointment letter/ conformation letter.
      2. Two recent passport size coloured photograph.

  2. Pass-book shall have to be produced by the members of the staff while borrowing or returning the books. In case books are required
      through an agent, a letter of authority mentioning the name of the agent and the name of the books required should be sent along
      with the passbook.
  3. If a book is not returned to the Library when due, no further books shall be issued to him until the overdue one is returned.
  4. The borrower shall be responsible for safe return all the books issued on his/her passbook.
  5. The borrower shall have to be produced the Library passbook before the circulation staff for getting no dues certificate from the library.

  1. All the student of B.Tech./B.Pharm. (1st year-4th year), IDD/IMD (1st year-5th year), M.Tech./M.Pharm. and Ph.D. will get their readers
      ticket from the circulation section of Main Library IIT(BHU) on producing their Odd Semester fee receipt and their identity card.
  2. The students shall have to be produced their library tickets and identity card while borrowing books from the library. No book will be
      issued to those student who produces reader’s ticket of their friend/classmate, because reader’s tickets are not transferable.
  3. The students are requested to return the books issued to them from the library within stipulated time, failing which overdue volume will
      be charged @ Rs.1 per volume per day.
  4. Thesis, dissertations, CDS, Video Cassettes are not lent out of the library. Only after the permission from competent authority, as a
      special case it can be issued for overnight.
  5. The reader should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapter’s pictures etc., while borrowing the book. If a book is found
      to be damaged or certain pages are missing, the borrower should get this statement recorded on the book, otherwise he/she shall be
      held responsible for the damage, discovered at the time of returning the books. No book in damaged condition will be accepted from
      the reader/borrower. Mutilated or spoiled books will have to be replaced by the borrower.
  6. Books issued will not be accepted back normally on the same date.
  7. Reference books, bound volume of the journals, standards etc., are issued only to faculty members. The pass-book will be detained
       by the circulation counter.
  8. The borrowing facility can be withdrawn or restricted in case of misbehaviour or misuse of the library.

  1. Loss of book must be reported immediately to the Circulation counter.
  2. By requesting the circulation staff one can get the full details of lost book (Acc No. Call No. author and title of book etc.)
  3. Show the lost book record to the acquisition section to know the full bibliographical details of the lost book and their price.
  4. One can replace the same book issued to them by the new copy of the same. However, the same edition or latest edition will be
      accepted. In no case, old edition or damaged books will be accepted.
  5. If the book is out of print or not available in the market, the following charges will be applicable. [Price mentioned in the Acc Register
      (In case of foreign currency, the Reserve Bank conversion rate of the day) + Total no of pages @ Rs.1 per page]

“Books are ships which pass through the vast seas of time.” - Francis Bacon