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Circulation Section


Major activities:-

         Enrolment of Students (B.Tech./B.Pharm., IDD/IMD,
           M.Tech./M.Pharm. & Ph.D.), faculty and staff members.
         Issue of No dues certificate.
         Issue / Return of Books / Journals / CDs etc.
         Collection of overdue charges.
         Reservation of books.
         Loss of book / Replacement of books.
         Preparation of defaulter list.
         General enquiries. Smt. Urmila Sharma (Library Assistant)

Timing :- 10:30 AM to 4:45PM

Contact:- Mr. R.K. Mukherjee (Professional Assistant)
                 Smt. Urmila Sharma (Library Assistant)
Email:- rajkumarm.ms@itbhu.ac.in
Tel.:- 0542-6702063 Ext. 203 +919452563889

“Every reader his/her book”  — S R Rangnathan