Department of Humanistic Studies, IIT (BHU)
Ph D Course Structure CodeCourse NameCourse Credit
1PhD H-7202Computational Linguistics
2PhD H- 7102 Research Methodology-II
3PhD H- 7206Corpus Linguistics
4PhD H- 7302Reasoning & Communication: Nyaya Perspective
5PhD H-7207 Linguistic Data- Collection & Modelling
6PhD H-7208Introduction to Linguistics-2
7PhD H-7203Linguistic Data- Collection & Analysis
8PhD H-7204Introduction to Linguistics-1
9PhD H-7205Syntax
10PhD CS-7023Computer and Scripting-1
11PhD AM-7101Basic Mathematics-1
12PhD AM-7108Basic Mathematics-2
13PhD CS-7024Computer Scripting-2
14PhD H-7301Logic in Language
15PhD H-7401Indian Literature
16PhD H-7403Literary Theories in Practice
17PhD H-7406Writing in the Literary Genre
18Ph.D H-7201Linguistics and Translation
19Ph.D H-7402Women’s Writing
20Ph.D H-7404Advanced Literary Theory
21Ph.D H-7405Dynamics of Indian civilization

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*Last updated on 15 July 2016