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Research Activities

Control Systems
(Prof. S.K. Nagar, Dr. Sandip Ghosh and Dr. Shyam Kamal)

The activities of the Control Systems group include Automatic control, Model order reduction and its applications, Robust nonlinear and adaptive control theory, Event based controller design techniques, Decentralized Control, Time-delay systems, Network control systems, Lyapunov based non-smooth controller design and its applications, Fractional order systems, Sliding mode control (continuous and discrete), Contraction analysis, Mathematical Biology etc. Major labs where applied research on above mentioned topics are conducted is Control systems and Network Laboratory.

Electrical Machines and Drives
(Prof. S.N. Mahendra;  Dr. R.K. Srivastava, Dr. R.K.Saket, Mrs Kalpana Chaudhary, Shri. S.K.Singh, Shri. R.K.Singh and Shri. V.N.Lal)

Major Research activities currently ongoing in this thrust area are :

  • Development of low cost Linear Induction Motor propelled Rail Metro system.
  • Design, Development, Analysis and Simulation of Power semiconductor Drives.
  • Linear Machines, CAD of Special Devices and Systems.
  • Condition Monitoring, Real Time Data Acquisition, control and Testing.
  • Armature Winding designs.
  • Energy Conservation and Management.

Power Systems
(Prof. S.P. Singh;  Prof. D.N. Vishwakarma, Dr. R.K. Pandey; Dr. R.K.Mishra; Dr. R.Mahanty; Dr. D.Singh; Dr. M.K.Verma and Shri J.C.Pandey)  

"Numerical Protection of Power Apparatus and Systems" is one of the most active research areas in Power Systems. In this research area, one Ph.D. degree has already been awarded, two research scholars have completed their research work, one candidate is working, twelve research papers have been published in International Journals, four papers in National Journals, fifteen papers in various conferences and one research project funded by AICTE is under implementation.

Other Research activities in the power systems thrust areas include:

  • HVDC Control Technology and High Voltage Engg.
  • Load flow contingency analysis, state estimation and optimal operation.
  • Static VAR compensation
  • Voltage stability
  • Distribution System Automation.
  • Power Quality
  • Power System Protection
  • AI and ANN Applications
  • Energy Management
  • Insulation Coordination and Pollution Studies.

Power Electronics and Its Applications
( Prof. A.K. Kapoor; Dr. R. Mahanty, Mrs Kalpana Chaudhary and Shri S.K.Singh)

As a distinct technology and as an academic discipline power electronics has grown tremendously over the last two decades. Power electronics technology is having impact on our national economy also. A number of industrial units for the manufacture of power electronic converters for applications in different sectors of electrical energy use has been established. These power electronics devices and equipment manufacturers still have to depend upon foreign collaboration. This is not very encouraging for the growth of power electronics technology as the foreign technology given to the developing countries is usually old and never the state of the art. Secondly, it creates a permanent dependency on foreign technology, particularly in the fast changing modern area of technology, to meet the challenges of the coming decades. Expertise in power electronics applications is being continuously developed in the department through advance teaching and research program as well as, through indigenous technology development in joint collaboration with industry. Presently work is going on in the following topics of current interest:

  • Switched Reluctance Motor Converters
  • Slip Controlled Induction Motor Drives
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
  • Energy-system Management
  • Resonant Converter/Inverter
  • Resonant DC link PWM Inverter
  • Vector Controlled AC Drives
  • Power Quality Improvement, Active Filters

Electrical Energy Management & Simulation
( Prof. A.K. Kapoor, Prof. D N Vishwakarma; Dr. R. Mahanty and Shri. Manish Kumar)

A concentrated and result oriented attempt at total electrical Energy Management Technology development and extending the benefits of this technology to the different Electrical Energy activity sectors are on going. Work in this areas presently undertaken include:

  • Electrical Energy System Modelling and Development of performance simulation softwares
  • Development, Design and Applications of Instrumentation system for energy Audit.
  • Computer Aided Design, Development, Fabrication and Implementation of highly efficient power Electronics Controlled electrical equipment and appliances; Battery Power Chopper Driven Electrical Vehicles, Switched Reluctance Motors, Slip Power Controlled Induction Motors, Inverter Fed Induction Motors, Electrical Fan Regulators and Solid State Fluorescent Tube Ballast etc.
  • Human Resource Development and Extension of Activities to Different Energy Sectors.

Microprocessor and Microcomputer Applications
(Prof. A.K. Kapoor, Prof. D.N. Vishwakarma, Dr. R. Mahanty and Shri.J.C.Pandey)

Strong base has been evolved through Hardware and Software design tool in Electrical Engineering as well as interdisciplinary areas. Currently work is being persued on the following topics:

  • HVDC
  • AC Drives
  • DC Drives
  • Induction Heating
  • UPS (1 ph, 3 ph)
  • Power quality improvement
  • Power control from non-conventional energy sources
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Robotics.

Sytems Engineering
( Prof. S.C. Gupta; Prof. S.P. Singh; Shri. Gopal Sharma ; Dr. R.K. Mishra; Dr. D.Singh and Ms.Sobhita Meher)

The ongoing activities in the interdisciplinary Systems Engineering area are:

  • System Modelling, Analysis and Simulation.
  • Neural Networks
  • Parallel Processing
  • DBMS
  • FMS
  • Transportation Systems
  • Energy System Management