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The Department has following well equipped laboratories for teaching, research & development and testing & consultancy work -

  1. Sophisticated Instruments Laboratory (Analytical Instruments Available)
  2. Process Control Laboratory (Experimental Setups)
  3. Industrial Pollution and Control Laboratory (Experimental Setups and Facilities Available)  (Lab Manual)
  4. Fluid Flow and Fluid Particle Mechanics Laboratory
  5. Reaction Engineering Laboratory (Experimental Setups)
  6. Computer  Laboratory (Computer Lab Manual for 2012)
  7. Heat Transfer Laboratory
  8. Mass Transfer Laboratory
  9. Physico-Chemical Measurements Laboratory
  10. Chemical and Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
  11. Polymer Technology Laboratory
  12. Chemical Technology Laboratory
  13. Energy Resources Laboratory
  14. Catalysis Laboratory
  15. Air Pollution Control Laboratory
  16. Advanced Separation Processes Laboratory