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Thrust Areas

The Department of Physics has always laid great emphasis on theoretical and experimental research. The thrust areas of research  are:
  • Space Physics & Solar Physics
  1. Physics and diagnostics of solar EUV and X-ray emission processes
  2. Physics of solar eruptive phenomena and space weather
  3. Solar Physics
  4. Study of Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Waves in the Solar and Stellar Coronae
  5. Astrophysics
  6. Science communication and public outreach
  • Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Physics (CMP & MP)
  1.  Experimental
  2.  Theoretical
  •   Photonics and Fiber Optics
  •   Remote Sensing
  •   Energy Studies

Major Facilities available in the department:

S.No. Name of Lab Major Equipment
1 Condensed Matter Lab X-ray Diffractometer
2 Condensed Matter Lab Closed Cycle Cryo-Cooler
3 Material Science Lab Impedance Analyzer
4 Material Science Lab DTA-TGA
5 Condensed Matter Lab Spectrophotometer
6 Remote Sensing Lab Microwave Analog signal generator, Microwave power meter, Leaf Area Index meter,Chlorophyll meter.
7 Computer Lab ATLAS (Device Simulation Software)
8 Computer Lab Opti-FTDT ( Software for Photonics & Optoelectronics Simulation)
9 Computer Lab SARScape (Microwave Remote Sensing related Software)