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Research Programmes:

  1. Materials for various technological applications
  2. Space physics
  3. Fiber optics and Photonics
  4. Microwave Remote Sensing
  5. Condensed Matter Physics


Sr. No. Name of P.I & Topic Project Duration Total Funding Source
1. Dr. S. Chatterjee (Observation of Change over from heavy fermion metallic state to a superconducting state) 2009-2012 32,35,000/- DST, New Delhi
2. Dr. S. Chatterjee (A systematic investigation on the transport and magnetic properties of LiV(Cu1-xVx)O4: A change-over from multiferroic to heavy fermion metallic state) 2010 - continuing 19,50,000/- CSIR, New Delhi
3. Dr. P. Singh (Preparation and characterization of alkaline earth co-doped Lanthanum Gallate for Intermediate Temperature solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte material) 2010 - continuing 13,50,000/- DST, New Delhi
4. Dr. P. C. Pandey (Analysis and Applications of Different Quasi-Periodic Photonic Band Gap Structures of Different Materials and Grading Profiles) 2012 - continuing 13,08,000/- DST, New Delhi
5. Dr. S Upadhyay (Synthesis and characterization of nanosized powders of BaTi1-xSnxO3 system for multifunctional applications) 2012 - continuing 26,21,000/- DRDO, New Delhi
6 Dr. P. Singh (Development of new electrolyte materials with optimized electrical / ionic conductivity for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells) 2013 24,72,000/- Naval Research Board (NRB) DRDO.
7 Dr. P.Singh(Dynamics of Ions in Tellurite Glasses of Variable Composition ) 2013 20,64,000/- HRDG-CSIR
8 Dr. S. Chatterjee(A systemativ study on the correlation between structural, magnetic and electrical properties of multiferroic   Cd1-xAxV2O4 and Bi(Mn1-xAx)O3 [A=Fe,Co, Ni] both in bulk and Nano phases) 2014 19,28,000/- BRNS
9 Dr. S. K. Mishra (Magnetization dynamics of anti ferromagnetic nano particles arranged on the geometrically-frustrated arrays) 2013-18 35,00,000/- DST (Inspire Programme)
10 Dr. S.K. Singh (Rare-earth doped luminescent nano structures for bio-imaging and photo voltaic applications) 2013-18 35,00,000/- DST (Inspire Programme)
11 Dr. A. K. Srivastava (Indian Co-I),Dr. Robert Erdelyi(UK-PI) :-
Study of MHD Waves and Instabilities in Localised Solar Jet
2014 10,00,000/- Royal Society, UK
12 Dr. A. K. Srivastava (Co-PI),Dr. Ramesh Chandra (Indian PI), Ivan Zhelyazkov(Bulgarian PI):-Study of Waves and Eruptive Phenomena in the Solar Atmosphere 2013 14,55,000/- DST , India