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  • Names of Ph.D students with the names of their supervisors and the topic of research working at present in the Department
S.No. Name of student Name of Supervisor Year of Admissiom Topic Contact
Kaushal Kr. Shukla Dr. S. Chatterjee 2011 Physical Properties of Multiferroic Materials. 07800374899
Bipin Kr. Singh Dr. P.C. Pandey 2011 Study of some Novel aspects of photonic band gap materials. 09500296832
Dileep Kr. Gupta Dr. Rajendra Prasad 2011 Monitoring of soil/crops through microwave remote sensing using computational techniques. 09411433932
Pravin Kumar Dr. Prabhakar Singh 2011 Investigation of Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell. 08355098753
Pradeep Kumar Dr. Rajendra Prasad 2012 Application of remote sensing in the area of agriculture. 07668334353
Abhishek Singh Dr. S. Chatterjee 2012 Synthesis and study of physical properties of topological insulators. 08687198220
Onkar Nath Verma Dr. Prabhakar Singh 2012 Investigation on Lanthanum Alluminate Based Electrolyte Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. 08381915059
Gaurav Gautam Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Mohan 2012 Synthesis and Characterization of Al, Mg base composites. 09457070540
Jawed Ansari Dr. (Mrs.) S. Upadhyay 2012 Synthesis and Characterization of some pervoskite oxides. 08182821897
Shubhashish Tiwari Dr. P.C. Pandey 2012 Study of unconventional optical fiber for different applications. 09838302715
Achyutesh Dixit Dr. P.C. Pandey 2013 Study of wave propagation in nonlinear different photonic crystal fiber. 08542819089
Prince Kumar Gupta Dr. Debaprasad Giri 2013 POLYMER UNDER GRADIENT FIELDS. ( Soft condensed matter ) 09807920878
Pawan Kumar Dr. P. C. Pandey 2013 Study of Low Dimensional materials for Photonic Applications. 08853961991
Saurabh Singh Prof. P. Singh 2013 Synthesis and Characterizations of Anode materials for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide fuel Cell. 09457082437
Rahul Singh Prof. S. Chatterjee 2013 Synthesis and physical property measurement of some topological insulators. 08005265173
Varun Narayan Mishra Prof. R. Prasad 2013 Land covers mapping and estimation of crop biophysical parameters using multisensory remote sensing data. 09919415817
Upendra Kumar Dr.(Mrs.) S. Upadhyay 2014 Synthesis and Characterization of Undoped and Doped layered Pervoskite Oxide A2BO4 09807940797
Arkadeb Pal Dr. S. Chatterjee 2014 Study of Structural and Physical Properties of some frustrated magnets. pal.arkadeb@gmail.com
Ajeet Kumar Vishwkarma Prof. R. Prasad 2014 Crop biophysical parameter estimation by microwave remote sensing using computational technique. ajeetbhu87@gmail.com
Vani Pawar Prof. P. Singh 2014 Preparation and Characterizations of Solar Cells based on Pervoskites materials. 08542871081
Ashish Kumar Yadav Prof. Prabhakar Singh 2015 ashishky.rs.phy15@itbhu.ac.in
Chinmoy Rajak Dr. Swapnil Patil 2015 chinmoyr.rs.phy15@itbhu.ac.in
Dharmendra Yadav Dr. (Mrs.) S. Upadhyay 2015 dharmendray.rs.phy15@itbhu.ac.in
Dibyajyoti Mohanta Prof. D. Giri 2015 dibyajyotim.rs.phy15@itbhu.ac.in
Pavan Kumar Vishwakarma Dr. Prasun Dutta 2015 pavankv.rs.phy15@itbhu.ac.in
Ms. Prajyoti Singh Prof. S. Chatterjee 2015 prajyotis.rs.phy15@itbhu.ac.in
Ms. Ruchi Bala Prof. Rajendra Prasad 2015 ruchib.rs.phy15@itbhu.ac.in
Ms. Ritika Solanki Dr. A. K. Srivastava 2015 ritikas.rs.phy15@itbhu.ac.in
Vijay Pratap Yadav Prof. Rajendra Prasad 2015 vijaypy.rs.phy15@itbhu.ac.in
Vinod Kumar Gangwar Prof. S. Chatterjee 2015 vinodkg.rs.phy15@itbhu.ac.in
Yamini New Entrance 2016 yamini.rs.phy16@itbhu.ac.in
Sudheer Kumar Mishra New Entrance 2016 sudheerkm.rs.phy16@itbhu.ac.in
Ajay Shankar Barwal New Entrance 2016 ajaysb.rs.phy16@itbhu.ac.in
Manish Kumar New Entrance 2016 manishkr.rs.phy16@itbhu.ac.in
Vandna Tomar New Entrance 2016 vandnat.rs.phy16@itbhu.ac.in
Pragati Singh New Entrance 2016 pragatis.rs.phy16@itbhu.ac.in
Jay Prakash Singh New Entrance 2016 jayps.rs.phy16@itbhu.ac.in
Mahima Singh New Entrance 2016 mahimas.rs.phy16@itbhu.ac.in
Jais Kumar New Entrance 2016
Sameer Kumar New Entrance 2016 sameerk.rs.phy16@itbhu.ac.in
Kanchan Yadav New Entrance 2016 kanchany.rs.phy16@itbhu.ac.in
Devyani Shukla New Entrance 2016 devyanis.rs.phy15@itbhu.ac.in