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Recent books by faculty members of the department:

  • Physics of the Sun and its Atmosphere, eds. B.N. Dwivedi and U. Narain, World Scientific, Singapore (ISBN 978-981-283-271-9), Scheduled Fall 2008.
  • Dynamic Sun”, ed. B. N. Dwivedi, Cambridge University Press (2003); DOI: 10.2277/0521810574.
  • Elements of Space Physics” , R.P. Singhal(currently in the process of writing), sanctioned by DST, India
  • Frontiers in Optical Technology- Materials and Devices”, P.K. Chaudhury and Onkar N. Singh, Nova Science Publication, New York (2006).
  • Atmospheric Ozone: A Millennium Issue”, Onkar N. Singh and Peter B. Fabian, European Geosciences Union Special Publication Series, Vol. 1(2003).