5 Year Integrated Dual Degree

This is a new programme started in the year 2005.The programme imparts the necessary knowledge of numerical and computational techniques, various topics in computer science, mathematical modelling, simulation, probabilistic and statistical tools and trains students to develop their own computer software for several applications which they may come across in their professional career. Some of the typical courses in the programme are computer architecture, computer graphics, image processing, DBMS, programming languages, compiler design, theory of automata, parallel algorithms,optimization methods and applications, statistical methods and algorithms, neural computing, computer graphics and visualization,cryptography etc.

The objectives of the programme are to train students to handle problems in industries and government organizations through the combined use of mathematical and computer techniques. The department runs a 5 Year Integrated Dual Degree programme which is one of the most sought after programmes offered by the institute. The top jobs in terms of annual package are offered for this programme, which is a strong indication how popular and useful the programme is for the industrial growth in general and software industry in particular under present circumstances.

Admission to this program is made through JEE ADVENCED. JEE Adv.

Course Structure
Training & Placement

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